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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
AHP.VAllied Hotel Properties Inc0.08 Apr 23, 2:30PM EDTDown 0.12 (60.00%)600Chart, Profile, More
PCI.VPerlite Canada Inc.0.14 Apr 23, 1:43PM EDTDown 0.05 (26.32%)12,500Chart, Profile, More
DIG-H.VDIGGER RESOURCES INC.0.15 Apr 23, 2:42PM EDTDown 0.05 (25.00%)10,193Chart, Profile, More
ELS.VEL TIGRE SILVER CORP0.19 Apr 23, 3:10PM EDTDown 0.06 (24.00%)15,000Chart, Profile, More
BSH.VBAYSHORE PETROLEUM CORP.0.18 Apr 23, 11:22AM EDTDown 0.06 (23.91%)1,675Chart, Profile, More
CBA.VChampion Bear Res Ltd0.15 Apr 23, 2:57PM EDTDown 0.04 (21.05%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
CVX.VCEMATRIX CORPORATION0.12 Apr 23, 3:32PM EDTDown 0.03 (20.00%)20,000Chart, Profile, More
HK.VHUAKAN INTERNATIONAL MINING INC0.38 Apr 23, 3:06PM EDTDown 0.10 (20.00%)11,400Chart, More
VBI.VVIVIONE BIOSCIENCES INC0.21 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.05 (19.23%)21,300Chart, More
SGA.VSAMCO GOLD LIMITED0.17 Apr 23, 9:30AM EDTDown 0.04 (19.05%)20,000Chart, More
OEE.VASTRIX NETWORKS INC0.15 Apr 23, 2:48PM EDTDown 0.04 (18.92%)33,000Chart, More
AQE.VAqua-Pure Ventures Inc.0.14 Apr 23, 1:17PM EDTDown 0.03 (17.65%)13,000Chart, Profile, More
BLM.VBLUMETRIC ENVIRONMENTAL INC0.25 Apr 23, 12:55PM EDTDown 0.05 (16.67%)17,530Chart, More
NIK.VNIKOS EXPLORATIONS LTD.0.10 Apr 23, 10:59AM EDTDown 0.02 (16.67%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
WBE.VWestBond Enterprises Corporatio0.10 Apr 23, 12:04PM EDTDown 0.02 (16.67%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
FGH.VFIRST GROWTH HOLDINGS LTD0.17 Apr 23, 11:13AM EDTDown 0.03 (15.00%)60,000Chart, More
ALY.VANALYTIXINSIGHT INC0.38 Apr 23, 3:58PM EDTDown 0.07 (14.61%)25,370Chart, More
GNC.VGAINEY CAPITAL CORP0.24 Apr 23, 3:04PM EDTDown 0.04 (14.29%)5,000Chart, More
WIF.VWINDFIRE CAPITAL CORP0.12 Apr 23, 2:42PM EDTDown 0.02 (14.29%)121,000Chart, More
SMS.VSUSTAINCO INC0.18 Apr 23, 9:30AM EDTDown 0.03 (14.29%)1,200Chart, More
Q-A.VQUESTFIRE ENERGY CORP CL A2.15 Apr 23, 11:44AM EDTDown 0.35 (14.00%)12,500Chart, More
NOR.VNORTH GROUP FINANCE LIMITED0.13 Apr 23, 2:49PM EDTDown 0.02 (13.79%)500Chart, Profile, More
CNX.VCALLINEX MINES INC0.45 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.07 (13.46%)68,075Chart, More
PFC.VPETROFRONTIER CORP.0.27 Apr 23, 3:10PM EDTDown 0.04 (12.90%)19,900Chart, More
VID.VSOMEDIA NETWORKS INC0.28 Apr 23, 3:56PM EDTDown 0.04 (12.70%)66,500Chart, More
OTS.VCANADIAN OILFIELD SOLUTIONS COR0.32 Apr 23, 3:35PM EDTDown 0.05 (12.33%)314,550Chart, More
RNK.VRAINMAKER ENTERTAINMENT INC0.25 Apr 23, 2:11PM EDTDown 0.04 (12.28%)1,350Chart, More
SWN.VSELWYN RESOURCES LTD.1.85 Apr 23, 1:52PM EDTDown 0.25 (11.90%)1,570Chart, Profile, More
ISD.VISIGN MEDIA SOLUTIONS INC0.23 Apr 23, 3:52PM EDTDown 0.03 (11.76%)322,426Chart, Profile, More
NOV.VNOVX21 INC0.12 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.02 (11.11%)184,620Chart, More
PTK.VPOET TECHNOLOGIES INC2.18 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.26 (10.66%)4,644,292Chart, More
CAD.VCOLONIAL COAL INTERNATIONAL COR0.21 Apr 23, 3:57PM EDTDown 0.03 (10.64%)32,000Chart, More
SRW.VSolid Resources Ltd0.17 Apr 23, 3:53PM EDTDown 0.02 (10.53%)360,280Chart, Profile, More
CFO.VCLIFTON STAR RESOURCES INC0.26 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.03 (10.34%)35,300Chart, Profile, More
