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10 best washer-dryer machines that will make doing your laundry easier

We recommend taking a machine’s drying capacity as your main guide on a washer-dryer’s suitability for your household (iStock/The Independent)
We recommend taking a machine’s drying capacity as your main guide on a washer-dryer’s suitability for your household (iStock/The Independent)

The right washer-dryer could help get your laundry loads dry faster and more easily. Would you like your laundry to require less drying time on the line? A washer-dryer could be just the thing you need. Whereas an ordinary washing machine just spins its drum to dry washing to a limited extent, a washer dryer uses heated air, as well as a spin action, to remove moisture from the laundry load.

This type of appliance won’t always get your washing perfectly dry – but it should at least come close, reducing the time your things need to spend on the washing line or clothes horse. In some cases, you may find that clothes are ready to wear straight out of the machine.

To create this guide to the best washer-dryers, we compared a variety of highly-rated models from makers such as Bosch, Samsung, Haier and Zanussi. We chose appliances based on their washing and drying performance, useful supporting features such as steam cleaning, and eye-catching design. As well as freestanding washer-dryers, we’ve also reviewed some integrated options which are designed to be built into a kitchen unit – so hopefully, there’s something for every home here.

Please note that the energy rating system, used to grade the energy efficiency of domestic appliances, changed in March 2021. The scale now goes from A to G, rather than A+++ to F. Under the new system, attaining a high grade has been made more difficult. Appliances which would once have been considered energy efficient may now score a lowly D or E, while only a small percentage of appliances currently being made are graded A or B.

Some washer-dryers have different energy ratings for their washing and drying functions. In our reviews, wherever you see an energy rating written in the format ‘B/E’, the first grade refers to energy efficiency while washing, and the second applies to the drying function.

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The best washer dryer machines for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Bosch Serie 6 WNA14490GB washer-dryer: £799.99,

  • Best for efficient washing – LG Turbowash FWV796STSE washer-dryer graphite: £819.98,

  • Best for delicate performance – Samsung WD80TA046BX 2020 series 5 ecobubble washer-dryer: £629,

  • Best for large households – Haier HWD120-B14979 washer-dryer: £899,

  • Best for a reasonable priced intergreation option – Indesit BIWDIL861284UK integrated washer-dryer: £439,

  • Best for affordability – LOGIK L8W5D20 washer-dryer: £349.99,

  • Best for a high-performance integrated option – AEG 7000 Series L7WE7631BI integrated washer-dryer: £839.99,

  • Best for blending in under a kitchen counter – Hotpoint FDL 9640K washer-dryer: £429.99,

  • Best for user-friendliness – Beko WDL854431W washer-dryer: £419.99,

  • Best for washing and drying in a hurry – Zanussi Z816WT85BI integrated washer-dryer: £619,

Bosch Serie 6 WNA14490GB washer-dryer

Best: Overall

  • Max. wash/dry load: 9 kg/ 6 kg

  • Energy rating: C/E

  • Spin speed: 1,400rpm

This excellent washer-dryer from Bosch offers a variety of innovative features in a simple, user-friendly package.

We particularly appreciated the “Iron Assist” setting, which steams the laundry load inside the machine. This seems to help washing come out of the machine with relatively few creases – so you might not even need to iron it before you put it away.

Another interesting feature is the anti-allergy setting, which maintains a high temperature throughout washing and drying. Apparently, this removes allergens especially efficiently. With that said, be careful to use this setting only with fabrics that can withstand the heat.

Buy now £799.99,

LG Turbowash FWV796STSE washer-dryer – Granite

Best: For efficient washing

  • Max. wash/dry load: 9kg/6kg

  • Energy rating: B/E

  • Spin speed: 1,400rpm

LG is hitting it out of the park in 2021, with a raft of new appliances offering a mix of good performance, contemporary style and impressive energy efficiency. This washer-dryer is one of the only models we’ve encountered which warrants an impressive B grade on the new energy efficiency rating scale (albeit only during the wash cycle; it goes down to an E grade during drying).

We were impressed with this machine’s “intelligent care” tech, which detects the weight and softness of your laundry load, then chooses a washing pattern to suit.

Buy now £819.98,

Samsung WD80TA046BX 2020 series 5 ecobubble washer-dryer

Best: For delicate performance

  • Max. wash/dry load: 8kg/5kg

  • Energy rating: C/E

  • Spin speed: 1,400rpm

This sleek, chic washer-dryer would make a superb addition to pretty much any modern kitchen. The tinted door is a particularly snazzy touch.

But what we really love about this washer-dryer is its “ecobubble” tech, which uses a combination of air, water and detergent in the wash cycle to remove dirt from clothes. This innovative approach gets great results at relatively low temperatures, which could help to minimise the risk of delicate materials getting shrunk in the wash.

Another big selling point to this washer-dryer: it’s beautifully quiet.

Buy now £629.00,

Haier HWD120-B14979 washer-dryer

Best: For large households

  • Max. wash/dry load: 12kg/8kg

  • Energy rating: E

  • Spin speed: 1,400rpm

The real selling point to this washer-dryer is its tremendous capacity. There’s enough space in the drum for a 12kg load during washing, or an 8kg load during drying. If you’re a member of a big household, or if you want to launder large items such as duvets, this could be the washer-dryer for you.

And it’s not all about capacity: the HWD120-B14979 also has plenty of impressive features, including a high-temperature anti-allergy mode, and capability to add steam during drying.

One minor downside is that this washer-dryer can take longer than you might expect to dry your clothes. We wouldn’t recommend relying on the drying mode when you’re against the clock.

