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3 Ways to Stand Out in the Ecommerce Space with Conversational AI

It's no secret that delivering exceptional customer experience is a critical component to any eCommerce business today. In fact, according to Forrester Research, “63% of customers will leave a company after just one poor experience, and almost two-thirds will no longer wait more than 2 minutes for assistance”.

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What does this mean for your site visitors? It means that they are more likely than ever before to turn away at the first point of contact with your brand because it doesn't meet their expectations.

And with the ever-increasing competition in the ecommerce space, it's not easy to stand out. Enter conversational A.I., a new technology that has been making waves with its abilities to interact and engage with users like never before. But how can you use this technology effectively? In this article we'll look at 3 ways ecommerce brands can go about leveraging conversational A.I., whether they're looking for a way to automate and provide a better customer experience, drive conversions or simply make their brand more accessible.


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1 Provide instant A.I. powered customer service, at scale.

Customers expect a lot when purchasing online - including things they may not even yet realise they want. And, as customer expectations continue to rise, A.I. is slowly becoming less 'artificial' and more beneficial thanks to its ability to take care of repetitive tasks such as answering in real time customers’ frequently asked questions before their first purchase and leading them through checkout in a matter of minutes, versus what would otherwise take 1-3 days (provided the consumer hasn't ordered from the competition in the meanwhile).

2 Create personalized offers and recommendations using Machine Learning Intelligence.

With chatbots that simulate human-like interaction, eCommerce brands have found a way to provide meaningful interactions to their visitors by creating hyper-personalized experiences using machine learning intelligence. The A.I. driven chatbot will ask personal questions, process the data and return a custom product recommendation that's suited to that user's exact needs, making them feel unique and valued as a customer.

More so, that same conversational interface is now connected to the user's entire past purchase history, what they’ve asked about and what they're interested in, so that it's able to re-engage and re-market to them based on their exact past behavior, and thus talk directly to their needs and provide a constant updated personalized solution to them.

3 Leverage analytics to optimize at every stage.

How good your conversational interface performs will be reflected across data and analytics. These insights will tell you where the users are dropping off, why they're dropping off, how you can improve their experience and optimize your A.I conversational interface to increase conversions and deliver a better user experience every day.

The power to stand out from the competition lies in your brand's ability to connect with customers and provide contextual value, instantly.

A.I. is not a thing of the future anymore. It's here and some of the largest brands in the ecommerce space are already leveraging it to redefine the way consumers interact with their brands online.

To learn more about conversational A.I.for Ecommerce by Liz Carter founder of Gr0w Online, visit for more information.