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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
TCPITCP International Holdings Ltd.2.74 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 3.67 (57.25%)2,855,492Chart, Profile, More
DRLDoral Financial Corporation NEW0.72 Feb 27, 4:07PM ESTDown 0.62 (46.27%)1,288,962Chart, Profile, More
CASCastle (A.M.) & Co. Common Stoc3.22 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 1.81 (35.98%)2,566,346Chart, Profile, More
WTWWeight Watchers International I11.33 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 6.23 (35.48%)18,019,677Chart, Profile, More
EGLENGILITY HOLDINGS, INC36.10 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 10.35 (22.28%)264,803Chart, Profile, More
OCNOcwen Financial Corporation NEW8.14 Feb 27, 4:08PM ESTDown 1.64 (16.77%)11,637,301Chart, Profile, More
KOPKoppers Holdings Inc. Koppers H16.12 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 2.36 (12.77%)758,901Chart, Profile, More
WACWalter Investment Management Co16.67 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 2.29 (12.08%)1,051,759Chart, Profile, More
SRStandard Register Company (The)1.04 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.13 (11.11%)119,980Chart, Profile, More
HLFHerbalife Ltd. Common Stock31.01 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 3.81 (10.94%)10,651,490Chart, Profile, More
TPCTutor Perini Corporation Common23.27 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 2.61 (10.09%)1,496,710Chart, Profile, More
FROFrontline Ltd. Ordinary Shares2.51 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 0.27 (9.71%)3,266,321Chart, Profile, More
IMIngram Micro Inc. Common Stock24.71 Feb 27, 4:08PM ESTDown 2.52 (9.25%)4,699,603Chart, Profile, More
NBGNatl Bk Greece American Deposit1.57 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 0.16 (9.25%)15,426,335Chart, Profile, More
KBRKBR, Inc. Common Stock16.29 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 1.60 (8.94%)6,187,453Chart, Profile, More Limited American Deposi9.23 Feb 27, 4:05PM ESTDown 0.87 (8.61%)3,438,993Chart, Profile, More
NMBLNimble Storage, Inc. Common Sto25.26 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 2.16 (7.88%)4,696,027Chart, Profile, More
BCEIBonanza Creek Energy, Inc. Comm26.95 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.29 (7.83%)3,001,665Chart, Profile, More
KWRQuaker Chemical Corporation Com81.18 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 6.78 (7.71%)146,022Chart, Profile, More
CWEIClayton Williams Energy, Inc. C49.06 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 3.73 (7.07%)410,232Chart, Profile, More
IMPRImprivata, Inc. Common Stock13.69 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.02 (6.93%)173,734Chart, Profile, More
HFHFF, Inc. Common Stock, Class A35.58 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.63 (6.88%)382,143Chart, Profile, More
JCPJ.C. Penney Company, Inc. Holdi8.50 Feb 27, 4:05PM ESTDown 0.62 (6.80%)65,873,365Chart, Profile, More
MEGMedia General, Inc. Common Stoc14.91 Feb 27, 4:07PM ESTDown 1.05 (6.58%)1,380,614Chart, Profile, More
SDSandridge Energy Inc. Common St1.77 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.12 (6.35%)29,487,607Chart, Profile, More
ENVEnvestnet, Inc Common Stock53.88 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 3.49 (6.08%)1,078,985Chart, Profile, More
AOIAlliance One International, Inc0.95 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 0.06 (5.94%)640,799Chart, Profile, More
MVNRMavenir Systems, Inc. Common St14.57 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.92 (5.94%)363,773Chart, Profile, More
QTWOQ2 Holdings, Inc. Common Stock19.81 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.21 (5.76%)3,524,630Chart, Profile, More
WGWillbros Group, Inc. (DE) Commo6.34 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 0.38 (5.65%)380,354Chart, Profile, More
ATTOAtento S.A. Ordinary Shares11.52 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.68 (5.57%)366,877Chart, Profile, More
CTLTCatalent, Inc. Common Stock27.97 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 1.63 (5.51%)372,081Chart, Profile, More
