1. $YHOO Last May, $BABA up 11% after ER, $YHOO up 7+%. As $BABA goes, so does $YHOO....for now.

  2. $FIT everyone dumping $AAPL putting money to to $FIT & $YHOO. Expect earning to be record breaking.

  3. Insider transactions from Friday http://toniasinsidertradingstash.blogspot.com/2016/04/sell-in-may-go-away-is-this-beginning_30.html $UVXY $GOOG $GRUB $YHOO $CRM $YELP $SYK $DPS $LMT $WYN $UTHR $RS $OPK $NYMX

  4. $YHOO what a disgrace Marissa Mayer is. Right up there with roger goodell for worst human of the year.

  5. $YHOO Streaming video on yahoo finance? Where the hell were they with this years ago?

  6. Stocks end week lower as Apple miss overshadows Facebook, Amazon blowouts - $AAPL,$YHOO,$TWTR,$FB,$AMZN,$PRGO,$URX,$SRPT,$DD,$SAH,$KN,$ABG

  7. $YHOO when core is bought what happens to yahoo s cash on hand? will that be factored into the stock price?

  8. $YHOO if a 8b offer is released on core, will we have to wait for offer on baba and yahoo japan? will it all be in one deal?

  9. $YHOO Icahn dumps all his Apple shares into Yahoo.

  10. $YHOO Stock s not going anywhere (yet) but volatility is definitely on an uptrend. http://smartstockcharts.com/yhoo-charts-on-april-29-2016/

  11. $BRK.A $IBM $YHOO Odd to live-stream on Yahoo! Finance, that is. Ustream is terrible though so I understand.

  12. $BRK.A Is a pretty odd choice to live-stream. One of his companies owns Ustream for example $IBM. Don t tell me he s bidding for $YHOO

  13. $YHOO that ER Gap filled quick. Might get back in for a summer buyout. I m sure there s an under desk job waiting for her back at Google.

  14. #Yahoo Sales Process is a Win-Win Scenario For Marissa Mayer http://www.bidnessetc.com/68207-yahoo-sales-process-a-winwin-scenario-marissa-mayer/ $YHOO

  15. $YHOO remember this on CNBC from 3 yr ago,Marissa Mayer got roasted n first 3 seconds about the new logo,no come bk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j8J8NPs0eM&feature=youtu.be

  16. [PR] $YHOO TUNE IN TODAY:Yahoo Hosts First-Ever Live Stream of Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting http://www.marketwatch.com/story/tune-in-todayyahoo-hosts-first-ever-live-stream-of-berkshire-hathaway-shareholders-meeting-2016-04-30

  17. 7:20 PST BUY +1,300 $YHOO 100 (Weeklys) 3 JUN 16 39 CALL @.80 LMT

  18. $YHOO only in America do you reward a Ceo millions for destroying a company.

  19. Big Severance for Marissa Mayer if Ousted From Yahoo After a Sale http://www.headlne.com/hdl/726220997565763585 $YHOO

  20. $YHOO http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/markets/2016/04/29/yahoos-marissa-mayer-gets-55m-leave/83722362/

  21. Mayer s missteps caused thousands of job cuts at $YHOO ->innocent people ,reduced billions of mkt cap what hurted long term investors badly

  22. As we re working hard to CREATE value to EARN our salaries,Mayer is paid hundreds of millions to burn Billions of $YHOO shareholders money

  23. $YHOO $36M pay pkg for 2015 & $55M pkg if gets fired & $200M+ already banked in pocket = getting paid to fail/waste/damage ->BEST JOB EVER!

  24. $YHOO $55M severance package for Marissa Mayer If Ousted After A Sale. https://myaccount.nytimes.com/auth/login?URI=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nytimes.com%2F2016%2F04%2F30%2Fbusiness%2Fbig-severance-for-marissa-mayer-if-ousted-from-yahoo-after-a-sale.html%3F_r%3D5&REFUSE_COOKIE_ERROR=SHOW_ERROR

  25. $YHOO no new news... Zzzzzzzzzxxxx