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The 30 Best Workplaces for Consulting & Professional Services


Consulting and professional services jobs can be highly demanding, and client needs aren’t always predictable. These companies, though, go above and beyond to give their staff a sense of work-life balance without sacrificing employees’ sense of progress, agency, or accomplishment. Click here to read more about Best Workplaces for Consulting & Professional Services from Fortune’s partners at Great Place to Work. And here to find out more about the methodology for this list.

1. Roth Staffing Companies

Employees say: “Engaging the hearts and minds of coworkers, and making the company a great place to work is a continuous journey that improves every year at Roth Staffing. Each year, there are new initiatives that add to the company's robust offerings in the areas of compensation, work-life balance, learning and development, career growth, community giving, and health and wellness. Local managers are equipped to optimize engagement for each coworker through regular dialogue and recognition. Meanwhile, there is great clarity within the company as to what the company stands for, why we exist, where we are going and how we will get there. Coworkers of Roth Staffing champion the culture, enliven it, and enjoy a culture where their personal and professional values are congruent and aligned. Our company is a great place to work and keeps getting better.”

“I love coming to work. Every day is filled with the opportunity to do something great for another person. The Roth family appreciates you, and they express their gratitude in a very meaningful ways. Ben Roth is an inspiration! He is brilliant and all heart.That is unique and rare, but most of all, that is the magic. Everything we do is from the heart! It is an absolute joy to be part of this company. I am one lucky person!”

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

HQ location: Orange, Calif.

Employees: 617

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

2. Cooley

Employees say: “As a partner in this organization, I feel that its compensation policies are exceptional in encouraging cooperative, collegial behavior that fosters an overall team ethos. Too many law firms today encourage only behavior designed to reward the individual for their own efforts unconnected to the overall purpose and strategy of the firm. Cooley is very different in that respect, and it contributes not only to making it a comfortable and fun place to work, but, more importantly, is an important business component, helping to foster loyalty and cohesiveness internally and helping us to provide the best integrated and coordinated services to our clients that we are capable of providing. I think this is very unusual in today’s legal marketplace.”

“The thing that is unique about Cooley, particularly among law firms, is the consistent spirit of lending a hand and paying it forward throughout the organization at all levels and in all offices. I have worked here nearly 28 years, and from the beginning I have experienced a culture where when someone asks for help or guidance, everyone who is able raises his or her hand. And that causes people to pitch in when someone else asks for help--a virtuous cycle. The fact that our organization has been able to maintain that culture from the time it was a small regional firm through its growth into a large international firm is truly special.”

Industry: Legal

HQ location: Palo Alto, Calif.

Employees: 1,788

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

3. Kimley-Horn

Employees say: “Growth for young staff at Kimley-Horn is unsurpassed. I work on a variety of projects and am given the flexibility to discover what I am truly passionate about. I am always invited to client meetings and I am often the youngest person in the room by a decade. We work on high profile projects and the exposure to the industry as a young professional is incredible. Additionally, I never feel like I am talking to senior staff or the boss, but rather that I am talking to my peers and friends.”

“While the benefits and a fun work environment often get high marks when talking about Kimley-Horn, the thing I truly love is that they proudly promote and convey an entrepreneurial spirit that is apparent in all of our employees. We hire people for their skills and intelligence and let them dictate where their career will take them. Over my eleven years here I have taken some pretty big chances that I think most companies would have dissuaded me from. But Kimley-Horn encouraged me and the result has been tremendous. I love my job, I love what I do, and my work is a direct reflection of that. None of that would be possible if Kimley-Horn didn’t give me the latitude to create my own business within their business. And we are both better off for it.”

Industry: Consulting Engineering

HQ location: Raleigh, N.C.

Employees: 2,822

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

4. Slalom

Employees say: “The unique focus on employee work-life balance is made very apparent from the first day on the job. Coming from an organization where a 70-hour work week was considered normal, it was refreshing to see my managers making sure I don't put in more than 40 hours. On instances where I did have to work overtime due to delivery needs, my manager immediately reached out and asked if this would be a recurrent feature and if so then he would step in to resolve it. I don't think any other consulting organization has such a focus where work-life balance is embedded in the culture.”

