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The 5 Tech Companies To Watch In 2020

The US digital advertising industry has officially crossed the $100-billion mark, making it bigger than TV, radio and print media advertising.

As this growth continues, a remarkable transformation is taking place within the industry, with the massive Google-Facebook advertising duopoly facing an existential challenge.

eMarketer is forecasting that the industry will top $170B by 2021. And with Google and Facebook currently hogging 60 percent of the market, American publishers and other media outlets are now fighting back.

Google made $4.7 billion in revenue from news content in 2018, while the entire news industry together only netted $5.1 billion. That’s over 2,000 news publishers combined.

Publishers everywhere are struggling. They’re simply not growing at all. They’re merely surviving. And it’s all because of the mountains of first-party data that they’re not collecting because they don’t have a platform to monetize it.

They’re under immense pressure to grow ad revenues, yet they are beholden to the likes of ... Click here to view full article