10 most ridiculously priced factory car options

Car companies learned a long time ago that if they sucker you in with a low base price, they can skewer you on the options list. Jalopnik readers know the ten most ridiculously-priced factory options of all.
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The automotive aftermarket is unbelievably huge. It's where carmakers make a significant portion of their profits. A lot of this aftermarket is taken up by repairs and replacement parts, but there's still a lot of people who want to make their basic cars into something nice to be in.

Carmakers aren't about to let private garages make all the money from this business, so they package all kinds of factory options themselves and leave dealers to foist them on the customer. Does your Lexus need a third coat hanger in the back? That'll be $150, sir. Does your Porsche's frunk need a hard plastic lining? That'll be $166. When you're in the rush to sign for a new car, you'll agree to just about anything.

These options, though, step well into the realm of insanity.

10.) Nissan GT-R Spec V Brakes: $50,000
The R35 Spec-V was announced with "the best brakes in the world." How much did they cost to replace? £36,000, or about $50,000 in 2009 money. Think about how cool you'll feel at parties telling people you spend fifty grand on brakes for your car.

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