10 Best Luxury Concierge Services Used by the Very Wealthy

LESLIE ST JOHN / provided by VIP Worldwide
LESLIE ST JOHN / provided by VIP Worldwide

Did you think concierge services were limited to hotels and other hospitality establishments? Think again! Personal concierge services are booming, thanks largely to the increase in valuing experiences over material possessions, combined with the convenience of living in a largely digital age where you can do just about anything through your smartphone or laptop.

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But let’s be real. Personal concierge services are not for “regular people.” They’re designed for and marketed to the uber rich and high-profile celebrities to save time, travel in the most pampered ways and get VIP access to private and/or exclusive events that they otherwise wouldn’t have easy access to — like red carpet happenings.


Here are 10 of the best personal concierge services.

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John Paul Group

Through John Paul Group, the world is your oyster, and you’ll have a round-the-clock personal assistant ensuring that everything goes according to plan, even if your plan is made on a whim. JPG will help you organize your experiences to accommodate for all, including last-minute tickets to events, financial services and support during any emergencies. Pricing is not available on the site and you must contact the company via an online form to learn more. This company also offers a loyalty program.


Jetex Concierge offers luxury private yacht charters at premium spots around the world. If you book with this service, you’ll get fully customized itineraries, experienced crews and a suite of high-end amenities. You’ll also get access to sold-out events and access to Michelin-star dining establishments that you otherwise may have a tough time gaining access to. Pricing isn’t available on the site, and interested consumers are instructed to contact the company for more details. You also can buy a plane via the site if you’re so inclined.


Billed as a luxury lifestyle management service, Quintessentially couples the personal dedication of a lifestyle manager with an immense global network, to provide “efficient, individual and comprehensive” offerings, as the site says. Not only does this company give you premium access to exclusive events, it also can help with wedding planning, real estate, education and more. You can contact the company through a form on its website to learn more. Both businesses and individuals can join — if they can cough up the cash, of course.

One Concierge

“If you want something done right … You don’t have to do it for yourself” is the tagline of One Concierge. As a member, you’ll have access to event planners and hospitality experts all day, every day, private jet setting and 10,000 industry connections to give you access to the “rare, glamorous and exotic.” There are no membership fees or annual contracts. To get intel on pricing, you’ll have to contact the company, which appears to be the standard for these companies.

Pure Entertainment Group

Described as a global bespoke luxury concierge company, this travel-centric business was formed in 2007. Pure Entertainment Group is an affiliate of Admiral Travel International, a premium travel agency. Those who join Pure Entertainment Group have access to 300 agencies with more than 6,000 travel connoisseurs. Both private membership and corporate memberships are available, but you’ll need to chat with reps on the site to get the scoop on pricing.

Knightsbridge Circle

There’s something about the name of this one that makes it sound especially elite. This company offers a luxury travel and lifestyle agent, concierge services and what it describes as “dedicated extension of your personal office,” presumably meaning you can seamlessly do your work from anywhere with its support. Knightsbridge Circle is highly selective and notes that it strictly limits its membership. Each member or family (up to five people) is paired with a personal manager. And yes, you’ll have to contact the company for pricing.

The Fixer Lifestyle Group

With offices in London, New York, Dubai and other high-end locations, The Fixer Lifestyle Group appears to be particularly popular in the UK, where it was born. The company provides a range of perks including home organizing, lifestyle services, reservations, ticketing and travel. It is partly designed for those who want to see the world, and you can get everything from private tours in museums to explorations with local experts on an exclusive trip. You’ll also get access to events, the ability to book otherwise unattainable reservations, health and well-being services, property and more. Once again, you’ll need to contact the company for pricing.

Nota Bene

With a focus on unique luxury travel experiences, Nota Bene is endorsed by Boris Collardi, the former CEO of Julius Baer Bank, who says on the company’s site, “It’s the level of details that Nota Bene seeks to find for its customers, which particular room … names of great people within a hotel.” Nota Bene’s team gives you a full travel and lifestyle management service, with deep knowledge of your particular lifestyle and desires so as to tailor your experiences to your needs. Pricing is available once you contact the company, presumably.

Bon Vivant

A bon vivant is defined as a person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle, and that’s what the concierge service of the same name aims to provide. Emyr Thomas founded this luxury travel company in 2014 to cater to the needs and whims of the elite traveler. It specializes in both leisure and corporate travel. You can plan a trip and gain insight into pricing by contacting the company.

Billionaire Concierge

The name says it all. Billionaire Concierge is an exclusive invitation-only global luxury concierge and lifestyle management service. Its clients include entrepreneurs, high-profile individuals and extreme wealth holders. Billionaire Concierge assists its members in both daily and lifestyle management needs. It also specializes in travel experiences for both individuals and corporations. Yacht excursions are another of its specialties. As with the rest of these concierge service companies, you’ll need to contact the agency to get the lowdown on pricing and other details.

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