1. $PAL how is this not pulling back spot keeps dropping

  2. $PAL Bull riding champions grand prize .80 year end.

  3. $PAL 3, 2, 1...

  4. $PAL Poising itself to spring....

  5. $PAL Looks like no 30 s. I LL settle for green

  6. $PAL closing at .24 or >.

  7. $PAL i cant believe this has not fallen yet.. with spot @ 749

  8. $PAL everyone s silence here is awkward. Anybody want to talk market, stocks, football, the benefits of Tupperware over Saran Wrap?

  9. $PAL sure is quiet here today

  10. $PAL oops... no strength, no conviction... without some new buyers, it looks like I might be getting some cheaper shares :)

  11. $PAL buy Friday sell Monday!!

  12. @topeka $pal $svbl $gss $avl $baa Is it my imagination or has copper, bought copper at 2.42, sold 2.70, underlying indicator metals turn

  13. $PAL close above 25 would bode well for next leg

  14. $PAL palladium is getting crushed in premarket

  15. $PAL .2459

  16. Palladium down 1.3% this morning, so how far will $PAL slide? Interesting day for this to happen...

  17. $PAL I m still here. No need to defend our position anymore. The pps will speak for its self. Uptrend has started. Let 100dma B ur Guide.

  18. $PAL @Me2Greedy where are you buddy ? Let s make some $

  19. $PAL Ichimoku strikes again. How strong this bull is, we shall see...

  20. $pal $svbl $gss $avl $baa Is it my imagination or has copper been slowly/steadily rising...under the radar? (Dr. Copper?)

  21. $PAL Within 0.22 and 0.26 like always

  22. $PAL I ll be back in a few weeks

  23. $PAL I have never seen this look so good. Tomorrow MACD will break positive. RSI over 50. MoneyFlow strong!

  24. $PAL someone has been loadingloading @23 the past three AH s, fyi

  25. $PAL NAP to attend investor conferences. yahoo.com news stream.