1. $PAL what I am needing to understand the benefit here. Then I might can get my head around the 2% stack for the rest of us. Any help???

  2. $PAL of Recapitalization. Finally the Question: Why is it to there advantage to agree to accept, in aggregate, 6% of equity? The math is ...

  3. $PAL converted to equity shares representing 6% of outstanding shares. However one such holder of 54% of those debentures has agreed support

  4. $PAL 1) amount owed to Brookfield is converted to equity shares amounting to 92% of outstanding shares. 2) holders of convertible debentures

  5. $PAL I need someone with more understanding to help understand what happens if no superior sales transaction occurs before 6/30/15. cont.

  6. $PAL have fun when theres nothing left M2G

  7. $PAL Keyword LONG term goal. Guess I gotta stay

  8. $PAL I was short at .21 sold at .13 made a good amount. now im here to see out my long term goal! watch pal burn as I always said it would

  9. $PAL I don t get paid for anything I post whether it s a bullish or bearish post. So what s your true reason for bashing?Let me guess, SHORT

  10. $PAL @jasonlaserframe i think u need to see a shrink

  11. $PAL when I read TAR posts I hear angry orange s voice

  12. $PAL I wonder how much you get paid for every bash? Keepin it

  13. @sunnyclean $PAL Im sticking to my plan, No worries here:) Of losing money! Great plan.. just trying to help you out... ud83d udc3b

  14. $PAL lmao nice try saying anything about BAM LMFAO you are more lost then M2G! your money is as good as gone! flak

  15. $PAL no BK is surmising just like i surmised a year ago when i said this was going OTC hmm been around the block bud! tour just Pure BS!

  16. $PAL Im sticking to my plan, No worries here:)

  17. $PAL How about showing an article showing that it will indeed go BK first?

  18. @Sosojef $PAL BS = Bullish Sentiment. Stay come on show me an article that says BAM will consume the pal debt! LMAO man UR worse then M2G

  19. $PAL Thats what I thought! can t answer anything correctly! now he s saying the BS= bullish LOL what do U think I been saying! all bull r BS

  20. $PAL BS = Bullish Sentiment. Stay

  21. $PAL again pumpers keep pumping BS

  22. $PAL BAM will wait for it to go BK and buy out from the creditors for a lot less!

  23. $PAL lmao show me one actual saying or stating that BAM will consume the debt! all bs from u! BAM is not touching this

  24. $PAL BAM is taking on debt and gets paid in the form of common shares. Then a rights offering to holders to raise $ to continue operations.

  25. $PAL Now pumpers please explain any technicals that might make u think it has a chance! and also why wont it go BK