2014 Delhi Auto Expo Headlines Mini SUVs and Sporty Crossovers

India isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of the latest automotive trends. But this year’s Delhi Auto Expo featured some rides that buyers in the American market would probably swoon over. We’re talking about small, sporty crossovers and mini SUVs.

Here are some of our favorites from this year’s outing:

Chevrolet Adra


Other than the Equinox, Chevy’s crossover game is seriously slacking. But its new Adra concept could be the answer the American market is looking for.

Inspiration seems to take note from the Kia Soul, albeit with some more aggressive Chevy cues on the front and back end. No details on the engine yet — but we could see city buyers opting for this ride.

Volkswagen Taigun


The VW Taigun is nothing new, but for 2014, it’s sportier and more capable. With a tiny 1.0-liter engine, the Taigun pushes out 110 horsepower and 50 mpg.

Renault Kwid


Renault has never been a big player in India — but this new Kwid concept could change all that. The over-styled mini SUV features yellow and grey accents, Tonka truck-inspired wheels, and an interior fit for a space ship.

We’re not sure how this will translate into production, but we think it’s awesome.

Honda XS-1 Vision

honda-xs-1-vision-concept (1)

Honda’s “vision” of expansion continues with its XS-1 Vision concept in India. The raised hatchback platform features some sharp angles, futuristic cues, and a single sliding door.

Datsun Redi-GO


Ok, so Datsun isn’t necessarily building that cars that we’d like them to (Z successor, etc.). But, Nissan’s new niche brand is making its first wave into the Indian and Asian markets with small compacts, and crossovers like this.

The Redi-GO is the brand’s seconds new vehicle. This small city crossover sits on top of an extended hatchback platform and features many familiar cues from the Go hatchback.

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