“Slalom diligently empowers their employees to be at the helm of their career and works to ensure diversity and a strong love culture. Everyone here is respectful, courteous and it’s seriously the best place I’ve ever worked in over 20 years of employment. They value people first and work hard to do what is right for employees and customers. It’s not just about the bottom line, but making a meaningful mark upon the world to make it a better place to work and live.”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: Seattle

Employees: 3,890

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

5. Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

Employees say: “The people that I work with in this office are the reason I’ve been here 31 years. Their dynamics are inspirational and their respect for each other makes it so easy to feel that this office is full of your extended family rather than your co-workers. There was a tragedy that occurred in my life and I have never seen like the caring and sympathy that my family and I received, and that’s when I realized that these are more than coworkers. Life is surrounded with trials and tribulations and I’m glad to be here in this office as my journey goes onward!”

“What is most notable to me, and a major reason I have worked at this firm for more than 42 years, is the collegiality and mutual support everyone in the firm provides to each other. We don’t have silos or me-first attitudes about our work. Any one of us, from a junior associate to a senior partner, feels able to ask for advice or assistance from someone else who they think can help them or their client needs, and everyone of us, if asked for such assistance, provides it willingly. This applies within and across practice groups and offices. Very much linked to this observation is a genuine sense of individual respect for all of our colleagues and a commitment to practice law at the highest level of ethical standards. I also value the firm’s commitment to pro bono and community service activity.”

Industry: Legal

HQ location: San Francisco

Employees: 1,440

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

6. Indeed

Employees say: “We’re in the business of helping people get jobs. There aren’t a lot of other companies that can provide that sense of impact on the world day in and day out. We have a great, inclusive culture that is constantly looking for the employee’s feedback in how we can better the company and culture. On top of that, they take immediate action when something can be improved.”

“Indeed is a unique company to work for because we are well established in the industry but also have a startup feel. Our company encourages innovation and even allows startup ideas within our organization that have proven successful and grown to full products and services. It’s a fast- growing company with many perks, but it allows me to feel like an individual who owns my day-to-day and feel proud in what I accomplish. We help people get jobs and I am proud to come to work each day!”

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

HQ location: Austin

Employees: 2,310

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

7. PricewaterhouseCoopers

Employees say: “PwC is a great place to work because of the emphasis on coaching and development of employees. I have had a meaningful relationship with my formal career coach for the more than five years I have been here where I can speak openly about concerns with my schedule or people I work with. My coach has advised me how to best navigate those situations, and it has made me feel like I have someone in my corner who cares about me. I have also had meaningful non-formal coaching relationships and have built a close network of friends with my coworkers (so close that we were in each other's weddings and host wedding showers, and now baby showers, for one another). I am grateful to PwC for helping me develop as a young professional and giving me great and true friends in the process.”

“The people at PwC are the difference-maker when it comes to why this firm is such a great place to work. The people I work with on a daily basis, as well as those who I do not work directly with, are supportive, energetic, and lots of fun. Although there are days where the workload seems daunting, having the opportunity to work with PwC professionals keeps everything enjoyable and manageable.”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 45,428

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.


Employees say: “KPMG is filled with many friendly people who are intelligent and respectful of others. Everyone here is very welcoming, starting from the day they meet you. There is a family feeling both in the different offices, and within the firm as a whole.”

“KPMG is a great place to work because of the opportunity that exists here. Between the work itself and the hundreds of hours of trainings per year, there could not be a better place to launch a career in business.”

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 29,164

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

9. TEKsystems

Employees say: “We put our people first and the mentality here is all about developing long-lasting and meaningful relationships. I have found family at TEKsystems and am so grateful to be a part of this organization.”

“They truly believe that taking care of our employees' personal and professional goals while serving our customers will lead to success. We don’t have a big, complicated strategy, product management organization, etc. Exceed customer expectations, build deep relationships with your co-workers, serve each other and be a transparent, open communicator. That’s it. By following those ideals, the company has grown at twice the rate of its competition and is the largest in North America for our industry.”

