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5 Ways To Safely Amp Up Your Diwali Decor

FP Studio
·4 min read

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Yet, when we look around, we can see how much the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our abilities to dream big and celebrate freely with friends and family. But here's the good news. Here's how you can get started on all those home improvements you've been thinking about with a little creativity and making the right choices.

  1. Make a stylish air-purifier and sanitizer dispenser part of the scene.

When it comes to the festival of lights, the thorough clean up and wipe down of everything isn't a new rule. Though, this year, you will need to add another layer of protection by going over everything from door handles, railings, countertops and cabinets with a high-quality surface disinfectant or sanitiser. Install a stylish air purifier that fits into your decor style, and get yourself a contact-free sanitiser dispenser to keep by your door. Make these key elements a part of your home and most importantly, plan for regular wipe downs all through the season. This will make sure you keep the joy of Diwali in and leave any bacteria or virus outside.

  1. Paint your home safely with Asian Paint's Royale Health Shield


This Diwali, why not prioritise your health without compromising your planned renovations and luxurious shade updates. Paint your house walls with Asian Paint's Royale Health Shield, India's first paint that is found to be effective against Covid-19 as per study report by Government of India certified lab. Backed by innovative science, Royale Health Shield offers a revolutionary solution committed to high hygiene standards and stunning aesthetics to ensure you have a home that is both safe and beautiful. In this current world scenario, now you can have peace of mind with walls that are bacteria-free, with a flawless finish.

  1. Give classy DIY decor a whirl.

When it comes to brightening up your home, there are endless ways to use the humble earthen diya to remarkable effect. Give the kids fun activities to keep busy by allowing them to make Diwali cards and torans, experiment with perfumed candle making all from the safety of your home. Try a creative home décor makeover with the

Asian Paints ezyCR8 range. Comprehensive, convenient and easy to use, this exciting new range of easy to use solutions works for all kinds of surfaces too! For more ideas, check out #DIYmadeEzy and the whole DIY range from Asian Paints EzyCR8, here.

If you'd like to, try going organic with rangoli made of flower petals, make paper cup lanterns or try your hand at colourful macrame holders for your indoor plants. Air purifying and hardy money plants, fiddle leaf figs plants and even succulents ideal for apartment decor and can add an easy charm to your entryways and balconies.

  1. Make the most of online sales

Online shopping has already become the most convenient way to shop well before the Coronavirus hit. But now it gets bonus points for allowing you to buy beautiful new curtains, bed and table linen and even fresh upholstery without ever leaving your home. Instead of heading out to crowded malls, stores and shopping centres, purchase decor essentials on websites that offer contactless payments. This way you can lower your risk of contracting any germs or infections while making your space feel warm and inviting.

  1. Decorate with sweets and snacks.

With everyone staying indoors, this is the best time to learn your grandma's sweet making skills as a family. Instead of giving in and ordering sweets due to lack of time, we say take the traditional route. Delegate tasks and get in on all the stirring, shaping and decorating as you've always wanted to but couldn't until now. Maybe you can even start a new tradition of making and decorating your own Diwali sweet hampers or creating a food display as a defining centre piece to your dining area or living room.

There is no doubt that celebrating Diwali this year is going to be different. But making the most of what you have and investing time with loved ones in your home can be a blessing in disguise. All you need is the right attitude, a few great ideas and the will to brighten up the season to get things going. Have a safe and healthy Diwali!

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