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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
VECVectrus, Inc. Common Stock15.23 4:00PM EDTDown 12.40 (44.88%)2,550,380Chart, Profile, More
THLDThreshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.0.68 4:00PM EDTDown 0.50 (42.58%)19,269,988Chart, Profile, More
TYHTSHINECO, INC.11.19 3:59PM EDTDown 5.19 (31.70%)116,039Chart, More
DCTHDelcath Systems, Inc.2.48 3:59PM EDTDown 0.98 (28.26%)425,309Chart, Profile, More
TATTransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd Ord1.22 4:01PM EDTDown 0.24 (16.44%)388,506Chart, Profile, More
CAMPCalAmp Corp.13.95 4:00PM EDTDown 2.46 (14.99%)6,761,569Chart, Profile, More
OPHTOphthotech Corporation46.13 4:00PM EDTDown 7.99 (14.76%)5,436,436Chart, Profile, More
GPICGaming Partners International C10.60 3:59PM EDTDown 1.74 (14.10%)5,208Chart, Profile, More
CTSHCognizant Technology Solutions 47.71 4:00PM EDTDown 7.29 (13.25%)53,397,247Chart, Profile, More
AMTXAemetis, Inc1.08 3:58PM EDTDown 0.15 (12.20%)182,755Chart, Profile, More
ABUSArbutus Biopharma Corporation3.44 4:00PM EDTDown 0.45 (11.57%)860,300Chart, Profile, More
SDPISuperior Drilling Products, Inc0.95 4:00PM EDTDown 0.12 (10.85%)888,001Chart, Profile, More
CLDCChina Lending Corporation7.03 3:59PM EDTDown 0.82 (10.47%)10,142Chart, Profile, More
VNRVanguard Natural Resources LLC0.90 4:00PM EDTDown 0.11 (10.45%)2,254,853Chart, Profile, More
ZDGEZedge, Inc. Class B Common Stoc3.42 4:02PM EDTDown 0.37 (9.76%)300,527Chart, Profile, More
TROVWTrovaGene, Inc.1.31 11:52AM EDTDown 0.14 (9.66%)106Chart, More
LGCYLegacy Reserves LP1.35 4:00PM EDTDown 0.14 (9.40%)611,574Chart, Profile, More
BSPMBiostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.3.72 3:59PM EDTDown 0.38 (9.27%)1,825,105Chart, Profile, More
MRNSMarinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.82 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (9.00%)2,349,878Chart, Profile, More
HPJHighpower International Inc2.89 3:59PM EDTDown 0.28 (8.83%)201,206Chart, Profile, More
SMITSchmitt Industries, Inc.1.56 3:59PM EDTDown 0.15 (8.77%)263,494Chart, Profile, More
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas, Inc. Comm2.68 4:02PM EDTDown 0.24 (8.22%)2,027,718Chart, Profile, More
RGSEReal Goods Solar, Inc.3.81 4:00PM EDTDown 0.34 (8.19%)2,254,046Chart, Profile, More
RIBTRiceBran Technologies1.35 4:00PM EDTDown 0.11 (7.53%)23,667Chart, Profile, More
GALTGalectin Therapeutics Inc.1.13 4:00PM EDTDown 0.09 (7.38%)1,632,130Chart, Profile, More
FELPForesight Energy LP Common Unit3.80 4:02PM EDTDown 0.30 (7.32%)293,236Chart, Profile, More
SPISPI Energy Co., Ltd.2.30 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (7.26%)65,939Chart, Profile, More
HGTHugoton Royalty Trust Common St2.38 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (7.08%)83,372Chart, Profile, More
SJTSan Juan Basin Royalty Trust Co5.90 4:02PM EDTDown 0.44 (6.94%)102,862Chart, Profile, More
INVTInventergy Global, Inc.1.49 4:00PM EDTDown 0.11 (6.88%)351,189Chart, Profile, More