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

HQ location: Hanover, Md.

Employees: 5,469

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

10. Nielsen

Employees say: “What I find unique at Nielsen is how connected I feel to teammates I’ve never met in person. I work on a global team with colleagues across North America, Europe, and Australia. I feel we have a better sense of team camaraderie than I’ve had in other organizations with teammates sitting in the same cubicle aisle.”

“This company does everything it can to feel like more than just a place to work. Nielsen has shown in many ways that it deeply cares about individual's whole lives. Nielsen offers so many benefits to the point of employees (me) feeling like, ‘WOW! Really? ANOTHER benefit?! I feel so spoiled!!’ One of those benefits is a program called The Whole You which encourages so many life-fulfilling behaviors that concentrate on your wellbeing and happiness instead of making sure they’re squeezing every minute out of you to be efficient with your time. For example, the program encourages you to take breaks often and go for a walk, take your meetings on a mobile phone while you take a walk, find work-life balance, get a good night's sleep, eat healthy, find free (limited number of appointments) therapists if you need help, discounts on a variety of products, and so much more.”

Industry: Consulting Manufacturing

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 10,201

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

11. Deloitte

Employees say: “Deloitte is the largest professional services firm in the world, but it often has the feel of a smaller and more dynamic organization. In the consulting practice, there are only four levels separating an entry-level analyst from the partners who run the show, and at each step of the ladder, one has the ability to choose a project to work on, an expertise to cultivate, and a sector in which to specialize. With the reach of Deloitte’s client relationships and industry presence, you can build a career here to your own specifications. So on the one hand, you have a great deal of agency and freedom. On the other, it is your responsibility to manage your own career. Especially as you rise through the ranks, it has more and more of an entrepreneurial culture, and no one is holding your hand. As a partner explained to me early on in my tenure here, Deloitte is a firm that rewards self-motivation and self-realization. The onus is on you. If you thrive in such an environment, this is a great place to work.”

“The learning and experience that you gain are unmatched. The amount of companies I get to work on, combined with the technical experience of my managers and senior managers, makes this the perfect place to learn, grow, and start your career.”

Industry: Consulting-Actuarial/Risk Assessment, Consulting - Management

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 53,381

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

12. Alston & Bird

Employees say: “I feel that the other attorneys here genuinely care about me and my work product. There is a sincere interest is helping me develop me into the best attorney I can possibly be. The firm offers a plethora of opportunities to better myself not only as a lawyer but as a human being. For example, the firm today offered a very well attended panel discussing issues facing the transgender community. These panels and professional development events allow employees to actively learn to be not only better lawyers, but better people.”

“Alston & Bird is an amazing place to work in that there are clear lines of open communication at all times. You can call or email anyone in the entire firm including the CEO and your call will be personally answered and well-received. Everyone works as a team and wants each other to succeed. Coworkers offer to help without being asked. People smile and laugh at work. We work hard to get the job done, take pride and ownership in our work product and really strive to reach a high standard because that high standard is what our coworkers are doing so we are inspired to keep up and work to the level that we are most proud of.”

Industry: Legal

HQ location: Atlanta

Employees: 1,568

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

13. Ernst & Young

Employees say: “The culture is very unique. A sense of belonging, investment, and true caring about people is what I see permeate the firm. Leadership strives to do the right thing, communicate, and grow our business in a thoughtful way that yields strong results. People are given responsibility at much earlier levels in their careers, which allows our people to develop faster. Whether they stay with EY or move on to other firms, we create future leaders who have broad skills, are passionate about what they do, and are people and team centric in their decision making.”

“This company shows genuine interest in emphasizing diversity and gender equality. Examples of this include internal networks for minority groups and women groups, internal marketing (e.g. posters in the office) that encourages diverse groups, promoting a large percentage of minorities and women to the executive level, and having an active presence in the push for gender equality (conferences, collaborations, social media presence, etc.).”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 39,230

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

14. CHG Healthcare Services

Employees say: “The overall environment of camaraderie and friendship and that ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality, which comes from our president all the way down, makes this a great place to work. You definitely do not see this in other organizations. Here, you can roll around in a Razor scooter to deliver documents or walk through a war zone of Nerf guns. Throughout our organization, we set goals and deliver on them, while continuing this fun atmosphere. Not only does the atmosphere create a great and eager work environment, but the leadership and management that is willing to serve you in any way possible to obtain and meet your career goals, and personal life goals as well.”

