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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
CYCCCyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.73 11:58AM ESTUp 0.64 (58.72%)17,411,114Chart, Profile, More
EYESSecond Sight Medical Products, 15.82 11:58AM ESTUp 4.02 (34.07%)6,565,323Chart, Profile, More
UNXLUni-Pixel, Inc.6.32 11:58AM ESTUp 1.15 (22.25%)329,238Chart, Profile, More
ABTLAutobytel Inc.12.61 11:58AM ESTUp 2.23 (21.48%)628,029Chart, Profile, More
AIRMAir Methods Corporation53.94 11:58AM ESTUp 8.27 (18.11%)1,797,587Chart, Profile, More
CLNEClean Energy Fuels Corp.5.94 11:58AM ESTUp 0.90 (17.76%)6,781,595Chart, Profile, More
NSECNational Security Group, Inc.14.90 11:57AM ESTUp 1.94 (14.97%)13,729Chart, Profile, More
CALIChina Auto Logistics Inc.1.28 11:28AM ESTUp 0.21 (19.63%)28,384Chart, Profile, More
VIDEVideo Display Corporation2.75 10:05AM ESTUp 0.35 (14.58%)100Chart, Profile, More
MNSTMonster Beverage Corporation140.43 11:58AM ESTUp 15.69 (12.58%)3,732,653Chart, Profile, More
HMNYHelios and Matheson Analytics I3.88 11:43AM ESTUp 0.38 (10.85%)51,511Chart, Profile, More
NATHNathan's Famous, Inc.82.67 11:53AM ESTUp 6.82 (8.99%)16,895Chart, Profile, More
RIBTWRiceBran Technologies1.26 10:35AM ESTUp 0.11 (9.56%)1,000Chart, More
MOBISky-mobi Limited4.43 11:58AM ESTUp 0.34 (8.31%)306,753Chart, Profile, More
SREVServiceSource International, In3.79 11:58AM ESTUp 0.31 (8.91%)1,946,572Chart, Profile, More
HPTXHyperion Therapeutics, Inc.29.72 11:57AM ESTUp 1.99 (7.18%)257,968Chart, Profile, More
HZNPHorizon Pharma plc20.75 11:58AM ESTUp 1.68 (8.84%)5,714,178Chart, Profile, More
WGBSWaferGen Bio-systems, Inc.4.95 11:58AM ESTUp 0.37 (8.11%)147,120Chart, Profile, More
LPCNLipocine Inc.7.40 11:57AM ESTUp 0.54 (7.87%)116,048Chart, Profile, More
VIMCVimicro International Corporati9.47 11:56AM ESTUp 0.66 (7.49%)605,355Chart, Profile, More
MDSYBluePhoenix Solutions, Ltd.2.87 9:41AM ESTUp 0.20 (7.49%)150Chart, Profile, More
PPHMPeregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.1.50 11:58AM ESTUp 0.12 (8.69%)2,867,762Chart, Profile, More
BCLIBrainstorm Cell Therapeutics In4.21 11:56AM ESTUp 0.27 (6.85%)511,470Chart, Profile, More
ARCPAmerican Realty Capital Propert9.86 11:58AM ESTUp 0.63 (6.77%)13,299,043Chart, Profile, More
ATECAlphatec Holdings, Inc.1.42 11:58AM ESTUp 0.07 (5.19%)185,686Chart, Profile, More
AFAMAlmost Family Inc34.57 11:57AM ESTUp 1.37 (4.13%)58,786Chart, Profile, More
VUZIVUZIX CORP CMN STK6.33 11:57AM ESTUp 0.44 (7.47%)74,006Chart, Profile, More
ARUNAruba Networks, Inc.24.25 11:58AM ESTUp 1.64 (7.25%)6,787,101Chart, Profile, More
BNSOBonso Electronics International1.52 10:06AM ESTUp 0.09 (6.22%)400Chart, Profile, More
ROSTRoss Stores, Inc.105.21 11:58AM ESTUp 6.16 (6.22%)2,253,806Chart, Profile, More
LINCLincoln Educational Services Co2.81 11:58AM ESTUp 0.20 (7.85%)68,623Chart, Profile, More
AUPHAurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc4.57 11:57AM ESTUp 0.48 (11.74%)85,556Chart, Profile, More
BLPH12.30 11:58AM ESTUp 0.85 (7.42%)88,191Chart, Profile, More
FRPHFRP Holdings, Inc.31.88 11:35AM ESTUp 1.78 (5.91%)1,785Chart, Profile, More
SBSASpanish Broadcasting System, In3.62 11:51AM ESTUp 0.21 (6.09%)2,018Chart, Profile, More
ADNCAudience, Inc.4.87 11:55AM ESTUp 0.25 (5.41%)62,124Chart, Profile, More
HAWKBlackhawk Network Holdings, Inc37.80 11:58AM ESTUp 1.93 (5.38%)478,206Chart, Profile, More
