The highest paid YouTuber makes millions opening toys

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The Highest Paid YouTuber Makes Millions To Open Toys
The Highest Paid YouTuber Makes Millions To Open Toys

Here are some things that you probably would never think could make you money: opening packages of toys, playing with toys and recording videos of yourself opening packages of toys and playing with them ... and yet, the highest paid YouTube star raked in millions doing just that.

Open Slate, a video analytics platform, made a list of the highest-earning YouTube channels based on ad revenue. Taylor Swift's channel and MovieClips Trailers made the top 10 -- but at the very top of the list is DC Toy Collector, a channel that showcases a woman -- well, woman's hands -- opening boxes of toys.

According to the numbers, those hands (and their channel) banked 4.9 million dollars last year.

The mysterious and well-manicured hands are featured in hundreds of videos. Each video showcases a different Disney toy being opened and an accented voice describing what's inside.

No one has the slightest clue who the YouTuber with the golden touch is. A few media outlets have taken guesses, but no dice.

Why on Earth is someone taking toys out of a box so lucrative? Well, Reel SEO a video marketing site says, "viewers are looking to reviews, how-tos, and unboxing content as part of their research into toy products."

What do you think about this phenomenon? Do you get sucked into these videos, too?

Watch the video which has garnered over 180 million views:

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