1. Brief Overview Of Bank of Nova Scotia s Up Coming Financial Highlights $BNS.CA

  2. Canadian banks showing a bullish setup with positive seasonal tendencies ahead http://www.equityclock.com/2015/02/26/stock-market-outlook-for-february-27-2015/ $TD.CA $BNS.CA $CM.CA $RY.CA

  3. $BEI.UN.CA Problem with this REIT: yield is too low + looking at cash flow it s not exactly cheap. Rather get income with $BNS.CA $BNS.

  4. Earnings announcement: $BNS.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Mar 3 2015

  5. The Bank of Nova Scotia had the most TSX insider marker net buys last week at $85M: https://canadianinsider.com/node/7?ticker=BNS&tab=marker $BNS.CA $BNS #buybacks

  6. @buyhi35 if thats the case i think you will be okay buying today lol that dividend is sweet. $BNS.CA

  7. @buyhi35 risk/reward is low, im long $BNS.CA 370 shares @ 61.92 my stoploss is at $60.74

  8. @TanMan295 @hakihika kinda late to the game imo i think the path of least resistance is up until after thr EU quant talks $BNS.CA

  9. $BMO.CA $RY.CA $CM.CA $NA.CA $TD.CA $BNS.CA $HCG.CA $EQB.CA $SLF.CA $MFC.CA $EH.CA take your pick and you can do it with your eyes closed.

  10. Bank of Nova Scotia $BNS.CA $BNS Bank Dividend Growth Stock. http://www.spbrunner.blogspot.in/2015/01/bank-of-nova-scotia.html

  11. $RY stress testing its $9.6B energy-related loan portfolio at $40, $45, $50 #oil - $FIE.CA $TD $TD.CA $BNS $BNS.CA $BMO $BMO.CA

  12. Top Quotes viewed on TMXmoney: $TSX.CA $BBD.B.CA $TD.CA $RY.CA $CPG.CA $BNS.CA $BCE.CA $SU.CA $BB.CA $BMO.CA

  13. Top Quotes viewed on TMXmoney: $TSX.CA $TD $BBD.B.CA $RY.CA $BNS.CA $BCE.CA $CPG.CA $SU.CA $BB.CA $LRE.CA

  14. Financials: $TD.CA +1.12% | $RY.CA +0.93% | $BNS.CA +1.40% | $CM.CA +0.47% | $BMO.CA +0.83% | $NA.CA +0.91%

  15. Top quotes viewed on TMXmoney: $TSX.CA $TD.CA $RY.CA $CPG.CA $BNS.CA $SU.CA $BCE.CA $BB.CA $MFC.CA $AVL.CA

  16. Canadian banks may take 7% earnings hit from oil exposure http://stockandfinancewatch.com/2014/12/canadian-banks-may-take-7-earnings-hit-from-oil-exposure/ $RY $CM $BNS $TD $BMO $RY.CA $CM.CA $BNS.CA $TD.CA $BMO.CA

  17. Financials: $TD.CA +0.64% | $RY.CA +0.47% | $BMO.CA +1.56% | $BNS.CA +0.08% | $CM.CA +0.19%

  18. $BNS.CA ST Bearish Xover. Stock Trends Report on Bank of Nova Scotia  http://www.stocktrends.com/streport.php?symbol=BNS-T

  19. Canadian bank stocks hit too hard: Rosenberg http://stockandfinancewatch.com/2014/12/canadian-bank-stocks-hit-too-hard-rosenberg/ $RY $CM $BNS $TD $BMO $RY.CA $CM.CA $BNS.CA $TD.CA $BMO.CA

  20. Financials: $TD.CA -1.14% | $BMO.CA -2.11% | $RY.CA -2.64% | $BNS.CA -2.57% | $CM.CA -2.07%

  21. Financials: $TD.CA -3.63% | $RY.CA -2.61% | $BNS.CA -3.90% | $CM.CA -1.32% | $NA.CA -2.01% | $BMO.CA -2.11%

  22. In contrast, Canadian banks are leading the TSX on the downside. Breakdowns this morning include $BNS.CA and $NA.CA

  23. $BNS.CA 66 level great accumulation zone

  24. Bank of Nova Scotia Dividend Stock Analysis $BNS $BNS.CA http://seekingalpha.com/article/2601665-bank-of-nova-scotia-dividend-stock-analysis

  25. $BNS.CA Q4 Earnings: Net income down 14% | Total revenue $5.747 billion | Adjusted earnings per share $1.11 | Read: http://apps2.tmxmoney.com/news/cpnews/article?locale=EN&newsid=05TB02