1. How does $YHOO deal make $TWTR look? Or is there nothing to it?

  2. $TWTR Little downside/great upside. Getting act together. Streaming sports of late/etc. Verizon/Yahoo take out sets low bar.

  3. If $TWTR has all the fundamentals right how does this keep getting beat up on wall st?

  4. If I were an investor in Twitter $TWTR I d be asking management what is going on https://simplywall.st/NYSE:TWTR/?utm_medium=stocktwits&anchor=CEO-details#CEO-details

  5. $TWTR did great on live stream of sports. Now target celebs and pay em to tweet & live stream concerts. Interavtive live tv. What a hit

  6. Share an idea on $TWTR When u block the ridiculous comments, this can b a very useful site for making $$$ as there r many smart folks on ST.

  7. $TWTR All these deals with the Leagues is they re own way of telling ESPN to shove it. Very cool stuff


  9. $TWTR last q ER sent stock into nosedive. Watch out!

  10. $TWTR avoid twitter before earnings according to analysts

  11. $TWTR Ideas to protect 7,500 shares going into earnings? Likely to sell $19.50 or $20.00 July 29 calls against position tomorrow on AM pop.

  12. $TWTR with deals in every major American sport makes me bullish but no way er impresses unfortunately still needs more time

  13. $TWTR $GOOGL

  14. $TWTR: Just Avoid Twitter Before Earnings - http://investorplace.com/2016/07/twtr-stock-twitter-earnings-2/

  15. $TWTR s value will be best shown in presidential debates. Viewership will be huge, and $TWTR is perfect medium for 1st and 2nd screen.

  16. Twitter: Lowered Analysts Estimates? Find out here: https://whotrades.com/feed?pinned=3252382&showMore=1&utm_source=maxsocial&utm_content=feed $TWTR

  17. $TWTR is the worlds medium when it comes to news, opinions, and realtime info. Company worth way more than $LNKD, only a matter of time.

  18. $TWTR this should run up to the call 19+ the question is holding through the call...

  19. $TWTR free milo

  20. ​Twitter s Venture Into Digital Sports: https://buckley.whotrades.com/blog/43496053324?utm_source=maxsocial&utm_content=post $TWTR

  21. $TWTR that s the worse thing they have to write. They don t want you to make money. In a year from now they will let you know to buy TWTR.

  22. $TWTR [mark the eighth consecutive quarter of slowing growth] what the analyst are neglecting is twitter has 8 Qtrs (2yrs) of growth. -BUY

  23. $TWTR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji7ePsh7H2Q&sns=tw via @youtube

  24. $TWTR can it reach $20 or higher what are you guys thinking?

  25. $TWTR Which is sadly ironic, since TV seems to be turning more to record & replay later more. Much programming is straight-to-DVR now?