1. $TWTR World leader rattled by prospect of Trump as American a President. It s about time. No more $ to them until every American is rich.

  2. Very unfortunate, I witnessed it live via $TWTR Periscope...... Check out @CNN s Tweet: https://twitter.com/CNN/status/736456347462606848?s=09

  3. $TWTR gap up on Tuesday and island bottom would trap many shorts. Hmmm.

  4. Good Setups to watch for the week ahead http://ac-investor.blogspot.com/2016/05/good-setups-to-watch-for-week-ahead.html $ARNA $CARA $M $ODP $OHRP $TWTR $ZIOP Have a great long weekend everyone!!

  5. $TWTR might as well hold for $32.20 by EOY, unless you need the money before EOY

  6. $TWTR capitulation. recovery on the way. looking to $17 in June.

  7. $TWTR https://twitter.com/81george/status/431186763626061824 I am turning slowly bullish buy under 14.2

  8. $TWTR such a controversial stock. I remember shorting it @ 70 and folks laughing saying it will go 120 Now some say 12 I say 17 few months

  9. $TWTR definitely washed out some fed up shareholders this week

  10. $TWTR just an FYI for anyone that sold 13.80s then chased it today.... #WashRuleViolated

  11. $TWTR

  12. $TWTR Gee finally picking up. Such an undervalued company. Wall St is irrational

  13. $TWTR I really hope this was my last hedge. 1565 @ 23.80

  14. $TWTR made some investors a small fortune. put a fortune into twtr then execs destroyed 80% of shareholder value, resulting in small fortune

  15. Today s winners $LC $ULTA $VEEV $VIA $TWTR

  16. $TWTR A pulse. Look for rotators from stretched positions to push this higher. 15.50/16 short-term.

  17. NEW VIDEO: Weekend Stock Market Recap & Sector Analysis https://youtu.be/JmaOsujDWKg $SPY $IWM $AAPL $GOOGL $NFLX $BABA $TWTR & more #trading

  18. $TWTR same here sold 14.79 should of waited few hours more

  19. $TWTR on its way back up dump and take profits at $20

  20. $TWTR Technical Analysis Video 4/27/2016 #stocks #stocktrading https://www.chartguys.com/tickers/twtr

  21. No open swings. LTholds: $SPWR $SUNEQ $TOL $BZH $TWTR 68% cash. strictlytrades.com Sharing timestamped entries/exits. Record 172-47-15

  22. ALERT: New MACD signal created on $TWTR - Direction: Buy at 15.065 - Time: 23:34 - Strength: 7.

  23. $TWTR seriously

  24. $WTW $TWTR 1 more reason to hate Twitter = Oprahs Weight Watchers Pump & Dump - pumped over twitter dumped on you

  25. $TWTR Twitter selling off = boiler rooms unwinding positions - nobody spending the night with Jack.