10 surprisingly cheap European cities

Europe is the world's most expensive continent for U.S. travelers to visit; this probably doesn't shock anyone who's ventured across the Pond.

You might be surprised, though, to discover which cities in Europe are remarkably affordable places to vacation. We analyzed the costs of hotel stays, meals, airfares, and activities in popular European destinations to find out which spots offer the best value for the euros and pounds.

Here are 10 cities in Europe where budget-minded travelers can find low-cost hotel rooms, free activities, and travel bargains galore.


Despite its popularity, this thousand-year-old city is one of Europe's more economical destinations. According to our sister site TripAdvisor's TripIndex, Prague is the 20th-most affordable world destination—that's not bad, considering that Prague is the fifth-most visited European city. Average prices for one night's stay and activities, says TripAdvisor, come to about $248 for two people.

Plus, the city has enough free sites to keep a traveler busy for quite the stretch: No-cost attractions include the Havelska flower market, the picture-perfect Charles Bridge, and the 10th-century castle that towers over the city, Vysehrad. Gather amidst the crowd in the Old Town square to hear the striking of the famous clock during daylight hours—it's free.


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