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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
MVOMV Oil Trust Units of Beneficia11.59 Apr 1, 4:07PM EDTDown 3.74 (24.40%)815,315Chart, Profile, More
NM-PGNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. S21.82 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 4.68 (17.66%)15,947Chart, More
GM-WTC1.12 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.20 (15.34%)60,624Chart, More
CCG-PACampus Crest Communities, Inc. 21.98 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 3.26 (12.92%)877,384Chart, More
WGWillbros Group, Inc. (DE) Commo2.96 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.35 (10.57%)2,217,559Chart, Profile, More
CCGCampus Crest Communities, Inc. 6.46 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.70 (9.78%)2,020,891Chart, Profile, More
MSBMesabi Trust Common Stock12.11 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.22 (9.15%)479,472Chart, Profile, More
CRSCarpenter Technology Corporatio35.69 Apr 1, 4:06PM EDTDown 3.19 (8.20%)1,580,578Chart, Profile, More
SSIStage Stores, Inc. Common Stock21.34 Apr 1, 4:05PM EDTDown 1.58 (6.89%)716,110Chart, Profile, More
SALTScorpio Bulkers Inc. Common Sto2.21 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.16 (6.75%)1,747,557Chart, Profile, More
MACMacerich Company (The) Common S78.73 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 5.60 (6.64%)8,036,750Chart, Profile, More
DANGE-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. 8.92 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.63 (6.60%)2,412,814Chart, Profile, More
NRGNRG Energy, Inc. Common Stock23.60 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.59 (6.31%)9,702,737Chart, Profile, More
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. C5.09 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.33 (6.09%)2,480,725Chart, Profile, More
SNXSynnex Corporation Common Stock72.61 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 4.64 (6.01%)958,641Chart, Profile, More
NEWRNew Relic, Inc. Common Stock32.62 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.08 (5.99%)177,599Chart, Profile, More
BOXBox, Inc. Class A Common Stock18.65 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.10 (5.57%)961,078Chart, Profile, More
WSTWest Pharmaceutical Services, I56.89 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 3.32 (5.51%)739,974Chart, Profile, More
CLFCliffs Natural Resources Inc Co4.55 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.26 (5.41%)8,214,576Chart, Profile, More, Inc. Common Stock7.18 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.40 (5.28%)166,157Chart, Profile, More
PNXPhoenix Companies, Inc. (The) C47.37 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.62 (5.24%)39,758Chart, Profile, More
CCSCCountry Style Cooking Restauran6.04 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.32 (5.03%)20,582Chart, Profile, More
GOLGol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes 2.31 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.12 (4.94%)2,762,586Chart, Profile, More
PMCPharmerica Corporation Common S26.82 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.37 (4.86%)513,701Chart, Profile, More
UALUnited Continental Holdings64.01 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 3.24 (4.82%)7,428,037Chart, Profile, More
NPTNNeoPhotonics Corporation Common6.43 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.32 (4.74%)428,510Chart, Profile, More
PGNParagon Offshore plc Ordinary S1.24 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.06 (4.62%)1,820,271Chart, Profile, More
XONIntrexon Corporation Common Sto43.28 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.09 (4.61%)1,861,012Chart, Profile, More
RYIRyerson Holding Corporation Com6.08 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.29 (4.55%)69,253Chart, More
TCPTC PipeLines, LP Common Units r62.19 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.96 (4.54%)105,685Chart, Profile, More
NVTAInvitae Corporation Common Stoc16.01 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.75 (4.47%)230,438Chart, Profile, More
MTRMesa Royalty Trust Common Stock20.09 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.94 (4.47%)4,706Chart, Profile, More