IGD.VINTIGOLD MINES LTD0.13 Apr 23, 3:46PM EDTDown 0.02 (10.34%)43,000Chart, More
TIC.VTitanium Corporation Inc.1.65 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.19 (10.33%)928,781Chart, Profile, More
CDB.VCORDOBA MINERALS CORP0.36 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.04 (10.00%)669,000Chart, Profile, More
PTV.VPETRO VISTA ENERGY CORP.0.18 Apr 23, 3:05PM EDTDown 0.02 (10.00%)2,500Chart, Profile, More
AHI.VAGILITY HEALTH INC0.81 Apr 23, 1:21PM EDTDown 0.09 (10.00%)1,175Chart, More
PLR.VPLATE RESOURCES INC0.19 Apr 23, 1:28PM EDTDown 0.02 (9.52%)12,500Chart, More
AMS.VALCHEMIST MINING INC0.10 Apr 23, 3:17PM EDTDown 0.01 (9.09%)14,500Chart, More
ESK.VESKAY MINING CORP.0.10 Apr 23, 3:41PM EDTDown 0.01 (9.09%)55,000Chart, Profile, More
GGY.VGOLDEYE EXPLORATIONS LTD0.10 Apr 23, 2:30PM EDTDown 0.01 (9.09%)19,400Chart, Profile, More
Q-B.VQUESTFIRE ENERGY CORP CL B4.56 Apr 23, 12:13PM EDTDown 0.44 (8.80%)3,450Chart, More
IGE.VINNOVENTE INC0.37 Apr 23, 1:17PM EDTDown 0.04 (8.75%)10,000Chart, More
BAT.VBATERO GOLD CORP.0.11 Apr 23, 2:02PM EDTDown 0.01 (8.70%)4,300Chart, Profile, More
FUU.VFISSION 3.0 CORP0.11 Apr 23, 3:58PM EDTDown 0.01 (8.70%)452,146Chart, More
FOM.VFORAN MINING CORPORATION0.22 Apr 23, 12:43PM EDTDown 0.02 (8.51%)1,190Chart, Profile, More
NZ.VNEW ZEALAND ENERGY CORP0.17 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.02 (8.33%)290,198Chart, More
ALH.VALHAMBRA RESOURCES LTD0.11 Apr 23, 12:37PM EDTDown 0.01 (8.33%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
CBJ.VCB GOLD INC0.11 Apr 23, 3:17PM EDTDown 0.01 (8.33%)100,400Chart, More
CBX.VCORTEX BUSINESS SOLUTIONS INC.0.11 Apr 23, 2:37PM EDTDown 0.01 (8.33%)139,000Chart, Profile, More
GTA.VGTA RESOURCES AND MINING INC.0.11 Apr 23, 3:09PM EDTDown 0.01 (8.33%)10,500Chart, Profile, More
MHI.VMINERAL HILL INDUSTRIES INC0.11 Apr 23, 9:30AM EDTDown 0.01 (8.33%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
WLF.VWOLFDEN RESOURCES CORPORATION0.17 Apr 23, 2:15PM EDTDown 0.02 (8.11%)30,000Chart, More
XEL.VXCITE ENERGY LIMITED1.19 Apr 23, 3:19PM EDTDown 0.10 (7.75%)600Chart, Profile, More
BRA.VBRADES RESOURCE CORP0.12 Apr 23, 3:33PM EDTDown 0.01 (7.69%)59,000Chart, More
CUA.VCUORO RESOURCES CORP0.12 Apr 23, 12:14PM EDTDown 0.01 (7.69%)7,500Chart, More
GRR.VGOLDEN REIGN RESOURCES LTD.0.18 Apr 23, 1:18PM EDTDown 0.02 (7.69%)84,111Chart, Profile, More
BTI.VBIOASIS TECHNOLOGIES INC.0.99 Apr 23, 3:58PM EDTDown 0.08 (7.48%)55,425Chart, Profile, More
GSA.VGROUNDSTAR RESOURCES LTD0.13 Apr 23, 3:11PM EDTDown 0.01 (7.14%)2,933Chart, Profile, More
DMA.VDIAMEDICA INC.0.79 Apr 23, 2:42PM EDTDown 0.06 (7.06%)28,071Chart, Profile, More
FFF.VNORTHERN FRONTIER CORP3.58 Apr 23, 3:38PM EDTDown 0.27 (7.01%)16,600Chart, More
CGP.VCORNERSTONE CAPITAL RESOURCES I0.14 Apr 23, 3:24PM EDTDown 0.01 (6.67%)247,000Chart, Profile, More
NUG.VNULEGACY GOLD COPORATION0.14 Apr 23, 3:28PM EDTDown 0.01 (6.67%)30,000Chart, More
IWG.VIWG TECHNOLOGIES INC0.21 Apr 23, 3:11PM EDTDown 0.02 (6.67%)38,000Chart, Profile, More
MUN.VMUNDORO CAPITAL INC0.22 Apr 23, 11:46AM EDTDown 0.02 (6.52%)4,550Chart, More
TSD.VTSODILO RESOURCES LTD1.30 Apr 23, 3:43PM EDTDown 0.09 (6.47%)1,700Chart, Profile, More
CTH.VCYNAPSUS THERAPEUTICS INC0.58 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.04 (6.45%)168,294Chart, Profile, More
