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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
SXCSunCoke Energy, Inc. Common Sto7.01 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 2.74 (28.10%)4,021,320Chart, Profile, More
NSLP-PANew Source Energy Partners L.P.2.34 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.65 (21.74%)9,850Chart, More
SGYStone Energy Corporation Common7.18 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.43 (16.61%)3,957,550Chart, Profile, More
UNTUnit Corporation Common Stock15.24 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 2.63 (14.72%)1,977,530Chart, Profile, More
PVAPenn Virginia Corporation Commo0.90 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.15 (14.28%)2,849,640Chart, Profile, More
NESNuverra Environmental Solutions1.74 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.28 (13.86%)198,090Chart, Profile, More
BCEIBonanza Creek Energy, Inc. Comm6.99 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.98 (12.30%)3,507,991Chart, Profile, More
GDP-PCGoodrich Petroleum Corporation 3.17 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.44 (12.15%)33,673Chart, More
LLLumber Liquidators Holdings, In16.60 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.24 (11.89%)2,832,966Chart, Profile, More
NORNoranda Aluminum Holding Corpor2.27 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.30 (11.67%)112,161Chart, Profile, More
ECREclipse Resources Corporation C2.95 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.38 (11.41%)692,110Chart, Profile, More
GDP-PDGoodrich Petroleum Corporation 3.00 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.38 (11.24%)36,315Chart, More
ANFIAmira Nature Foods Ltd Ordinary5.22 Oct 12, 4:05PM EDTDown 0.65 (11.07%)314,798Chart, Profile, More
PKDParker Drilling Company Common 3.15 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.39 (11.02%)752,347Chart, Profile, More
OASOasis Petroleum Inc. Common Sto12.20 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.40 (10.29%)8,753,756Chart, Profile, More
EPEEP Energy Corporation Class A C6.75 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.77 (10.24%)2,070,085Chart, Profile, More
CRCCalifornia Resources Corporatio4.23 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.48 (10.19%)8,812,225Chart, Profile, More
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corporation C20.16 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.27 (10.12%)10,400,417Chart, Profile, More
LXFRLuxfer Holdings PLC American De10.84 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.22 (10.12%)194,940Chart, Profile, More
TROXTronox Limited Ordinary Shares 6.68 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.73 (9.85%)1,226,773Chart, Profile, More
WGWillbros Group, Inc. (DE) Commo2.51 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.27 (9.71%)484,336Chart, Profile, More
XCOEXCO Resources, Inc. Exco Resou1.12 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.12 (9.68%)3,440,606Chart, Profile, More
HCLPHi-Crush Partners LP Common Uni8.15 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.87 (9.65%)646,304Chart, Profile, More
CJESC&J Energy Services, Ltd. Commo4.70 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.50 (9.62%)1,514,910Chart, Profile, More
EGYVaalco Energy Inc Common Stock2.08 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.22 (9.57%)372,740Chart, Profile, More
CBPXContinental Building Products, 19.32 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.02 (9.47%)1,151,601Chart, Profile, More
CBKChristopher & Banks Corporation1.42 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.14 (8.97%)818,981Chart, Profile, More
KGCKinross Gold Corporation Common2.04 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.20 (8.93%)17,253,512Chart, Profile, More
GELGenesis Energy, L.P. Common Uni40.19 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 3.94 (8.93%)1,109,377Chart, Profile, More
KMFKayne Anderson Midstream Energy21.97 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.15 (8.91%)399,980Chart, More
AUYYamana Gold Inc. Ordinary Share2.27 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.22 (8.84%)13,299,946Chart, Profile, More
HYHHalyard Health, Inc. Common Sto27.51 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.62 (8.70%)1,612,635Chart, Profile, More