KEGKey Energy Services, Inc. Commo1.74 Apr 1, 4:06PM EDTDown 0.08 (4.40%)4,014,654Chart, Profile, More
CASCastle (A.M.) & Co. Common Stoc3.49 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.16 (4.38%)127,141Chart, Profile, More
CSTMConstellium N.V. Ordinary Share19.45 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.87 (4.28%)410,429Chart, Profile, More
SSPE.W. Scripps Company (The) Comm24.15 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 1.07 (4.24%)1,607,345Chart, Profile, More
PIRPier 1 Imports, Inc. Common Sto13.40 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.58 (4.15%)6,034,704Chart, Profile, More
UHSUniversal Health Services, Inc.112.96 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 4.75 (4.04%)3,475,890Chart, Profile, More
NPDChina Nepstar Chain Drugstore L1.68 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.07 (4.00%)59,707Chart, Profile, More
NOWServiceNow, Inc. Common Stock75.65 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 3.13 (3.97%)1,987,612Chart, Profile, More
AAPAdvance Auto Parts Inc Advance 143.75 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 5.94 (3.97%)2,423,428Chart, Profile, More
YELPYelp Inc. Class A Common Stock45.50 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.85 (3.91%)3,672,005Chart, Profile, More
ONDKOn Deck Capital, Inc. Common St20.47 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.82 (3.85%)440,096Chart, Profile, More
EBFEnnis, Inc. Common Stock13.58 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.54 (3.82%)166,307Chart, Profile, More
ZQKQuiksilver, Inc. Common Stock1.78 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.07 (3.78%)2,111,703Chart, Profile, More
DALDelta Air Lines, Inc. Common St43.26 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.70 (3.78%)19,301,727Chart, Profile, More
DWREDEMANDWARE, INC. Common Stock58.66 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.24 (3.68%)493,464Chart, Profile, More
DYNDynegy Inc. Common Stock30.30 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.13 (3.60%)3,777,477Chart, Profile, More
NTZNatuzzi, S.p.A.1.64 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.06 (3.53%)8,187Chart, Profile, More
GM-WTB18.96 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.69 (3.51%)110,845Chart, More
RHRestoration Hardware Holdings I95.72 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 3.47 (3.50%)939,191Chart, Profile, More
MBLYMobileye N.V. Ordinary Shares40.57 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.46 (3.47%)3,154,486Chart, Profile, More
BTUPeabody Energy Corporation Comm4.75 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.17 (3.46%)13,087,202Chart, Profile, More
NOANorth American Energy Partners,2.81 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.10 (3.44%)22,940Chart, Profile, More Limited American Deposi10.42 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.37 (3.43%)2,098,508Chart, Profile, More
TVPTTravelport Worldwide Limited Co16.13 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.57 (3.41%)1,019,956Chart, Profile, More
CPNCalpine Corporation Common Stoc22.10 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.77 (3.37%)7,881,464Chart, Profile, More
CSLTCastlight Health, Inc. Class B 7.50 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.26 (3.35%)422,070Chart, Profile, More
HVTHaverty Furniture Companies, In24.05 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.83 (3.34%)90,628Chart, Profile, More
VRSVerso Corporation Common Stock1.74 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.06 (3.33%)85,506Chart, Profile, More
SHAKShake Shack, Inc. Class A Commo48.40 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 1.65 (3.30%)713,686Chart, Profile, More
ALKAlaska Air Group, Inc. Common S64.00 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 2.18 (3.29%)1,068,932Chart, Profile, More
HZOMarineMax, Inc. (FL) Common St25.64 Apr 1, 4:08PM EDTDown 0.87 (3.28%)267,951Chart, Profile, More
CELPCypress Energy Partners, L.P. C12.77 Apr 1, 4:05PM EDTDown 0.43 (3.26%)73,560Chart, Profile, More
ADPTAdeptus Health Inc. Common Stoc48.59 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.63 (3.25%)70,879Chart, Profile, More
MILMFC Industrial Ltd.3.93 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.13 (3.20%)146,018Chart, Profile, More
