1. $PAL All you guys will lose all your stocks in less then 2 months from now take care

  2. $PAL buyout or back on Nasdaq by EOY

  3. $PAL downgrade happened so quick, I didn t have time to react ... price target was lowered, I guess it s time to sell and walk away with 1c

  4. $PAL sorry i left out a zero .007. u know double O seven

  5. $PAL Analysts became more optimistic read below >>>>

  6. $PAL WoW TAR has upgraded PALDF to .07. What will he say next week .10 ?

  7. $PAL we were just upgraded to buy and pt of .07 >>>> see below >>>>

  8. $PAL lmao i think its going anything above .07 in the next week LMAO

  9. $PAL I will take .01/ day. Where would the pps be in 60 days ??? Looking for a good answer from Stock guru ?

  10. $PAL if bankruptcy was good for the ones in power, it would have happened by now. Just my stupid opinion.

  11. $PAL ok TAR, please guide us and our money. please tell me what I should by to make a lot of money like you. Give me a ticker I will buy it

  12. $PAL you longs should know how this game goes with pal.. MM make u think u may have a chance n u fools think its .01 come on mannnn lol

  13. $PAL .01 seriously .01 and U guys call that a move LMFAO IMHO hahahha just dumb

  14. $PAL LMFAO u guys move .01 and think thats a big move! WOW newbies to trading for sure. House of pain came and they still want more LMAO

  15. $PAL bear tar is the only sceptic here ! It s ok he will be watching us going up >> turnaround story :)

  16. $PAL let s move to .08 eow

  17. $PAL who can feel the buying pressure?? I can :)

  18. $PAL TAR, instead of bashing, you could have made over 50% on PALDF

  19. $PAL why do the Bears go into hiding when PAL is pushing upward???? Is it uncertainty that causes them to do that ???

  20. $PAL TAR, why are we moving higher ???

  21. $PAL I like Russian buyout speculation! It s going to happen sooner than you think >>>

  22. $PAL Lol what a junk stock! all debt here and cant sell!! BK is on the way...

  23. $PAL Is it even possible to trade this anymore? Some brokerages don t allow it, since it s foreign (F in the PALDF ticker)

  24. $PAL Russia is to palladium what south Africa is to diamonds. They gonna corner the market.

  25. $PAL The Russians gonna buy this one out....trust me!