“The kindness of people within CHG is remarkable. People genuinely care for each other. It’s the most welcoming, caring, compassionate place I’ve ever worked. You see that in programs like volunteer time off, our employee compassion fund where I can donate to help employees who fall on hard times, and our difference makers program that honors people who contribute their time and talents within local communities. Yet we’re still a highly profitable business, which proves you can be kind and successful.”

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

HQ location: Salt Lake City

Employees: 2,259

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

15. Perkins Coie

Employees say: “This is a law firm, and, when I interviewed here more than 35 years ago, I noticed a marked difference from other firms where I interviewed. There was an openness, a human connection, and a friendly atmosphere that struck me immediately, although I had no prior impressions. My long career here has confirmed that those feelings were correct, and I think most long-term employees appreciate and strive to support the culture we share. Within my work group, there are several who have more than my 35 years at the firm. This confirms my impression. When employees face personal challenges, we respond as a family. We work hard and play hard together, including folks in every position. I have always been proud to tell people where I work, and the firm has treated me fairly and given me many opportunities.”

“The people at the company are incredibly nice, personable, smart, and humble, all while avoiding having big egos. The company works very hard at not hiring jerks, so the working environment is very cordial, positive, and constructive.”

Industry: Legal

HQ location: Seattle

Employees: 2,180

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

16. Crowe Horwath

Employees say: “This company truly cares about its employees. For being a public accounting firm, Crowe has been very forward thinking in terms of employee welfare. Crowe implemented our Where to Work mobility policy as well as ‘Dress for your day,’ providing employees the flexibility in our days. It is nice knowing this firm trusts us to get our work done, be accountable, and to measure what truly matters. This makes Crowe an awesome place to work in which everyone working here is trusted, challenged, and a part of the Crowe family!”

“Unlike any company I have worked at before, Crowe Horwath’s work environment allows for constant growth. Everyday I learn something new and we are working with different teams at least weekly. I love this ability to interact with so many different individuals. I feel like the managers and partners are always open to lower level employees coming to them for help and guidance.”

HQ location: Chicago

Employees: 3,164

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

17. Protiviti

Employees say: “Compared to every other consulting firm I have interacted with, we truly have the best work life balance. People honestly work reasonable hours (from the top down!). When you do work overtime, because it happens, your management team goes above and beyond to reward you. We have sabbatical programs, flexible working hours, flexible work locations, and we get let go early before every holiday weekend.”

“Management does a great job creating a familial atmosphere. While it is great at the local level, when I gained exposure to employees in other locations, I was impressed with how consistent the hiring fit is everywhere. When first meeting employees in other locations, I immediately felt like we had been friends for years.”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: Menlo Park, Calif.

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

18. Accenture

Employees say: “The level to which Accenture wants to develop its people is much higher than I have seen when comparing it to the workplaces of others my age. I know several individuals who are leaving Accenture for a year to earn their MBA degrees and Accenture fully encourages it. Accenture’s attitude towards training and people development is impressive considering the size of the company and how much time and money goes into providing training. Accenture lets its employees know that it is all worth it.”

“This is such an exciting place to work. We are helping companies move towards the future, so we always have to stay several steps ahead. I have worked in a similar corporate leadership function for a number of companies, and there is a greater pride, camaraderie, and desire to do the right thing for the company and for our customers than I have seen elsewhere.”

HQ location: New York City

Employees: 47,566

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

19. West Monroe Partners

Employees say: “Our organization is passionate about building the next generation of leaders and along with that passion and commitment comes the investment in time, dollars, and effort around our culture. Whether it be formal training programs, informal job shadowing, or our chiefs program (where anyone can raise their hand to be a Chief X Officer), it's all around developing talent. The commitment to career advisement, career equity, and mentorship accelerates the growth of our people here compared to anywhere else they might be.”

