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34 Unique Face Masks Currently on Sale at Etsy — Including a Must-Have Option for ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fans

Stephanie Perry
·3 min read


Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Face mask?

Face masks have officially joined the ranks of absolute essentials for leaving the house, so it’s imperative to find a few you don’t mind wearing. Luckily, Etsy just launched its Cyber Week sale, so it’s easier than ever to find the reusable cloth mask that suits your style. The boutique retailer has thousands of options on sale for up to 60 percent off.

From “Ew, Covid” face masks that “Schitt’s Creek” fans are sure to laugh at to clever masks with an added layer for discreet drinking and eating, these cute masks are worth snatching up even at full price. Grab a “Paw Patrol” kids’ mask for your little one or a couple of holiday-inspired styles to help you get you in the festive spirit. If you find traditional face masks to be uncomfortable, a breathable silk option will keep you covered and feel cool on your skin.

Funny face masks, like this WimlyMasks “Will Remove for Wine” Face Mask for just $7, make for great stocking stuffers — or an easy way to make the cashier at the grocery store smile. And if you’re fine to keep things simple, Etsy has that too, with solid colors masks for just $5.

To help you sift through the 266,000 options a little more quickly, we rounded up our favorite face masks on sale at Etsy during Black Friday by category. Shop stylish, multipurpose, and kid-friendly finds below.

Most Stylish Etsy Face Masks

Best Multipurpose Etsy Face Masks

Most Comical Etsy Face Masks

Best Holiday Etsy Face Masks 

Best Kids Etsy Face Masks

Best Basic Etsy Face Masks

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