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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
EXASExact Sciences Corporation11.29 9:58AM EDTDown 7.24 (39.08%)6,744,237Chart, Profile, More
RDWRRadware Ltd.13.17 9:58AM EDTDown 4.16 (23.99%)2,140,592Chart, Profile, More
EDAPEDAP TMS S.A.4.16 9:57AM EDTDown 0.40 (8.77%)367,241Chart, Profile, More
JASNJason Industries, Inc.3.74 9:44AM EDTDown 0.54 (12.61%)1,810Chart, Profile, More
ILMNIllumina, Inc.138.17 9:58AM EDTDown 25.00 (15.32%)4,672,092Chart, Profile, More
OIIMO2Micro International Limited1.96 9:50AM EDTDown 0.30 (13.34%)24,746Chart, Profile, More
LRADLRAD Corporation1.58 9:35AM EDTDown 0.23 (12.70%)2,701Chart, Profile, More
CTRVCONTRAVIR PHARMACEUT4.10 9:58AM EDTDown 0.62 (13.14%)1,832,864Chart, Profile, More
TCSContainer Store (The) Common St13.65 9:58AM EDTDown 1.92 (12.33%)442,917Chart, Profile, More
IDSAIndustrial Services of America,2.19 9:52AM EDTDown 1.06 (32.62%)29,830Chart, Profile, More
FPPFieldPoint Petroleum Corporatio1.06 9:38AM EDTDown 0.14 (11.67%)100Chart, Profile, More
ATROAstronics Corporation35.47 9:58AM EDTDown 4.33 (10.88%)66,259Chart, Profile, More
GRH-PCGreenHunter Resources, Inc. 10%5.05 9:52AM EDTDown 0.55 (9.82%)6,440Chart, More
CLCD4.75 9:47AM EDTDown 0.24 (4.81%)4,101Chart, Profile, More
GBGreatbatch, Inc. Common Stock53.51 9:58AM EDTDown 4.84 (8.30%)167,546Chart, Profile, More
DUSTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Inde15.99 9:58AM EDTDown 1.43 (8.21%)1,711,200Chart, Profile, More
PERFPerfumania Holdings, Inc4.28 9:57AM EDTDown 0.38 (8.15%)429Chart, Profile, More
JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Mine28.68 9:58AM EDTDown 2.50 (8.00%)191,132Chart, Profile, More
BTX-WT1.15 Oct 5, 3:55PM EDT 0.00 (0.00%)4Chart, More
MYOSMYOS Corporation3.54 9:30AM EDTUp 0.04 (1.14%)450Chart, Profile, More
DRIPDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Ex57.51 9:57AM EDTDown 4.39 (7.09%)7,124Chart, Profile, More
TBRATobira Therapeutics, Inc.8.83 9:48AM EDTDown 0.67 (7.05%)432Chart, Profile, More
TGTXTG Therapeutics, Inc.12.15 9:58AM EDTDown 0.66 (5.15%)253,777Chart, Profile, More
TLOGTetraLogic Pharmaceuticals Corp1.77 9:46AM EDTDown 0.13 (6.71%)221Chart, Profile, More
DSLVVS 3X INV SILVER49.96 9:57AM EDTDown 3.55 (6.63%)9,650Chart, Profile, More
CPHRCipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.4.25 9:43AM EDTDown 0.30 (6.59%)228Chart, Profile, More
GDXSProShares UltraShort Gold Miner25.16 9:35AM EDTDown 1.59 (5.94%)857Chart, Profile, More
ASTCAstrotech Corporation1.98 9:50AM EDTDown 0.17 (7.91%)11,909Chart, Profile, More
SDPISuperior Drilling Products, Inc1.49 Oct 5, 4:00PM EDT 0.00 (0.00%)53Chart, Profile, More
MOMQuantShares U.S. Market Neutral26.71 9:54AM EDTDown 1.71 (6.02%)1,762Chart, Profile, More
STRMStreamline Health Solutions, In2.10 9:58AM EDTDown 0.13 (5.92%)7,550Chart, Profile, More
XNPTXenoPort, Inc.4.26 9:58AM EDTDown 0.25 (5.54%)135,762Chart, Profile, More
ZSANZosano Pharma Corporation3.27 9:58AM EDTDown 0.20 (5.76%)3,405Chart, Profile, More
