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5 ways to make extra money on the side

5 ways to make extra money on the side

Oh reddit community - where would the Internet be without you? A hub of ingenuity, a piston of the idea engine - you get our creativity flowing and, as importantly, our bankrolls rolling.

One reddit user asked the community about ways to make extra cash on the side (legally) andwas blown away by the “level of response” the community provided.

Some were outrageous; others endearing. One thing they all had in common: they reportedly brought in some serious extra cash for these users on top of their regular income.

Curious? Let's find out how others are making a little money on the side...

5 ways to make extra bankroll

  • Dog walking

One user certainly barked up the right tree when he decided to get into the dog-walking business. The user claims to make $300 a month off of walking one dog for one hour, 5 days a week. This user’s going rate: $20 a walk. Hmmm - certainly a good excuse to scrap the gym membership as well.

  • Thrift flipping

Another user discovered the power of flipping thrift store finds on eBay for sizable sums. In one instance, the user found a $20 photo negative printer that, as this user learned, retailed for $2,500. It snapped a $600 profit on eBay. This user also found a sterling silver dining set mixed up in a big bin of cutlery. After fishing out all the pieces, the total amount came to $5.An interested buyer forked out $250 for the bullion. This user’s tips for flipping thrift finds on eBay: research things you know nothing about; always include a “Buy it Now” option; list your item at the lowest price (no room for greed in this market!).

  • Tutoring kids

One user offered the advice of tutoring kids. This user charges $20 - $50 per hour depending on the client, content, and other factors worth considering. You need a lot of patience, some know-how of the field you’re aiming to tutor in - and did we mention patience? Luckily, the demand for parents who want their kids to excel in school is substantial to say the least.

  • Internet hacking (not that kind of hacking)

Not surprisingly, this reddit thread was filled with creative advice on using the Internet to make money. One user explained how people can make anywhere from $40 to $300 a month by finding websites that pay users to fill out surveys, watch ads, and then provide feedback. Another user explained how keeping one’s ear to the ground and registering domain names of new products soon to hit the market could prove to be profitable - so long as you’re quick with the trigger. This user made $1,000 selling a domain name for a newly-released video game.

  • Dumpster diving

Say what?! Yuck. Gross. Deplorable. And... profitable?! One user made $3,000 - $5,000 a year picking through university campus dumpsters, holding a garage sale with the dumpster finds, and selling trashed textbooks (which were often still in good condition) to students across the country through Amazon. Talk about turning trash into cash.

Any other ideas?

Okay, we love the reddit community and all, but we’re dying to know what ideasothers can come up with. Has anyone tried any of these, shall we say, creative tactics - or come up with any other ideas to make some extra money on the side? Let us know your experiences!

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