NOVNNovan, Inc.20.18 4:00PM EDTDown 1.48 (6.83%)134,455Chart, More
ARESAres Management L.P. Common Uni17.41 4:03PM EDTDown 1.24 (6.65%)75,572Chart, Profile, More
OASMOasmia Pharmaceutical AB2.99 3:59PM EDTDown 0.21 (6.56%)11,831Chart, Profile, More
LTEALong Island Iced Tea Corp.4.44 4:00PM EDTDown 0.31 (6.53%)18,491Chart, Profile, More
SMSISmith Micro Software, Inc.2.03 3:59PM EDTDown 0.14 (6.45%)93,558Chart, Profile, More
ZIONZZions Bancorporation2.14 3:39PM EDTDown 0.15 (6.36%)16,573Chart, More
ARTXArotech Corporation2.95 4:00PM EDTDown 0.20 (6.35%)253,957Chart, Profile, More
TWLOTwilio Inc. Class A Common Stoc64.36 4:00PM EDTDown 4.36 (6.34%)7,817,974Chart, Profile, More
MBRXMoleculin Biotech, Inc.5.71 4:00PM EDTDown 0.38 (6.24%)53,905Chart, Profile, More
ACIUAC Immune SA16.47 4:00PM EDTDown 1.07 (6.10%)340,975Chart, More
CDNACareDx, Inc.3.55 4:00PM EDTDown 0.21 (5.59%)41,096Chart, Profile, More
GOGOGogo Inc.11.04 4:00PM EDTDown 0.65 (5.56%)3,364,235Chart, Profile, More
SAEXSAExploration Holdings, Inc.8.22 4:00PM EDTDown 0.47 (5.41%)727,471Chart, Profile, More
CCIHChinaCache International Holdin3.85 4:00PM EDTDown 0.22 (5.41%)570,812Chart, Profile, More
LEILucas Energy, Inc. Common Stock3.00 4:00PM EDTDown 0.17 (5.36%)114,662Chart, Profile, More
PSDVpSivida Corp.3.01 4:00PM EDTDown 0.17 (5.35%)178,693Chart, Profile, More
TOPSTOP Ships Inc.3.48 4:00PM EDTDown 0.19 (5.18%)142,837Chart, Profile, More
FSAMFifth Street Asset Management I5.51 4:00PM EDTDown 0.30 (5.16%)271,133Chart, Profile, More
PIRPier 1 Imports, Inc. Common Sto4.24 4:06PM EDTDown 0.23 (5.15%)4,421,295Chart, Profile, More
ATRSAntares Pharma, Inc.1.68 4:00PM EDTDown 0.09 (5.08%)1,524,162Chart, Profile, More
ATMRAtomera Incorporated7.80 4:00PM EDTDown 0.41 (4.99%)44,216Chart, Profile, More
CERCCerecor Inc.4.23 3:59PM EDTDown 0.22 (4.94%)37,132Chart, Profile, More
SDRLSeadrill Limited Ordinary Share2.37 4:05PM EDTDown 0.12 (4.82%)14,194,697Chart, Profile, More
PANLPangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd2.50 3:59PM EDTDown 0.13 (4.76%)8,524Chart, Profile, More
FLDMFluidigm Corporation8.01 4:00PM EDTDown 0.40 (4.76%)194,140Chart, Profile, More
VNRAPVanguard Natural Resources LLC3.42 3:59PM EDTDown 0.17 (4.74%)24,711Chart, Profile, More
CPHRCipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.3.77 4:00PM EDTDown 0.18 (4.65%)2,612Chart, Profile, More
SSYSunLink Health Systems, Inc. Co1.23 4:00PM EDTDown 0.06 (4.64%)173,101Chart, Profile, More
GOROGold Resource Corporation Commo7.42 4:00PM EDTDown 0.36 (4.63%)2,650,584Chart, Profile, More
HK-WT2.15 4:00PM EDTDown 0.10 (4.62%)600Chart, More
DRIOLABSTYLE3.55 3:57PM EDTDown 0.17 (4.54%)37,784Chart, Profile, More
ROYTPacific Coast Oil Trust Units o1.82 4:00PM EDTDown 0.09 (4.51%)182,336Chart, Profile, More
VISIVolt Information Sciences, Inc.6.35 4:02PM EDTDown 0.30 (4.51%)219,227Chart, Profile, More
VNRXVolitionRX Limited Common Stock5.30 4:01PM EDTDown 0.25 (4.50%)292,358Chart, Profile, More
HOLIHollysys Automation Technologie22.17 4:00PM EDTDown 1.04 (4.48%)344,199Chart, Profile, More