TDOCTeladoc, Inc. Common Stock16.49 9:58AM EDTDown 1.00 (5.72%)117,273Chart, Profile, More
MSONMISONIX, Inc.10.57 Oct 5, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.28 (2.58%)6,244Chart, Profile, More
CATB7.26 9:54AM EDTUp 0.16 (2.25%)7,805Chart, Profile, More
HAEHaemonetics Corporation Common 31.50 9:58AM EDTDown 1.88 (5.63%)527,339Chart, Profile, More
DWTIVelocityShares 3X Inverse Crude93.90 9:58AM EDTDown 5.57 (5.60%)425,792Chart, Profile, More
TKAITokai Pharmaceuticals, Inc.10.85 9:49AM EDTDown 0.50 (4.37%)4,032Chart, Profile, More
PCRXPacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.40.46 9:58AM EDTDown 2.29 (5.36%)134,834Chart, Profile, More
CUOContinental Materials Corporati14.25 9:57AM EDTDown 0.82 (5.46%)600Chart, Profile, More
MLSSMilestone Scientific, Inc. Comm3.02 9:32AM EDTDown 0.17 (5.33%)590Chart, Profile, More
ADMAADMA Biologics Inc8.54 9:40AM EDTDown 0.46 (5.10%)708Chart, Profile, More
ZNHChina Southern Airlines Company37.11 9:56AM EDTDown 1.98 (5.07%)7,152Chart, Profile, More
VIRCVirco Manufacturing Corporation3.01 9:56AM EDTDown 0.16 (5.04%)2,630Chart, Profile, More
AGTCApplied Genetic Technologies Co13.22 9:57AM EDTDown 0.42 (3.08%)17,014Chart, Profile, More
COOLMajesco Entertainment Company1.37 9:39AM EDTDown 0.07 (4.93%)2,363Chart, Profile, More
CACQCaesars Acquisition Company7.19 9:56AM EDTDown 0.37 (4.89%)1,086Chart, Profile, More
UBIO9.25 9:57AM EDTDown 0.47 (4.83%)112,777Chart, Profile, More
MGLNMagellan Health, Inc.54.57 9:58AM EDTDown 2.86 (4.98%)37,350Chart, Profile, More
XNCRXencor, Inc.12.77 9:58AM EDTDown 0.64 (4.77%)16,092Chart, Profile, More
CHUChina Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd Co12.51 9:58AM EDTDown 0.62 (4.75%)164,262Chart, Profile, More
SWKSSkyworks Solutions, Inc.78.01 9:58AM EDTDown 3.86 (4.71%)2,806,806Chart, Profile, More
LTRXLantronix, Inc.1.22 9:57AM EDTDown 0.06 (4.69%)200Chart, Profile, More
ZSLProShares UltraShort Silver99.77 9:58AM EDTDown 4.83 (4.62%)16,227Chart, Profile, More
ERYDirexion Daily Energy Bear 3X S24.86 9:58AM EDTDown 1.14 (4.38%)352,195Chart, Profile, More
DTODB Crude Oil Double Short ETN d93.39 9:57AM EDTDown 4.35 (4.45%)7,480Chart, Profile, More
SRPTSarepta Therapeutics, Inc.39.97 9:58AM EDTDown 1.82 (4.36%)1,362,543Chart, Profile, More
SMNProShares UltraShort Basic Mate36.15 9:58AM EDTDown 1.62 (4.29%)26,606Chart, Profile, More
AXONAxovant Sciences Ltd. Common Sh12.81 9:57AM EDTDown 0.56 (4.19%)31,503Chart, Profile, More
PCMIPCM, Inc.9.01 9:54AM EDTDown 0.39 (4.15%)100Chart, Profile, More
CORICorium International, Inc.8.89 9:50AM EDTDown 0.27 (2.96%)1,407Chart, Profile, More
BTXBioTime, Inc. Common Stock3.47 9:58AM EDTDown 0.15 (4.14%)16,590Chart, Profile, More
RUSSDirexion Daily Russia Bear 3x S36.26 9:58AM EDTDown 1.42 (3.76%)23,506Chart, Profile, More
CBAKChina BAK Battery, Inc.2.41 9:39AM EDTDown 0.10 (3.98%)2,809Chart, Profile, More
ALOTAstro-Med, Inc.13.29 9:50AM EDTDown 0.55 (3.94%)3,271Chart, Profile, More