UFSDomtar Corporation (NEW) Common44.75 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.47 (3.18%)1,208,159Chart, Profile, More
ZOESZoe's Kitchen, Inc. Common Stoc32.24 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.05 (3.15%)255,034Chart, Profile, More
NBGNatl Bk Greece American Deposit1.24 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.04 (3.12%)8,441,664Chart, Profile, More
PANWPalo Alto Networks, Inc. Common141.53 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 4.55 (3.11%)2,468,058Chart, Profile, More
KNKnowles Corporation Common Stoc18.67 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.60 (3.11%)1,006,300Chart, Profile, More
WMSAdvanced Drainage Systems, Inc.29.01 Apr 1, 4:05PM EDTDown 0.93 (3.11%)292,986Chart, Profile, More
PNC-WT25.40 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.80 (3.05%)15,426Chart, More
IMPVImperva, Inc. Common Stock41.40 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.30 (3.04%)445,613Chart, Profile, More
DPLODiplomat Pharmacy, Inc. Common 33.53 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.05 (3.04%)404,490Chart, Profile, More
TWITitan International, Inc. Commo9.08 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.28 (2.99%)616,889Chart, Profile, More
SUMSummit Materials, Inc. Class A 21.49 Apr 1, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.66 (2.98%)341,940Chart, Profile, More
TAOMTaomee Holdings Limited America2.62 Apr 1, 3:54PM EDTDown 0.08 (2.96%)11,281Chart, Profile, More
PAHPlatform Specialty Products Cor24.90 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.76 (2.96%)1,942,708Chart, Profile, More
MTZMasTec, Inc. Common Stock18.73 Apr 1, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.57 (2.95%)1,646,531Chart, Profile, More
AOLAOL Inc. AOL Inc. Common Stock38.45 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.16 (2.93%)874,007Chart, Profile, More
WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment, 13.60 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.41 (2.93%)1,308,039Chart, Profile, More
MXPTMaxPoint Interactive, Inc. Comm9.30 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.28 (2.92%)138,974Chart, Profile, More
CELCellcom Israel, Ltd. Ordinary S4.66 Apr 1, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.14 (2.92%)89,074Chart, Profile, More
ITCITC Holdings Corp. Common Stock36.35 Apr 1, 4:05PM EDTDown 1.08 (2.89%)1,613,095Chart, Profile, More
PARPAR Technology Corporation Comm4.07 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.12 (2.86%)32,747Chart, Profile, More
LCLendingClub Corporation Common 19.09 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.56 (2.85%)1,613,634Chart, Profile, More
CBIChicago Bridge & Iron Company N47.86 Apr 1, 4:00PM EDTDown 1.40 (2.84%)1,775,356Chart, Profile, More
AANAaron's, Inc. Common Stock27.52 Apr 1, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.79 (2.79%)418,313Chart, Profile, More
BXCBluelinx Holdings Inc. Common S1.05 Apr 1, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.03 (2.78%)7,963Chart, Profile, More
GM-WTA26.98 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.77 (2.77%)48,240Chart, More
RUBIThe Rubicon Project, Inc. Commo17.43 Apr 1, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.49 (2.73%)267,428Chart, Profile, More
DYN-PADynegy Inc. Mandatory Preferred106.17 Apr 1, 2:50PM EDTDown 2.98 (2.73%)8,830Chart, More
DRIDarden Restaurants, Inc. Common67.47 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.87 (2.70%)1,827,194Chart, Profile, More
CPACopa Holdings, S.A. Copa Holdin98.25 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.72 (2.69%)620,893Chart, Profile, More
JONEJones Energy, Inc. Class A Comm8.74 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.24 (2.67%)391,438Chart, Profile, More
IRETInvestors Real Estate Trust Sha7.30 Apr 1, 4:05PM EDTDown 0.20 (2.67%)805,684Chart, Profile, More
BKDBrookdale Senior Living Inc. Co36.76 Apr 1, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.00 (2.65%)2,646,038Chart, Profile, More
ACCOAcco Brands Corporation Common 8.09 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.22 (2.65%)1,093,778Chart, Profile, More Inc. American Depositary51.49 Apr 1, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.39 (2.63%)907,414Chart, Profile, More