1. $SPY - account activity and positions $GLD $SLV $TLT $TWTR etc


  3. $GPRO $TWTR $SPY Semi-Pro.....bubbles, yachts, and nonsense articles

  4. $twtr Now this is how you build a sustainable rally. Not with rocket shots.

  5. $AAPL even $TWTR is green on my watchlist... Everything but AAPL. Maybe the guy that won the lunch with Cook is a disgruntled investor lol

  6. $TWTR $FIT $GPRO Good risk/reward... total beatdown, low debt for the fadgets... why not.

  7. $TWTR isn t it about time for a buyout rumor, just saying it s long overdue. FB trading near a high.

  8. $TWTR twtr plummeted under costello...that s why they replaced him.

  9. $SQ $twtr race to single digits?

  10. $TWTR What are the chances an activist gets involved?

  11. $TWTR what a dumb statement. If 90% of users are fake, then it should go to 12 cents not $12.

  12. $TWTR wow it broke the 14.29 barrier .. Lets see if it sticks

  13. $TWTR Well it s been an interesting day. I ve learned that in spite of the past 7 years the presidency is a really serious job.

  14. $TWTR goin to $12. 90% of users are fake

  15. $TWTR 13.98 would have def been my buy price this morn. Missed it though. On watch.

  16. $TWTR Hit limit at 14.00 this morning. Averaged down from 17 to 15.62. So long it hurts.

  17. Hmmm, then how did I get the impression his presidency was a Leisure & Travel show? who knows... $FB $SPY $TWTR

  18. $AAPL $twtr is up but $aapl is down...i dont understand!!!

  19. $TWTR market cap 10B. Cash 3.5B. 22% shares not for sale. Market Cap - 22% - 3.5B = 5B. Revenue 3B. Price 1.5 x revs, 2x book value

  20. Obama Says Presidency Is Not A Reality Show: Does Trump Care? $FB $SPY $TWTR http://www.benzinga.com/media/cnbc/16/05/7945200/obama-says-presidency-is-not-a-reality-show-does-trump-care

  21. $TWTR They all wanted costolo gone but it seems like he was actually holding up the company.

  22. $TWTR that looks like an upside opportunity to me..priced @ 14$ wait till bring up avg time usage

  23. $TWTR 1 minute

  24. $TWTR i like the chart for retest of 15. The problem is the market

  25. If $AAPL plans on killing the Connect feature in Music then they should implement a direct $TWTR feed into it from each artist.