“Being part of an employee stock ownership plan as a consulting company is pretty unique and sets the tone for how we work and engage as a team. It makes a huge difference waking up in the morning knowing I am going to work for a company that I partly own and that we are all accountable to each other and no other shareholders.”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: Chicago

Employees: 670

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

20. Plante & Moran

Employees say: “Plante & Moran is unique among professional service firms for its impressive commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and appreciation of one another’s work at every level of the organization. That has flourished even as the firm has grown tremendously. When I began at the firm, I immediately recognized the enthusiasm of my practice’s managers to engage me to work on their clients, even when they knew full well that meant taking additional time out of their schedules to conduct on-the-job training. I found each one was able to very effectively articulate and confer their individual client service philosophies, which manifested in their unique styles of consulting. This experience has challenged me to consider leveraging my own skills and personality to craft a distinct client service methodology of my own.”

“There is a distinct feeling here that every person’s ideas, talents and worth matters. It is a very collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment. Everyone from custodial staff up to the managing partner matters. There is a very real sense that every person’s efforts are part of the whole to make our building and our work function properly.”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: Southfield, Mich.

Employees: 2,137

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

21. ALKU

Employees say: “Whenever there are small victories, they are praised. I got a really good recommendation on LinkedIn once and I showed a coworker. They shared it to the entire company, and everybody came up to me saying great job! This is one small example that shows that ALKU cares.”

“Above all, what makes ALKU a great place to work are the people. For me, it’s that simple. Coming in each day knowing I work alongside some of the most fun, charismatic, driven, and for the most part hysterical people around brings more excitement than I’d ever imagine a job could bring. On top of that, everyone feeds off not only their individual success but the success of others around them, which of course makes it an an office environment unlike any other. Who doesn’t want more than 80 cheerleaders rooting for you each day?”

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

HQ location: Andover, Mass.

Employees: 89

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

22. Vynamic

Employees say: “Having spent ten plus years working at one of the top professional services firms in the world, I was a little worried about moving to a company with less than 100 employees. But it has been that small, almost startup-like mentality that has made Vynamic such an enjoyable place to work. I truly feel like I’m a part of something, and most importantly I finally have the power to control my own career.”

“There are no low-performers here. Our intensive recruiting process ensures it. Since we are a small company, every single person needs to pull their weight and be able to work directly with clients on their own. Everyone is super-smart, has high emotional intelligence, is enjoyable to work with, and is all-around amazing!”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: Philadelphia

Employees: 100

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

23. EKS&H

Employees say: “Our cultural values are important in that we frequently turn down situations that would be financially advantageous to the partners for the overall long-term benefit of the firm. I cannot be specific, but we turned down a million-dollar client opportunity because it didn’t fit culturally and just would have been forced. With the majority of our people and costs at a salaried and fixed level, this would have gone directly to the partners in terms of profits, but they recognized it would have a greater overall cost to the firm. We try to grow strategically and I am proud to be a member of this firm.”

“The firm has grown at a high rate since I began with the company. Through the growth, mostly internal with the exception of InfoLink, the culture and core of the company have remained the same and strengthened in some ways. It is apparent that this is a main focus and concern as it is what keeps people at EKS&H and what makes it a great place to work. Knowing that this is important to the partners of the firm is comforting. They ask for advice and want to hear our concerns.”

Industry: Consulting - Management

HQ location: Denver

Employees: 612

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

24. RSM US

Employees say: "The partners really take mentoring to the level where it is truly open across business lines. They will go out of their way to assist you in becoming successful and will offer helpful advice and suggestions. I was even provided an executive coach as a manager, something most corporations would not invest in. That shows how committed they are to their staff."

"The fact that this company offers paternity leave even if a man adopts a teenager is beyond anything I have seen in my 16 year career. That alone says a lot about this organization’s focus on work-life balance and family."

Industry: Consulting-Actuarial/Risk Assessment

HQ location: Chicago

Employees: 9,139

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

25. Baker Tilly Virchow Krause

Employees say: "With this company I do not feel nearly as stressed as I have been in previous jobs. I feel like there is a constant flow of communication and there is not the sense of someone looking over your shoulder all the time waiting for you to make a mistake. You really have a lot of freedom to make decisions that are the best for the business and the client. My opinion is actually respected and taken into consideration on issues that will have an impact in the business."

