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The 2025 Audi RS6 Avant GT Is an IMSA-Inspired Ultimate Wagon

2025 audi rs6 avant gt
2025 Audi RS6 Avant GT Is an IMSA-Inspired WagonAudi

Last year, Audi Sport teased an RS6 Avant even more radical than the existing Performance trim level. This is the result, an IMSA GTO tribute with manually adjustable suspension and a double-decker rear spoiler available to only 85 American customers.

The special edition model, called the RS6 Avant GT, is meant to act as both a tribute to Audi Sport's racing past and a capstone for its current super-wagon. That means Audi has opted to keep the power increases already seen on the RS6 Performance, pushing the 4.0 turbocharged V-8 to 621 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque. The RS6 Avant GT also uses the Performance variant's version of Audi's center-locking differential. It sends 40 percent of power to the front and 60 percent to the rear by default, but that can change to 70 percent of that power to the front axle or 85 percent to the rear axle depending on the situation.

Unlike other RS6 models, the Avant GT comes with a standard adjustable coilover suspension. Three-way adjustable dampers, along with all the tools and instructions necessary for adjustment, give the driver more control over how to set up their car. In addition to making the RS6 more stiff and less prone to body roll, the system also lowers the car's ride height by 10 millimeters. Buyers can also opt for the typical Dynamic Ride Control setup or an adaptive air suspension.

2025 audi rs6 avant gt

Every model sold in America will wear a white-and-red livery with white wheels, like the Audi 90 IMSA GTO racer that the car tributes. European-market models will get other color options, but all American examples will be finished in the scheme paying tribute to a car that made its name in American racing.

2025 audi rs6 avant gt

The exterior design is not quite as radical as the spectacular RS6 GTO concept first revealed in 2020, but the RS6 Avant GT does get a handful of major design changes. On the roof, a rack delete leads air directly into a two-layer rear spoiler inspired by the original Audi 90 racer and taken directly from the RS6 GTO concept. A wide grille with black accents creates the illusion of the massive face of the race car, while air exits behind the front wheels and a new rear diffuser keeps air moving and adds to the aggressive look.


The slotted wheels shown on the RS6 GTO concept, sadly, did not make it to production. Audi instead chose to go with unique 22-inch white examples of the brand's famous Avus wheel design, which make more sense on a road-going wagon but are not as dramatic or unique.

Six hundred and sixty total Audi RS6 Avant GTs will be built worldwide, meaning that the American market is only getting 13 percent of the production run. U.S.-market cars also get the seats already used in the RS6 Avant Performance, a difference from the racing-style bucket seats offered in other markets.

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