1. $PAL BiG Money Time !!!

  2. $PAL Looking for up trend into & on 1st Q ER. added & continuing accumulation. Long Growth Stratagy

  3. $PAL any buy order below yesterday s low will not Hit. Higher lows for the next couple of Days but keep your bags open maybe u get lucky

  4. $PAL Bloody can t resist, bought 19k more....

  5. $PAL Palladium is about the only thing up today. Went back up about 830

  6. $PAL buy order in @.22918379 / Sell Order in @1.4598372 Cheers!!!

  7. Wyckoff s charts always lag pivotal moments. He s good at pointing out the middle. $PAL still good so long as it doesn t attach to $PALL

  8. $PAL WS should blame the analysts 4 not including weather forecast 4 the last week in auto sales projection, previous 3 week sales only

  9. $PAL http://www.techsonian.com/stocks-landing-in-the-bullish-north-american-palladium-pal-marvell-technology-group-mrvl-host-hotels-and-resorts-hst-sunedison-sune/12424489/

  10. $PAL Buy order in at .23

  11. $PAL over reaction to auto numbers...WS lemmings

  12. $PAL What the hell?

  13. $PAL got in again at .28

  14. $PAL Pd prices up-trend line in place, bull have tech. adv., Jim Wyckoff’s Charts

  15. $PAL Spot @$828

  16. $PAL truck sales were very good, car sales not so much

  17. $PAL Car sales up depite bad weather, less than expected though

  18. $PAL .24 and there s so much more...

  19. $PAL Following the same pattern as yesterday morning. Clearing out stop quotes and getting rid of the shorts.

  20. $PAL green and ready to break 0.30

  21. $PAL runnnnnnnnn!

  22. $PAL Come to papa...

  23. $PAL $VRNG $RGSE $EXXI $BCLI $OTIV Stocks to watch for 3/3/15 not too much risk and should avg +5% today

  24. $PAL avg volume raising..stock of the year!

  25. $PAL