1. $PAL TradeAtRisk: $AVEO Booom in the money! short the hell out of this i did!!!!! Shmeegle from lord of the rings LMAO

  2. $PAL 45000oz. x 800$ x 12mnths x 10yrs= $4.32bn 4.32/.3bn = 14.40. 14.40 x .02 = .288 pennys. Am I losing it Is this mine worth 4.32 bn pd?

  3. $PAL How much is the palladium in that mine worth Tell me some entity couldn t make money off of this? The answer lies with the Gorilla. Hmm

  4. $PAL Just thinking: 295.8m shares @ .0365 = 10.8 mkt cap. Brookfield has loaned NAP at least 130mil. Needs .44 + debentures ++ for them.

  5. $PAL opposite to guy below, I m >>>

  6. $PAL just means this is going to vaporize soon! plus i made hime come back to post!

  7. $PAL full crew again. TAR !!! @Me2Greedy is back. You should be happy now :))))(

  8. $PAL 20 more days to go >>>> stay tuned

  9. $PAL Bears are showing up. Something good is coming. TAR- you are not alone !

  10. $PAL With the mill down, NAP is not making a dime. Who wants to buy a broken mine? Water could be their downfall.

  11. $PAL for the bears: Bankruptcy or privatation? Brookfield (creditor) already can control 92% shares of Co why bruptcy or lose public monies?

  12. $PAL for a fraction of the penny! LMAO GTATQ is trading at .24-.25 LMFAO U paid pumper.. Bankrupt on its way right here. Stay tuned!!!

  13. $PAL sux

  14. $PAL LMFAO BULLISH HAHAH more like Death on it s way for this one! Take a lesson

  15. $PAL IMO. Bam will match MC @ 150 mil. or .23 a share july 15, 50 mil new debt aug b4 ER says back to .15, 3rd QTR ER over $1, 4th $3

  16. $PAL near surface assay of 25 gpt pd 2 be run 3rd and 4th qtr. with (No) bam debt during that time. 2% of 1.1 billion MC. will hit $5.75

  17. $pal $baa sunnyclean has been kind enough to share his insights/research for constructive comments comments on PAL

  18. @sunnyclean $PAL Dear Sunny, those of us longs who are going down with the ship need an encouraging word. :)

  19. $PAL This is where dreams go to die! And in less then a month! You will know why--------->

  20. $PAL New SEC Filing for BAA: Form 6-K, No. 0001062993-15-003242 http://stocknewsflow.com/1286597_000106299315003242_0001062993-15-003242 Should get this for pal soon:)

  21. $PAL @dotrat see below. Someone said he made money on pop lol

  22. $PAL to all who are new to this game...please read https://stockalyzing.com/stock-trading-school/trading-lesson/2/

  23. $PAL TAR - why don t you pick up million shares to elevate daily volume ? You made so much on HuSA and Gtatq lol

  24. $PAL I m

  25. $PAL $YGE is up up up and away