LBTYBLiberty Global plc34.70 3:40PM EDTDown 1.62 (4.46%)896Chart, Profile, More
HQCLHanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. 11.21 4:00PM EDTDown 0.52 (4.43%)43,165Chart, Profile, More
HSONHudson Global, Inc.1.54 4:00PM EDTDown 0.07 (4.35%)47,204Chart, Profile, More
SLIMThe Obesity ETF24.72 3:54PM EDTDown 1.11 (4.32%)1,278Chart, Profile, More
BIOCBiocept, Inc.1.57 3:59PM EDTDown 0.07 (4.27%)99,621Chart, Profile, More
GAIAGaia, Inc.7.20 4:00PM EDTDown 0.32 (4.26%)146,277Chart, Profile, More
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products Part4.51 4:00PM EDTDown 0.20 (4.25%)815,914Chart, Profile, More
JKSJinkoSolar Holding Company Limi15.80 4:02PM EDTDown 0.70 (4.24%)424,673Chart, Profile, More
CIDMCinedigm Corp2.03 3:59PM EDTDown 0.09 (4.24%)23,349Chart, Profile, More
PFMTPerformant Financial Corporatio2.95 3:59PM EDTDown 0.13 (4.22%)60,451Chart, Profile, More
VALUValue Line, Inc.16.24 4:00PM EDTDown 0.69 (4.08%)884Chart, Profile, More
INAPInternap Corporation1.65 4:00PM EDTDown 0.07 (4.07%)393,577Chart, Profile, More
PARNParnell Pharmaceuticals Holding1.42 3:59PM EDTDown 0.06 (4.05%)37,300Chart, Profile, More
CYCCPCyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.6.77 1:01PM EDTDown 0.28 (3.96%)3,100Chart, Profile, More
EGLEEagle Bulk Shipping Inc.7.07 3:59PM EDTDown 0.29 (3.94%)84,438Chart, More
RADARada Electronics Industries Lim1.10 3:57PM EDTDown 0.05 (3.93%)63,207Chart, Profile, More
ATTUAttunity Ltd.6.64 4:00PM EDTDown 0.27 (3.91%)14,777Chart, Profile, More
MDVXMedovex Corp.1.48 3:59PM EDTDown 0.06 (3.90%)38,999Chart, Profile, More
OFEDOconee Federal Financial Corp.23.06 3:36PM EDTDown 0.93 (3.88%)552Chart, Profile, More
LTBRLightbridge Corporation1.74 3:58PM EDTDown 0.07 (3.87%)28,050Chart, Profile, More
PBTPermian Basin Royalty Trust Com6.97 4:03PM EDTDown 0.28 (3.86%)142,149Chart, Profile, More
IAGIamgold Corporation Ordinary Sh4.05 4:02PM EDTDown 0.16 (3.80%)10,761,231Chart, Profile, More
DCIXDiana Containerships Inc.3.29 3:59PM EDTDown 0.13 (3.78%)5,188Chart, Profile, More
ZGZillow Group, Inc.34.45 4:00PM EDTDown 1.35 (3.77%)742,414Chart, Profile, More
MSNEmerson Radio Corporation Commo1.02 4:00PM EDTDown 0.04 (3.76%)30,685Chart, Profile, More
TRHCTABULA RASA HEALTHCARE, INC.14.32 4:00PM EDTDown 0.56 (3.76%)458,417Chart, More
ENDPEndo International plc20.15 4:00PM EDTDown 0.78 (3.73%)11,702,697Chart, Profile, More
WMARWest Marine, Inc.8.27 4:00PM EDTDown 0.32 (3.73%)75,896Chart, Profile, More
VTRBVentas Realty, Limited Partners26.66 4:03PM EDTDown 1.03 (3.72%)14,212Chart, Profile, More
DNAIProNAi Therapeutics, Inc.1.82 4:00PM EDTDown 0.07 (3.70%)726,943Chart, Profile, More
PKBKParke Bancorp, Inc.15.08 3:56PM EDTDown 0.58 (3.70%)3,641Chart, Profile, More
SBBXSussex Bancorp16.33 4:00PM EDTDown 0.62 (3.66%)7,648Chart, Profile, More
ZZillow Group, Inc.34.65 4:00PM EDTDown 1.31 (3.64%)1,799,135Chart, Profile, More
OCXOncoCyte Corporation Common Sto5.04 4:01PM EDTDown 0.19 (3.63%)37,167Chart, Profile, More
MDWDMediWound Ltd.7.70 4:00PM EDTDown 0.29 (3.63%)9,900Chart, Profile, More