CWS-H.VCONS WESTVIEW RES CORP0.14 Apr 23, 11:57AM EDTDown 0.01 (6.45%)48,000Chart, Profile, More
PE.VPURE ENERGY MINERALS LIMITED0.15 Apr 23, 2:03PM EDTDown 0.01 (6.25%)28,500Chart, More
DSR.VDESERT STAR RESOURCES LTD0.16 Apr 23, 3:27PM EDTDown 0.01 (5.88%)3,500Chart, More
EPK.VEPM MINING VENTURES INC0.32 Apr 23, 3:57PM EDTDown 0.02 (5.88%)252,700Chart, More
XTM.VTRANSITION METALS CORP0.40 Apr 23, 2:51PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.88%)2,074Chart, More
PGX.VPROSPER GOLD CORP0.50 Apr 23, 1:13PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.66%)14,500Chart, More
SNM.VSHAMARAN PETROLEUM CORP.0.42 Apr 23, 3:19PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.62%)156,873Chart, Profile, More
ZMS.VZECOTEK PHOTONICS INC.0.68 Apr 23, 3:17PM EDTDown 0.04 (5.56%)208,443Chart, Profile, More
NXE.VNEXGEN ENERGY LTD0.35 Apr 23, 3:57PM EDTDown 0.02 (5.41%)564,009Chart, More
ON.VONEROOF ENERGY GROUP INC1.75 Apr 23, 3:34PM EDTDown 0.10 (5.41%)6,750Chart, More
GKX.VGemini Corporation0.88 Apr 23, 2:48PM EDTDown 0.05 (5.38%)20,800Chart, Profile, More
FMS.VFOCUS GRAPHITE INC0.53 Apr 23, 3:55PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.36%)94,171Chart, Profile, More
NTS.VNANOTECH SECURITY CORP1.59 Apr 23, 3:32PM EDTDown 0.09 (5.36%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
RDX.VRDX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION0.45 Apr 23, 3:51PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.32%)274,663Chart, More
CST.VCO2 SOLUTIONS INC.0.18 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.01 (5.26%)174,750Chart, Profile, More
IZN.VINZINC MINING LTD0.18 Apr 23, 1:24PM EDTDown 0.01 (5.26%)10,550Chart, More
NXX.VNordex Explosives Ltd0.46 Apr 23, 12:11PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.21%)11,150Chart, Profile, More
SKO.VSTREAM OIL AND GAS LTD.0.55 Apr 23, 3:58PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.17%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
SYD.VSYNODON INC.0.28 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.02 (5.17%)201,750Chart, Profile, More
AEX.VALPHA EXPLORATION INC0.56 Apr 23, 3:45PM EDTDown 0.03 (5.08%)134,844Chart, Profile, More
ZNN.VZENN MOTOR COMPANY INC.0.28 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.02 (5.00%)65,321Chart, Profile, More
FMR.VFAIRMONT RESOURCES INC0.19 Apr 23, 12:56PM EDTDown 0.01 (5.00%)9,500Chart, Profile, More
GPH.VGRAPHITE ONE RESOURCES INC0.19 Apr 23, 3:36PM EDTDown 0.01 (5.00%)281,423Chart, More
LOY.VLOYALIST GROUP LIMITED0.58 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.03 (4.92%)349,353Chart, More
HRN.VHORN PETROLEUM CORPORATION0.30 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.02 (4.84%)69,583Chart, More
YGR.VYANGARRA RESOURCES LTD1.18 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.06 (4.84%)3,156,338Chart, Profile, More
OIL.VLGX OIL AND GAS INC0.50 Apr 23, 2:57PM EDTDown 0.03 (4.81%)39,050Chart, More
DBV.VDOUBLEVIEW CAPITAL CORP0.20 Apr 23, 3:59PM EDTDown 0.01 (4.76%)418,800Chart, More
LAN.VDECLAN RESOURCES INC0.10 Apr 23, 3:45PM EDTDown 0.01 (4.76%)96,333Chart, More
RPM.VRYE PATCH GOLD CORP0.20 Apr 23, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.01 (4.76%)136,500Chart, Profile, More
SFD.VNXT ENERGY SOLUTIONS INC.1.21 Apr 23, 3:57PM EDTDown 0.06 (4.72%)33,900Chart, Profile, More