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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
TCPITCP International Holdings Ltd.2.74 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 3.67 (57.25%)2,855,492Chart, Profile, More
DRLDoral Financial Corporation NEW0.72 Feb 27, 4:07PM ESTDown 0.62 (46.27%)1,288,962Chart, Profile, More
CVSLCVSL INC13.50 Dec 4, 2:51PM ESTDown 0.50 (3.57%)0Chart, Profile, More
CASCastle (A.M.) & Co. Common Stoc3.22 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 1.81 (35.98%)2,566,346Chart, Profile, More
WTWWeight Watchers International I11.33 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 6.23 (35.48%)18,019,677Chart, Profile, More
RESNResonant Inc.10.40 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 5.07 (32.77%)1,429,349Chart, Profile, More
ENOCEnerNOC, Inc.13.49 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 4.87 (26.53%)2,580,078Chart, Profile, More
TUBETubeMogul, Inc.13.82 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 4.12 (22.97%)2,934,969Chart, Profile, More
EGLENGILITY HOLDINGS, INC36.10 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 10.35 (22.28%)264,803Chart, Profile, More
TBIOTransgenomic, Inc.1.74 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTDown 0.47 (21.27%)1,357,266Chart, Profile, More
OCNOcwen Financial Corporation NEW8.14 Feb 27, 4:08PM ESTDown 1.64 (16.77%)11,637,301Chart, Profile, More
SPROSmartPros Ltd.1.30 Feb 27, 3:54PM ESTDown 0.22 (14.59%)2,443Chart, Profile, More
PEGAPegasystems Inc.19.79 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 3.36 (14.51%)1,526,194Chart, Profile, More
PFMTPerformant Financial Corporatio5.25 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.85 (13.93%)1,111,278Chart, Profile, More
STAASTAAR Surgical Company6.86 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.07 (13.49%)626,425Chart, Profile, More
GALTWGalectin Therapeutics Inc.1.25 Feb 27, 3:16PM ESTDown 0.19 (13.19%)2,300Chart, More
KOPKoppers Holdings Inc. Koppers H16.12 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 2.36 (12.77%)758,901Chart, Profile, More
VTAEVitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc.11.62 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.66 (12.50%)597,292Chart, Profile, More
WACWalter Investment Management Co16.67 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 2.29 (12.08%)1,051,759Chart, Profile, More
SRStandard Register Company (The)1.04 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.13 (11.11%)119,980Chart, Profile, More
CPHRCipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.11.51 Feb 27, 3:57PM ESTDown 1.43 (11.05%)20,872Chart, Profile, More
HLFHerbalife Ltd. Common Stock31.01 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 3.81 (10.94%)10,651,490Chart, Profile, More
MOSYMoSys, Inc.1.80 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.22 (10.89%)1,848,117Chart, Profile, More
GENEGenetic Technologies Ltd5.83 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.71 (10.86%)2,795,713Chart, Profile, More
CERSCerus Corporation4.78 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.57 (10.75%)5,808,835Chart, Profile, More
RMTIRockwell Medical, Inc.10.00 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.13 (10.15%)2,069,294Chart, Profile, More
TPCTutor Perini Corporation Common23.27 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 2.61 (10.09%)1,496,710Chart, Profile, More
VPCOVapor Corp.1.16 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTDown 0.13 (10.08%)175,403Chart, Profile, More
AXNAoxing Pharmaceutical Company, 1.10 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.12 (10.00%)472,518Chart, Profile, More
CAPNCapnia, Inc.6.30 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.68 (9.74%)528,294Chart, Profile, More
BIOCBiocept, Inc.3.16 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.34 (9.71%)11,436,466Chart, Profile, More
FROFrontline Ltd. Ordinary Shares2.51 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 0.27 (9.71%)3,266,321Chart, Profile, More
MOMOMomo Inc.11.31 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.21 (9.66%)349,716Chart, Profile, More
EMANeMagin Corporation Common Stock3.30 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 0.35 (9.59%)235,182Chart, Profile, More
MTBCMedical Transcription Billing, 2.64 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.28 (9.59%)42,888Chart, Profile, More
EGTEntertainment Gaming Asia Incor1.80 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTDown 0.19 (9.55%)33,343Chart, Profile, More
SYRXSysorex Global Holding Corp.1.36 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTDown 0.14 (9.34%)83,002Chart, Profile, More
ASPSAltisource Portfolio Solutions 20.14 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 2.06 (9.28%)710,900Chart, Profile, More
IMIngram Micro Inc. Common Stock24.71 Feb 27, 4:08PM ESTDown 2.52 (9.25%)4,699,603Chart, Profile, More
NBGNatl Bk Greece American Deposit1.57 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 0.16 (9.25%)15,426,335Chart, Profile, More
WIFIBoingo Wireless, Inc.7.28 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.73 (9.11%)940,750Chart, Profile, More
HEESH&E Equipment Services, Inc.24.48 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 2.42 (9.00%)1,534,315Chart, Profile, More
KBRKBR, Inc. Common Stock16.29 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 1.60 (8.94%)6,187,453Chart, Profile, More Limited American Deposi9.23 Feb 27, 4:05PM ESTDown 0.87 (8.61%)3,438,993Chart, Profile, More
SENEBSeneca Foods Corp.32.00 Feb 27, 9:40AM ESTDown 3.00 (8.57%)137Chart, Profile, More
PBPBPotbelly Corporation13.44 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.25 (8.51%)1,754,943Chart, Profile, More
CTCMCTC Media, Inc.4.21 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.39 (8.48%)1,633,853Chart, Profile, More
ABACAoxin Tianli Group, Inc.1.49 Feb 27, 3:25PM ESTDown 0.14 (8.34%)2,950Chart, Profile, More
CNDOCoronado Biosciences, Inc.2.57 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.23 (8.21%)179,430Chart, Profile, More
ICLDWInterCloud Systems, Inc1.53 Feb 27, 3:16PM ESTDown 0.14 (8.13%)1,800Chart, More
DWSNDawson Geophysical Company5.24 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.46 (8.07%)300,775Chart, Profile, More