CLDCloud Peak Energy Inc Common St3.05 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.29 (8.68%)1,001,643Chart, Profile, More
YELPYelp Inc. Class A Common Stock22.74 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.14 (8.60%)4,755,459Chart, Profile, More
BGCGeneral Cable Corporation Commo13.51 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.27 (8.59%)349,256Chart, Profile, More
TCKTeck Resources Ltd Ordinary Sha6.82 Oct 12, 4:06PM EDTDown 0.64 (8.58%)7,114,738Chart, Profile, More
BTUPeabody Energy Corporation Comm22.45 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 2.04 (8.33%)558,027Chart, Profile, More
UPLUltra Petroleum Corp. Common St6.73 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.60 (8.19%)2,335,494Chart, Profile, More
BBGBill Barrett Corporation Common4.60 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.41 (8.18%)1,934,334Chart, Profile, More
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. C3.05 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.27 (8.13%)727,466Chart, Profile, More
VMWVmware, Inc. Common stock, Clas72.27 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 6.38 (8.11%)17,857,239Chart, Profile, More
SSESeventy Seven Energy Inc. Commo1.59 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.14 (8.09%)613,057Chart, Profile, More
AMIDAmerican Midstream Partners, LP10.84 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.94 (7.98%)309,414Chart, Profile, More
SDRLSeadrill Limited Ordinary Share7.11 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.61 (7.90%)12,234,961Chart, Profile, More
CVEOCiveo Corporation (Canada) Comm1.99 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.17 (7.87%)1,477,913Chart, Profile, More
GLFGulfMark Offshore, Inc. New Com8.10 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.69 (7.85%)271,619Chart, Profile, More
AZZAZZ Inc.51.48 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 4.36 (7.81%)341,064Chart, Profile, More
LLYEli Lilly and Company Common St79.44 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 6.70 (7.78%)26,477,392Chart, Profile, More
PACDPacific Drilling S.A. Common Sh1.55 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.13 (7.74%)816,762Chart, Profile, More
NENoble Corporation Ordinary Shar12.03 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.00 (7.67%)10,791,434Chart, Profile, More
JONEJones Energy, Inc. Class A Comm5.35 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.44 (7.60%)92,312Chart, Profile, More
RIGTransocean Ltd (Switzerland) Co15.69 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 1.29 (7.60%)12,812,519Chart, Profile, More
AVPAvon Products, Inc. Common Stoc3.83 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.31 (7.49%)8,152,126Chart, Profile, More
FELPForesight Energy LP Common Unit6.68 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.54 (7.48%)102,685Chart, Profile, More
HLXHelix Energy Solutions Group, I6.14 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.49 (7.39%)1,744,825Chart, Profile, More
TDWTidewater Inc. Common Stock15.97 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 1.27 (7.37%)968,441Chart, Profile, More
SHOPShopify Inc. Class A Subordinat34.31 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.71 (7.32%)819,386Chart, Profile, More
CHKChesapeake Energy Corporation C8.24 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.64 (7.21%)15,707,007Chart, Profile, More
ALJAlon USA Energy, Inc. common st17.02 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 1.32 (7.20%)2,057,217Chart, Profile, More
FETForum Energy Technologies, Inc.13.93 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.07 (7.13%)913,231Chart, Profile, More
OPYOppenheimer Holdings, Inc. Clas18.70 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 1.40 (6.97%)85,839Chart, Profile, More
NBRNabors Industries Ltd.11.15 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.83 (6.93%)7,143,609Chart, Profile, More
MNManning & Napier, Inc. Class A 7.91 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.60 (6.92%)126,572Chart, Profile, More
AKSAK Steel Holding Corporation Co2.85 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.21 (6.86%)4,810,400Chart, Profile, More
BASBasic Energy Services, Inc. Com4.75 Oct 12, 4:06PM EDTDown 0.35 (6.86%)2,789,790Chart, Profile, More
EGOEldorado Gold Corporation Ordin3.68 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.27 (6.84%)4,610,887Chart, Profile, More