"It is unusual for a company with the breadth of talent and experience to not have an ego that interferes with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. There is no ego here. Everyone’s idea is welcome and evaluated on its own merits. We hire extensively from the top-tier universities in the area and are always amazed at the contributions these young professionals provide our organization."

Industry: Accounting

HQ location: Chicago

Employees: 2,670

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

26. Torch Technologies

Employees say: "The greatest thing about Torch, in my opinion, is how much they care about family life. This is evidenced by the employee morale and company-wide activities that include the whole family. There are movie nights, a company tailgate, a kids Christmas party, a company golf tournament, ice skating, and more. Torch excels at making its employee-owners feel included, and feel like part of the family. I hope to retire here, which coming from a millennial, says a lot."

"We have a true sense of mentorship at Torch. Upon being hired, most every technical worker is paired with a senior team member to help get a feel for the tasks to be done. This gives new employees a great resource for questions and help. We also have weekly one-on-one meetings with direct managers to report on the work that we have been doing, let the manager know who on the team has been exceptional and helpful that week, and inform them of any issues or conflicts that have arisen. This is an excellent practice because it keeps the manager informed and facilitates honest peer feedback."

Industry: Consulting Engineering

HQ location: Huntsville, Ala.

Employees: 470

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

27. Ryan

Employees say: "It’s all results based. We are not tied down with the inefficiencies of having to be at the office for a certain amount of time. It is much more conducive to the ebbs and flows of life. A great place to work for some balance in life."

"The firm has achieved phenomenal growth by encouraging innovative thinking and a commitment to excellent client service, while empowering their employees with incredible flexibility to succeed, personally and professionally."

HQ location: Dallas

Employees: 1,532

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

28. Insight Global

Employees say: "Everyone here started at the company very early into their working career. We promote from within. This leads to even the most senior executives having performed every role in the company. Going down to the line level, every leader has performed the job of the person they are managing. This gives the manager and the employee a unique perspective of the other, and the employee is learning from a person that was very successful in the employee’s current role so the mentoring and teaching is very strong."

"This company is very culture driven and focuses on building its employees up. We rely and invest time in one another to push and achieve excellence. I’ve never worked for a company or even heard of a company other than Insight Global that dedicates so much of their methodology toward employees. We function, thrive, and have continued to grow over the last 15 years because of how we treat our employees and by implementing feedback on a day-to-day basis."

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

HQ location: Atlanta

Employees: 2,374

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

29. Baker Donelson

Employees say: "I have never worked in a firm so large that feels so much like a close family. Normally, with multiple offices, it’s easy to feel disconnected, but many initiatives, good communication (through newsletters and even through our wellness program), and celebration of events make this a such a tight-knit group. Within our office, among our floors, we have all gotten to know and work with each other and it always feels welcoming. I look forward to coming to work here every day!"

"In today’s world, I rarely hear people talk about feeling appreciated by their supervisors at work, but that is one of the most rewarding parts of working for this firm. I genuinely feel like people’s efforts are appreciated by their supervisors and peers, alike. It makes me want to work even harder when I know that I not only make a difference, but that my contributions aren’t taken for granted."

Industry: Legal

HQ location: Memphis

Employees: 1,338

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

30. PPR Talent Management Group

Employees say: "There are many things that make PPR unique! One thing that I value is the flexibility of schedules. At previous companies, I have felt hesitant or worried about taking any time off or even staying home from work when I am sick. PPR understands the need for work-life balance and allows their employees the opportunity to take time as needed. Many would think that policy would be abused, however the quality of employees at PPR make that a moot point."

"SO many things make PPR a company that stands out above and beyond any I have ever worked for. The Leadership team is always updating everyone on our goals and our progress so that everyone is on the same page. It makes us feel like we are important, and like we are part of the business's growth."

Industry: Staffing & Recruitment

HQ location: Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Employees: 165

Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

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