Buy now £899.00,

Indesit BIWDIL861284UK integrated washer-dryer

Best: For a reasonably priced integrated option

  • Max. wash/dry load: 8kg/6kg

  • Energy rating: D

  • Spin speed: 1,200rpm

This integrated washer-dryer is designed specifically to be built in to a kitchen unit. It’s a simple, effective appliance that does the basics well, washing effectively and delivering reasonably dry laundry by the end of a cycle.

We were particularly impressed with how quiet this machine operates. When it’s behind the door of a kitchen unit, you’ll barely notice it.

Another strength of the BIWDIL861284UK is its energy efficiency– the appliance’s D energy rating for drying performance is actually quite good, relative to the other options currently available.

Buy now £439.00,

LOGIK L8W5D20 washer-dryer

Best: For affordability

  • Max. wash/dry load: 8kg/5kg

  • Energy rating: E/E

  • Spin speed: 1,400rpm

Coming in cheaper than many regular washing machines, the Logik L8W5D20 is a remarkably affordable washer-dryer that does a good job relative to the price you pay. All the key requirements are covered, including a choice of 16 wash programs, and a smart-looking, user-friendly interface.

Inevitably, the L8W5D20 lags behind some of its much-costlier rivals in certain aspects of its performance. The machine has relatively poor energy efficiency, and it can be noisy during a spin cycle.

With all that said, this is a great-value option that should be able to get your laundry significantly drier than a regular washing machine could.

Buy now £349.99,

AEG 7000 Series L7WE7631BI integrated washer-dryer

Best: For a high-performance integrated option

  • Max. wash/dry load: 7kg/4kg

  • Energy rating: D/E

  • Spin speed: 1,550

Here’s a superb built-in option for those of you who want a washer-dryer that will integrate into a kitchen unit.

The L7WE7631BI has excellent washing and drying performance, topped off with useful features such as steam cleaning and load sensing. It operates quietly, and seems to have only a low level of vibration when properly installed.

One big downside to the L7WE7631BI is its relatively low capacity. With just enough space for 4kg during drying, this would not be the best option for larger households. However, if you don’t need to do all that much washing, or you do your laundry frequently, this washer-dryer will do an excellent job.

Buy now £839.99,

Hotpoint FDL 9640K washer-dryer

Best: For blending in under a kitchen counter

  • Max. wash/dry load: 9kg/6kg

  • Energy rating: D

  • Spin speed: 1,400rpm

This Hotpoint washer-dryer looks especially good in its black colourway, which equips it to assimilate discreetly into kitchens with a dark colour palette.

In terms of washing and drying performance, this machine represents outstanding value for money. The drum has enough capacity to cater for a medium-to-large household, and noise levels are impressively quiet during washing and drying.

Our one minor criticism of this washer-dryer would be that its drying cycle times can be on the lengthy side. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic appliance for the price you pay.

Buy now £429.99,

Beko WDL854431W washer-dryer

Best: For user-friendliness

  • Max. wash/dry load: 8kg/5kg

  • Energy rating: C/D

  • Spin speed: 1,400rpm

There’s a lot to love about this washer-dryer. We were particularly impressed with its user interface, which cleverly uses colour to highlight the settings which involve drying, as well as washing. This could make a big difference to users who sometimes find it tricky to identify the right setting.

We’re pleased to report that this machine does a great job of washing and drying, too – in some cases, leaving washing ready to use without any additional drying. The 1hr Fast Wash And Dry mode work pretty well with a small load.

Buy now £419.99,

Zanussi Z816WT85BI Integrated washer-dryer

Best: For washing and drying in a hurry

  • Max. wash/dry load: 8kg/4kg

  • Energy rating: D/E

  • Spin speed: 1,600rpm

This washer-dryer has the power to get relatively small loads of laundry washed and dried in under one hour. If you were to find yourself needing to get a few important items ready to wear in a hurry, this machine would be the ideal option to have installed in your kitchen.

The Z816WT85BI isn’t just a time-saver; it’s a great time manager, offering “Flexitime” functionality that allows you to tweak the duration of the selected program.

Further benefits of this washer-dryer include its smart-looking design and quiet operation. The only real negative point is its relatively low drying capacity of 4kg.

Please note that this integrated washer-dryer is designed to be built into a kitchen unit.

Buy now £619.00,

Washer-dryer FAQs

How do washer-dryers work?

Unlike regular washing machines, which spin your clothes in a drum to get rid of the water, washer-dryers also use heated air to speed up the process. Warm, dry air is pushed through your clothes to evaporate most, but not all, of the moisture left in them after washing. This hot air is then cooled, allowing the moisture to condense, before being collected and flushed away.

How do washer-dryers compare to separate washing machines and dryers?

Given that washer-dryers are two machines in one, they are a good option for people who are looking to save on space. Of course, buying only one machine also means that you’l be saving on money, too – so the washer-dryer combination is a good choice for those on a tighter budget. Another plus to note is that you don’t need to worry about moving your wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. And, even if you don’t want to use the dryer every time you do a wash, it’s always there if you need it.

On the other hand, having a separate machine to do your washing and drying means each one will be more efficient at their job – it’s what they’re built to do after all, so this is to be expected. And given that you can have a wash and a drying cycle on at the same time for different sets of clothes, they also make a good option for large families with a lot of washing to get through.

The verdict: Washer-dryer machines

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to name the Bosch Serie 6 WNA14490GB washer-dryer our best buy.

This washer-dryer doesn’t necessarily rewrite the rulebook – but it does give you all the things that really matter in this type of appliance: great washing and drying performance, intuitive controls, and useful secondary functions such as steam cleaning.

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