GLPWGlobal Power Equipment Group In4.10 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.30 (6.82%)63,378Chart, Profile, More
TWTRTwitter, Inc. Common Stock28.75 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 2.10 (6.81%)30,619,463Chart, Profile, More
FMSAFairmount Santrol Holdings Inc.2.89 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.21 (6.77%)495,153Chart, Profile, More
DNRDenbury Resources Inc. Common S3.47 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.25 (6.72%)8,605,698Chart, Profile, More
MRINMarin Software Incorporated Com3.48 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.25 (6.70%)94,463Chart, Profile, More
CRKComstock Resources, Inc. Common2.66 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.19 (6.67%)1,248,919Chart, Profile, More
EMESEmerge Energy Services LP Commo8.15 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.58 (6.64%)360,665Chart, Profile, More
INFYInfosys Limited American Deposi17.88 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 1.27 (6.63%)13,207,529Chart, Profile, More
CDECoeur Mining, Inc. Common Stock2.91 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.20 (6.43%)3,105,258Chart, Profile, More
BXEBellatrix Exploration Ltd Ordin2.05 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.14 (6.39%)896,475Chart, Profile, More
KOPKoppers Holdings Inc. Koppers H21.89 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 1.48 (6.33%)140,017Chart, Profile, More
WFTWeatherford International plc (10.09 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.68 (6.31%)8,911,201Chart, Profile, More
SLCAU.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. Comm16.82 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 1.13 (6.30%)1,803,671Chart, Profile, More
NYLD-ANRG Yield, Inc. Class A Common 13.30 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.89 (6.27%)450,227Chart, Profile, More
CRRCarbo Ceramics, Inc. Common Sto22.98 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.53 (6.24%)491,315Chart, Profile, More
HBMHudbay Minerals Inc Ordinary Sh5.25 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.34 (6.08%)78,592Chart, Profile, More
PGHPengrowth Energy Corporation1.09 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.07 (6.03%)1,248,078Chart, Profile, More
NYLDNRG Yield, Inc. Class C Common 14.04 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 0.90 (6.02%)1,129,444Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com12.03 Oct 12, 4:00PM EDTDown 0.77 (6.02%)14,630,799Chart, Profile, More
TALTAL International Group, Inc. C17.01 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.06 (5.87%)542,845Chart, Profile, More
WTIW&T Offshore, Inc. Common Stock3.38 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.21 (5.85%)1,352,739Chart, Profile, More
KEDKayne Anderson Energy Developme23.42 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.45 (5.83%)67,445Chart, More
NMMNavios Maritime Partners LP Com8.24 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.51 (5.83%)343,619Chart, Profile, More
JOYJoy Global Inc. Common Stock16.91 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.03 (5.74%)6,526,146Chart, Profile, More
RKUSRuckus Wireless, Inc. Common St12.48 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.76 (5.74%)2,724,231Chart, Profile, More
CLRContinental Resources, Inc. Com34.11 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 2.07 (5.72%)5,404,505Chart, Profile, More
BLTBlount International, Inc. Comm6.44 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.39 (5.71%)169,490Chart, Profile, More
TMSTTimken Steel Corporation Common13.76 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 0.83 (5.69%)425,627Chart, Profile, More
SMSM Energy Company Common Stock39.11 Oct 12, 4:04PM EDTDown 2.35 (5.67%)1,985,442Chart, Profile, More
NRNewpark Resources, Inc. Common 6.20 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 0.37 (5.63%)623,878Chart, Profile, More
XPOXPO Logistics, Inc.28.25 Oct 12, 4:03PM EDTDown 1.67 (5.58%)1,894,907Chart, Profile, More
XUnited States Steel Corporation11.69 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 0.69 (5.57%)8,035,259Chart, Profile, More
KSKapStone Paper and Packaging Co20.52 Oct 12, 4:01PM EDTDown 1.21 (5.57%)1,537,529Chart, Profile, More
ATUActuant Corporation Common Stoc21.82 Oct 12, 4:02PM EDTDown 1.28 (5.54%)1,515,177Chart, Profile, More