1. $TWTR $TWTR market cap is bigger than $LNKD. Our stock price will be in the 30+ soon.

  2. $LNKD $aapl $fb $data $tsla $bwld $amzn $juno $djia $cmg $v $f $crm $yhoo $gpro $twtr $goog $nflx step 10 now

  3. Twitter shares down 1.9% premarket $TWTR

  4. $TWTR hopefully is not another $LNKD

  5. $TWTR market is down but we will reset @17 before ER

  6. Investor patience is failing for growth companies that are losing money, even after billions of revenue, as evidenced by $LNKD $TWTR $TSLA.

  7. $TWTR with this market cap price should be @30+ sooner or later. Don t believe me.. Just watch

  8. $TWTR all your bounce plays value plays you expect to happen. BUT THIS AINT 2013. expect carnage and blood and nothing else.

  9. $TWTR as I mentioned $14.90

  10. $TWTR i smell a good ol fashioned pounding coming your way.

  11. $TWTR now this is the part where i get REALLY FREEKING GREEDY. if it hits the insane target of 15....i MIGHT JUST GET 14.

  12. $TWTR ER in two days...and lots of promising/ good news we will staple the price and go up from hear.. $GOOGL better than $FB !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. $TWTR over 15.62 get me long.....

  14. $TWTR Aims to Name Two New Board Members This Week. (We’ll See!) http://recode.net/2016/02/08/twitter-aims-to-name-two-new-board-members-this-week-well-see/

  15. $TWTR E-surance most mentioned brand on Twitter during SB didn t even advertise on TV. http://www.businessinsider.com/esurance-most-mentioned-brand-super-bowl-2016-2

  16. $TWTR you know its a market crash if $TWTR is green on the day

  17. Let the Downtrend Resume $SPX Also $SPY $TWTR http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/let-the-downtrend-resume?post=85078

  18. Get Smart, Millennials! $WSTE $SOCL $FIT Also $AAPL $COST $NFLX $FB $TWTR $NKE http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/get-smart-millennials?post=85116

  19. $BBRY $TWTR not so sure about that...


  21. $YELP $KO $DIS $TWTR $K $TAP $PEP $Z

  22. $TWTR Less is more. Alienating their own base users.

  23. $TWTR yea pick a day. How many 7% has there beeeeean?

  24. $GOOGL Is that the same SunTrust that upgraded $TWTR in the $30 s? Uh-oh!!

  25. $TWTR $FB