CSTCST Brands, Inc. Common Stock41.63 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 2.38 (5.41%)1,664,241Chart, Profile, More
GVAGranite Construction Incorporat33.12 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 1.84 (5.26%)396,639Chart, Profile, More
BXCBluelinx Holdings Inc. Common S1.08 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.06 (5.26%)3,775Chart, Profile, More
GFAGafisa SA Gafisa S.A. American 1.44 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 0.08 (5.26%)506,925Chart, Profile, More
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. C4.35 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.24 (5.23%)1,102,250Chart, Profile, More
PEParsley Energy, Inc. Class A Co14.89 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.82 (5.22%)1,933,765Chart, Profile, More
IDTIDT Corporation Class B Common 21.05 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.15 (5.18%)286,030Chart, Profile, More
BIOA-WT1.48 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.08 (5.13%)2,401Chart, More
NKANiska Gas Storage Partners LLC 1.70 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.09 (5.03%)401,105Chart, Profile, More
SDLPSeadrill Partners LLC Common Un15.31 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 0.79 (4.91%)482,866Chart, Profile, More
SGMStonegate Mortgage Corporation 10.02 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.51 (4.84%)304,998Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com25.08 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 1.27 (4.82%)13,361,594Chart, Profile, More
LEJULeju Holdings Limited American 9.50 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.48 (4.81%)431,938Chart, Profile, More
HTHHilltop Holdings Inc.18.60 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 0.93 (4.76%)765,066Chart, Profile, More
USNAUSANA Health Sciences, Inc. Com100.01 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 4.97 (4.73%)74,004Chart, Profile, More
CAPLCrossAmerica Partners LP Common34.26 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.69 (4.70%)181,967Chart, Profile, More
PGNParagon Offshore plc Ordinary S2.06 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.10 (4.63%)1,969,664Chart, Profile, More
RBSRoyal Bank of Scotland Group Pl11.29 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.54 (4.56%)1,359,464Chart, Profile, More
CNNXCone Midstream Partners LP Comm21.87 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.04 (4.54%)360,653Chart, Profile, More
RICERice Energy Inc. Common Stock19.58 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.93 (4.53%)2,513,732Chart, Profile, More
SFUNSouFun Holdings Limited America6.84 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 0.31 (4.34%)15,595,085Chart, Profile, More
XONIntrexon Corporation Common Sto41.06 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 1.86 (4.33%)1,143,768Chart, Profile, More
LCLendingClub Corporation Common 20.37 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.92 (4.32%)3,010,711Chart, Profile, More
LCILannett Co Inc Common Stock62.40 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.77 (4.25%)944,173Chart, Profile, More
MEDMEDIFAST INC Common Stock31.64 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.40 (4.24%)82,996Chart, Profile, More
DVDDover Motorsports, Inc. Common 2.50 Feb 27, 3:58PM ESTDown 0.11 (4.21%)3,016Chart, Profile, More
MMIMarcus & Millichap, Inc. Common36.93 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.62 (4.20%)65,429Chart, Profile, More
ATLS-WIAtlas Energy, L.P. Common Units9.58 Feb 27, 4:07PM ESTDown 0.42 (4.20%)878,828Chart, More
NOWServiceNow, Inc. Common Stock76.26 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 3.27 (4.11%)3,541,960Chart, Profile, More
MTLMechel OAO American Depositary 1.65 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 0.07 (4.07%)439,299Chart, Profile, More
GGMGuggenheim Credit Allocation Fu22.40 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.95 (4.07%)57,975Chart, More
WLHLyon William Homes Common Stock22.69 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 0.96 (4.06%)1,279,607Chart, Profile, More
NNetsuite Inc Common Stock96.42 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 4.06 (4.04%)395,104Chart, Profile, More