LABUDirexion Daily S&P Biotech Bull18.62 9:58AM EDTDown 0.76 (3.92%)377,270Chart, Profile, More
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc.118.07 9:58AM EDTDown 4.87 (3.96%)392,200Chart, Profile, More
INFIInfinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc.8.51 9:58AM EDTDown 0.32 (3.62%)134,504Chart, Profile, More
SCOProShares UltraShort Bloomberg 79.40 9:58AM EDTDown 3.05 (3.70%)135,555Chart, Profile, More
ORPNBio Blast Pharma Ltd.5.04 9:31AM EDTDown 0.20 (3.82%)1,400Chart, Profile, More
YECO2.30 9:42AM EDTDown 0.09 (3.77%)501Chart, Profile, More
EQIXEquinix, Inc.272.77 9:58AM EDTDown 10.67 (3.76%)51,899Chart, Profile, More
AIIIACRE Realty Investors, Inc. Com1.30 9:35AM EDTDown 0.05 (3.75%)226Chart, Profile, More
JAXJ. Alexander's Holdings, Inc. C10.30 9:56AM EDTDown 0.40 (3.74%)32,863Chart, Profile, More
NEOS20.45 9:56AM EDTDown 0.73 (3.42%)7,865Chart, Profile, More
CADTUDT Asia Investments Limited10.55 Sep 17, 4:00PM EDT 0.00 (0.00%)2Chart, More
ISNSImage Sensing Systems, Inc.3.67 9:30AM EDTDown 0.13 (3.42%)100Chart, Profile, More
UTIUniversal Technical Institute I4.45 9:56AM EDTDown 0.17 (3.68%)4,740Chart, Profile, More
OMEROmeros Corporation12.03 9:58AM EDTDown 0.21 (1.72%)57,272Chart, Profile, More
VRTVVeritiv Corporation Common Stoc38.99 9:56AM EDTDown 1.48 (3.66%)8,327Chart, Profile, More
SQNMSequenom, Inc.1.87 9:58AM EDTDown 0.07 (3.61%)100,553Chart, Profile, More
JGWJ.G. Wentworth Company (The) Cl5.48 9:54AM EDTDown 0.20 (3.59%)2,620Chart, Profile, More
NIHD6.52 9:57AM EDTDown 0.24 (3.55%)52,122Chart, Profile, More
FMDFirst Marblehead Corporation (T3.26 9:57AM EDTDown 0.05 (1.51%)14,327Chart, Profile, More
CPACCementos Pacasmayo S.A.A. Ameri5.46 9:43AM EDTDown 0.20 (3.53%)800Chart, Profile, More
THLDThreshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4.17 9:58AM EDTDown 0.09 (2.00%)72,319Chart, Profile, More
AVPAvon Products, Inc. Common Stoc3.70 9:58AM EDTDown 0.14 (3.64%)736,444Chart, Profile, More
UVXYProShares Trust Ultra VIX Short42.00 9:58AM EDTDown 1.53 (3.51%)1,270,638Chart, Profile, More
AFMDAffimed N.V.7.18 9:57AM EDTDown 0.26 (3.49%)17,425Chart, Profile, More
PETXAratana Therapeutics, Inc.8.53 9:57AM EDTDown 0.06 (0.70%)40,233Chart, Profile, More
OGENOragenics, Inc. Common Stock1.65 9:51AM EDTDown 0.07 (4.06%)5,488Chart, Profile, More
CLDCloud Peak Energy Inc Common St2.78 9:58AM EDTDown 0.10 (3.47%)201,638Chart, Profile, More
ONCE51.21 9:58AM EDTDown 1.81 (3.41%)169,028Chart, Profile, More
IMMYImprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.6.68 9:32AM EDTDown 0.24 (3.47%)442Chart, Profile, More
PNPatriot National, Inc. Common S14.21 9:52AM EDTDown 0.51 (3.46%)8,522Chart, Profile, More
LWAYLifeway Foods, Inc.12.00 9:52AM EDTDown 0.19 (1.56%)7,165Chart, Profile, More
HTWRHeartware International, Inc.54.16 9:58AM EDTDown 1.78 (3.18%)31,065Chart, Profile, More
COLL21.05 9:58AM EDTDown 0.70 (3.22%)31,766Chart, Profile, More
RDUSRadius Health, Inc.75.35 9:58AM EDTDown 0.19 (0.25%)78,286Chart, Profile, More