1. $FB Google s previous Ad Dollars also went to $YHOO and $TWTR

  2. Ready to unload my account into $SNDK w/ORB>84 and $YHOO w/ORB>36.5

  3. Yahoo! Inc. s Chief Executive Officer just cashed-in 36,000 options http://y.ahoo.it/TWUa4Hgw $YHOO

  4. @davliner7 @wisdom_trade $SNDK $YHOO People took profits before ER. The stock went down 10% before ER during $QQQ correction

  5. What is dragging down @Google s results? $GOOG $FB $YHOO $MSFT http://y.ahoo.it/gKGttoDN

  6. Yahoo! s buy rating reiterated at Scotiabank. http://y.ahoo.it/IgwLG92R $YHOO

  7. Portfolio Performance Ytd through April 17th = + 13.18 % S+P 500 = +.87% Top Holds $DANG $AVNR $SODA $PSEC $YHOO $ORAN Please do your own DD

  8. $YHOO On the positive side, it seems that core business is really turning around. Yahoo mobile app plays a crucial role in that.

  9. Alipay is - once again - playing fate or at least a crucial role to $YHOO valuation.

  10. Here s my guess: Alibaba IPO at $110-120B, $150B close on day one. Will trade around 130-160B in the weeks after. $ALIBABA $YHOO $SFTBY

  11. Really weird that no research company has digged into that until now. Will significantly discount Alibaba value - at IPO and beyond. $YHOO

  12. Net margin of Alibaba is only so extremely high because of Alipay royalties. But Alipay may be sold and royalties would disappear. $YHOO

  13. $YHOO Alibaba valuation estimates are far from reality. Will IPO at 135B or less. Read my previous posts about the impact of Alipay.

  14. Bought a little $YHOO ahead of (hopefully) this Alibaba IPO.

  15. @jessefelder $YHOO s partnership spirit alone is unfortunately not enough, no good search capability.I expect $AAPL 2 enter Mobile Search

  16. Marketocracy holds an allocation of 3.5% in $YHOO in his Core Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  17. $DANG suggest dangsters consider a position in $yhoo as well. VERY cheap considering their 24% stake in alibaba.

  18. $YHOO Up and down Yahoo goes! Where will we close? Nobody knows!

  19. $YHOO $WB weibo is up 34%. think about Alibaba s potential.

  20. $YHOO In at 35.80, out at 36.51

  21. $YHOO nice move up today! Should continue next week BIG when/if Alibaba IPO is announced.

  22. $YHOO I believe if MM gets more involved in video and concert streaming, then yahoo will be a long hold not only until alibaba ipo! Thoughts

  23. $YHOO To test its 50 DMA at 36.96.

  24. Top 10 Stocks to Buy http://y.ahoo.it/Xu0EcD87 $YHOO $SPY $QQQ $HPQ $MU $C $DRYS

  25. $YHOO turn green!!! And now time for $goog to try