ROYTPacific Coast Oil Trust Units o5.74 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.24 (4.01%)198,600Chart, Profile, More
SAMBoston Beer Company, Inc. (The)267.60 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 11.18 (4.01%)212,025Chart, Profile, More
RNDYRoundy's, Inc. Common Stock4.07 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 0.17 (4.01%)234,033Chart, Profile, More
ITGInvestment Technology Group, In22.52 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 0.94 (4.01%)250,689Chart, Profile, More
BKSBarnes & Noble, Inc. Common Sto24.90 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.02 (3.94%)2,193,627Chart, Profile, More
TEOTelecom Argentina SA22.45 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 0.91 (3.90%)105,616Chart, Profile, More
SMSM Energy Company Common Stock48.52 Feb 27, 4:01PM ESTDown 1.91 (3.79%)1,538,673Chart, Profile, More
SWNCSouthwestern Energy Company Dep54.56 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 2.14 (3.77%)606,240Chart, Profile, More
PKXPOSCO Common Stock60.64 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.36 (3.75%)423,154Chart, Profile, More
INNSummit Hotel Properties, Inc. C13.13 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 0.51 (3.74%)1,408,154Chart, Profile, More
MTDRMatador Resources Company Commo21.66 Feb 27, 4:06PM ESTDown 0.84 (3.73%)751,020Chart, Profile, More
EXHExterran Holdings, Inc. Common 32.47 Feb 27, 4:07PM ESTDown 1.25 (3.71%)2,195,055Chart, Profile, More
NUSNu Skin Enterprises, Inc. Commo54.18 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 2.06 (3.66%)880,638Chart, Profile, More
MHRMagnum Hunter Resources Corpora2.64 Feb 27, 4:08PM ESTDown 0.10 (3.65%)5,475,693Chart, Profile, More
KCCStructured Products Corp. 8.20%28.69 Feb 27, 9:45AM ESTDown 1.09 (3.65%)777Chart, More
VIPSVipshop Holdings Limited Americ24.45 Feb 27, 4:09PM ESTDown 0.92 (3.63%)4,800,283Chart, Profile, More
VRSVerso Corporation Common Stock2.40 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.09 (3.61%)79,433Chart, Profile, More
IIntelsat S.A. Common Shares12.37 Feb 27, 4:00PM ESTDown 0.46 (3.59%)456,510Chart, Profile, More
CXOConcho Resources Inc. Common St108.92 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 4.05 (3.59%)5,361,886Chart, Profile, More
ATHMAutohome Inc. American Deposita38.19 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.42 (3.58%)301,873Chart, Profile, More
WDAYWorkday, Inc. Common Stock85.50 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 3.15 (3.55%)2,761,698Chart, Profile, More
LDLLydall, Inc. Common Stock31.86 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.17 (3.54%)104,242Chart, Profile, More
DATATableau Software, Inc. Class A 94.01 Feb 27, 4:05PM ESTDown 3.41 (3.50%)1,218,061Chart, Profile, More
RYIRyerson Holding Corporation Com6.08 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.22 (3.49%)48,485Chart, More
JMEIJumei International Holding Lim13.65 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.49 (3.47%)586,065Chart, Profile, More
WAGEWageWorks, Inc. Common Stock $057.45 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.06 (3.46%)289,027Chart, Profile, More
NYLDNRG Yield, Inc. Class A Common 51.31 Feb 27, 4:04PM ESTDown 1.83 (3.44%)883,191Chart, Profile, More
GIBCGI Group, Inc. Common Stock41.81 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 1.46 (3.37%)545,435Chart, Profile, More
GOLGol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes 3.46 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.12 (3.35%)1,949,292Chart, Profile, More
PVAPenn Virginia Corporation Commo6.64 Feb 27, 4:05PM ESTDown 0.23 (3.35%)5,762,434Chart, Profile, More
UALUnited Continental Holdings65.18 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 2.24 (3.32%)5,823,914Chart, Profile, More
TNKTeekay Tankers Ltd.5.85 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.20 (3.31%)853,900Chart, Profile, More
CLRContinental Resources, Inc. Com44.49 Feb 27, 4:03PM ESTDown 1.49 (3.24%)3,449,125Chart, Profile, More
ONEHigher One Holdings, Inc. Commo3.30 Feb 27, 4:05PM ESTDown 0.11 (3.23%)169,280Chart, Profile, More
VVIViad Corp Common Stock26.56 Feb 27, 4:02PM ESTDown 0.88 (3.21%)78,206Chart, Profile, More