1. $AAPL $grek $twtr Greece better off out of euro ..They will vote for out of euro

  2. $TWTR periscoped a fire a couple blocks from my house and cbs news used my video. Hit home how relevant periscope could be as a news source.

  3. $TWTR

  4. $TWTR I will be buying any and all dips!!! :) Easy money!!

  5. $TWTR Upgraded to Strong Buy- http://www.stocknewswires.com/2015/06/twtr-twitter-upgraded-by-vetr-inc-to-strong-buy-twtr.html

  6. $TWTR this is where u earn ur stripes. R u gonna stand tall when the breaks are beatin the boys, or tuck ur tail between ur legs?

  7. $TWTR bears are sqeezing the last drops of honey at this level.

  8. $TWTR the day this snaps back up bears will be caught with their pants down. Not much downside. Worst case 32/30

  9. $TWTR Vetr currently has $39.94 price objective on the social networking company’s stock. http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/twitter-upgraded-by-vetr-inc-to-strong-buy-twtr/228191/

  10. $GREK $JPM $EBAY $PYPL $CVS $UPS $FB $TWTR $MYCC What the European Recovery Means to Stock Investors: http://www.pickbestgift.com/blogs/finance/35934913-what-the-european-recovery-means-to-stock-investors

  11. $TWTR dropped at closed. Will see green tomorrow http://risingreport.com/?stock=LOCM

  12. $TWTR 4.1 million users periscope

  13. $TWTR Feels like something big might happen soon just like when $TSLA dropped to 180-190 and $YELP below 40. Not a spec fan however could be

  14. $TWTR again. I bought this stock. I don t see a lot of downside. Even if market sh s the bed.

  15. $TWTR 2 years ago, when $FB was trading around 30, a lot of people had written it off. With #Periscope, Twitter could be just as big.

  16. $TWTR borrow money now to feed the house before rates go up ..... Weak hands use the window to your left

  17. $TWTR hopefulyl some kinda of news need to sell and buy other cheap stocks

  18. $TWTR Man I wish I had more capital to buy more in all of my positions...sigh

  19. $TWTR 5 months from now we will look back at this and wish we bought more... hopefully haha

  20. 9 million shares traded at 3:50pm, significant or not? $TWTR

  21. $TWTR Twitter Square Merger, Is It A Possibility? http://amigobulls.com/articles/twitter-square-merger-is-it-a-possibility

  22. @StackTroder $BAC $AAPL $SBUX $F $C $RIG $TWTR $SPY I have been following some of them for about 8 years now

  23. $NBG $SPY $TVIX $TWTR $BBRY $AAPL $F $BAC Deal Is Near, Pierre Moscovici Says http://www.nytimes.com/video/world/europe/100000003770459/deal-is-near-pierre-moscovici-says.html?smid=tw-nytvideo

  24. $TWTR not to be poetic, but always darkest before the dawn...and find another hobby if kitchen getting to hot. Hold here.

  25. $BBRY $TWTR $23B $YELP $3.3B $GPRO $7.3B $FB $250B $LNKD $27B bubbly market caps