CNCEConcert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.14.39 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.26 (8.05%)257,212Chart, Profile, More
ATNMActinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 3.12 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 0.27 (7.96%)868,536Chart, Profile, More
NMBLNimble Storage, Inc. Common Sto25.26 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 2.16 (7.88%)4,696,027Chart, Profile, More
BCEIBonanza Creek Energy, Inc. Comm26.95 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.29 (7.83%)3,001,665Chart, Profile, More
KWRQuaker Chemical Corporation Com81.18 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 6.78 (7.71%)146,022Chart, Profile, More
MEILMethes Energies International L1.28 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.11 (7.69%)176,852Chart, Profile, More
MDVX4.50 Feb 27, 3:26PM ESTDown 0.37 (7.60%)13,520Chart, Profile, More
ADXSAdvaxis, Inc.9.00 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.73 (7.50%)759,120Chart, Profile, More
BPTHBio-Path Holdings, Inc.1.85 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.15 (7.50%)170,648Chart, Profile, More
WMARWest Marine, Inc.11.25 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.90 (7.41%)72,238Chart, Profile, More
PDIIPDI, Inc.1.79 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTDown 0.14 (7.25%)50,866Chart, Profile, More
MHHMastech Holdings, Inc Common St9.50 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 0.74 (7.23%)130,697Chart, Profile, More
SGNLSignal Genetics, Inc.2.70 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.21 (7.22%)661,407Chart, Profile, More
TCON13.43 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.04 (7.19%)153,978Chart, Profile, More
CBAYCymaBay Therapeutics Inc.8.45 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.65 (7.14%)170,513Chart, More
CWEIClayton Williams Energy, Inc. C49.06 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 3.73 (7.07%)410,232Chart, Profile, More
IMPRImprivata, Inc. Common Stock13.69 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.02 (6.93%)173,734Chart, Profile, More
HMSYHMS Holdings Corp17.54 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.30 (6.90%)2,825,438Chart, Profile, More
IMRSImris Inc1.08 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTDown 0.08 (6.90%)289,084Chart, Profile, More
HFHFF, Inc. Common Stock, Class A35.58 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.63 (6.88%)382,143Chart, Profile, More
JCPJ.C. Penney Company, Inc. Holdi8.50 Feb 27, 4:05PM ESTDown 0.62 (6.80%)65,873,365Chart, Profile, More
ATRAAtara Biotherapeutics, Inc.19.56 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.40 (6.68%)329,242Chart, Profile, More
PACBPacific Biosciences of Californ6.30 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.45 (6.67%)1,574,311Chart, Profile, More
PRAAPRA Group, Inc.50.09 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 3.57 (6.65%)1,290,709Chart, Profile, More
OMEDOncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.24.98 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.78 (6.65%)156,822Chart, Profile, More
CGIXCancer Genetics, Inc.8.76 Feb 27, 3:59PM ESTDown 0.62 (6.61%)65,968Chart, Profile, More
MEGMedia General, Inc. Common Stoc14.91 Feb 27, 4:07PM ESTDown 1.05 (6.58%)1,380,614Chart, Profile, More
LIQTLiqTech International, Inc. Com1.00 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.07 (6.54%)21,948Chart, Profile, More
DERMDermira, Inc.16.73 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.17 (6.54%)35,056Chart, Profile, More
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.13.51 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.94 (6.51%)54,856Chart, Profile, More
TTPHTetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc39.46 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 2.74 (6.49%)614,352Chart, Profile, More
INVEIdentiv, Inc.9.67 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.67 (6.48%)156,825Chart, Profile, More
AGTCApplied Genetic Technologies Co20.29 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.40 (6.45%)53,186Chart, Profile, More
OLEDUniversal Display Corporation34.39 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 2.37 (6.45%)1,535,832Chart, Profile, More
BVXBovie Medical Corporation Commo3.38 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.23 (6.37%)38,202Chart, Profile, More
SDSandridge Energy Inc. Common St1.77 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.12 (6.35%)29,487,607Chart, Profile, More
BLFSBioLife Solutions, Inc.1.93 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.13 (6.31%)44,238Chart, Profile, More
ECPGEncore Capital Group Inc39.97 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 2.68 (6.28%)1,097,829Chart, Profile, More
STMLStemline Therapeutics, Inc.15.19 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.01 (6.23%)101,255Chart, Profile, More
NTLSNTELOS Holdings Corp.4.52 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.30 (6.22%)464,338Chart, Profile, More
VRTBVestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc.3.93 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.26 (6.21%)29,680Chart, Profile, More
GOMOSungy Mobile Limited4.69 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.31 (6.20%)31,683Chart, Profile, More
JTPYJetPay Corporation2.50 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.16 (6.16%)11,200Chart, Profile, More
SCOKSinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemic2.60 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.17 (6.14%)283,553Chart, Profile, More
VIIVicon Industries, Inc, Common S1.38 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.09 (6.12%)55,099Chart, Profile, More
ADXSWAdvaxis, Inc.6.00 Feb 27, 12:55PM ESTDown 0.39 (6.12%)9,708Chart, More
ERIEErie Indemnity Company86.91 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 5.66 (6.11%)118,419Chart, Profile, More
CBRXColumbia Laboratories, Inc.6.94 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.45 (6.09%)96,181Chart, Profile, More
ENVEnvestnet, Inc Common Stock53.88 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 3.49 (6.08%)1,078,985Chart, Profile, More