ADSKAutodesk, Inc.64.61 11:58AM ESTUp 3.60 (5.90%)2,807,313Chart, Profile, More
DYSLDynasil Corporation of America1.50 9:41AM ESTUp 0.08 (5.63%)2,720Chart, Profile, More
CASMCAS Medical Systems, Inc.1.34 11:42AM ESTUp 0.07 (5.51%)8,150Chart, Profile, More
AMWDAmerican Woodmark Corporation52.01 11:57AM ESTUp 2.95 (6.01%)104,205Chart, Profile, More
HAWKBBlackhawk Network Holdings, Inc37.37 11:58AM ESTUp 1.72 (4.82%)358,426Chart, Profile, More
CFRXWContraFect Corporation1.55 10:36AM ESTUp 0.08 (5.44%)3,800Chart, More
BDEBlack Diamond, Inc.7.13 11:57AM ESTUp 0.33 (4.78%)61,445Chart, Profile, More
ORIGOcean Rig UDW Inc.8.07 11:58AM ESTUp 0.47 (6.18%)780,846Chart, Profile, More
PTENPatterson-UTI Energy, Inc.18.80 11:58AM ESTUp 0.95 (5.32%)1,964,114Chart, Profile, More
CLRXCollabRx, Inc.1.48 11:58AM ESTUp 0.07 (4.96%)2,285,758Chart, Profile, More
THTITHT Heat Transfer Technology, I1.06 10:56AM ESTUp 0.05 (4.95%)100Chart, Profile, More
SZYMSolazyme, Inc.2.78 11:56AM ESTUp 0.12 (4.63%)462,832Chart, Profile, More
CUBAThe Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fu9.92 11:58AM ESTUp 0.50 (5.31%)231,329Chart, More
EXXIEnergy XXI Ltd.4.78 11:58AM ESTUp 0.24 (5.32%)2,656,830Chart, Profile, More
ICLDWInterCloud Systems, Inc1.74 10:25AM ESTUp 0.08 (4.82%)1,700Chart, More
RBPAARoyal Bancshares of Pennsylvani1.75 11:37AM ESTUp 0.08 (4.79%)175Chart, Profile, More
ATOSAtossa Genetics Inc.2.07 11:58AM ESTUp 0.08 (4.03%)2,450,005Chart, Profile, More
ANGIAngie's List, Inc.6.71 11:57AM ESTUp 0.32 (5.01%)719,348Chart, Profile, More
VBFCVillage Bank and Trust Financia16.80 11:31AM ESTUp 0.75 (4.67%)518Chart, Profile, More
DRRXDURECT Corporation1.09 11:57AM ESTUp 0.02 (1.87%)338,546Chart, Profile, More
DPRXDipexium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.14.40 11:53AM ESTUp 0.50 (3.60%)59,972Chart, Profile, More
CYBXCyberonics, Inc.69.82 11:58AM ESTUp 3.22 (4.83%)1,054,230Chart, Profile, More
BYFCBroadway Financial Corporation1.26 11:41AM ESTDown 0.03 (2.42%)2,900Chart, Profile, More
CASICASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.63 11:38AM ESTUp 0.07 (4.48%)2,236Chart, Profile, More
MMLPMartin Midstream Partners L.P.32.12 11:56AM ESTUp 1.46 (4.76%)85,689Chart, Profile, More
EGLTEgalet Corporation15.40 11:54AM ESTUp 0.42 (2.80%)50,815Chart, Profile, More
DAIOData I/O Corporation3.39 11:54AM ESTUp 0.18 (5.60%)36,298Chart, Profile, More
MEIPMEI Pharma, Inc.6.18 11:58AM ESTUp 0.20 (3.27%)1,155,751Chart, Profile, More
ISLEIsle of Capri Casinos, Inc.12.42 11:58AM ESTUp 0.45 (3.79%)111,171Chart, Profile, More
DFRGDel Frisco's Restaurant Group, 20.00 11:57AM ESTUp 0.89 (4.66%)784,026Chart, Profile, More
CYTXCytori Therapeutics Inc1.16 11:58AM ESTUp 0.03 (2.65%)26,058,155Chart, Profile, More
GAIGlobal-Tech Advanced Innovation4.17 11:13AM ESTUp 0.17 (4.25%)100Chart, Profile, More
AMSGAmsurg Corp.60.52 11:58AM ESTUp 2.55 (4.40%)627,493Chart, Profile, More
SHLDWSears Holdings Corporation24.12 10:57AM ESTUp 0.97 (4.19%)5,447Chart, More
TWMCTrans World Entertainment Corp.3.66 11:43AM ESTUp 0.08 (2.23%)3,416Chart, Profile, More
AVIDAVID TECH INC15.63 11:58AM ESTUp 0.56 (3.72%)166,358Chart, Profile, More
MITLMitel Networks Corporation9.99 11:57AM ESTUp 0.40 (4.17%)98,090Chart, Profile, More
SYNCSynacor, Inc.2.27 11:42AM ESTUp 0.11 (5.09%)63,446Chart, Profile, More
BOBEBob Evans Farms, Inc.58.78 11:53AM ESTUp 2.30 (4.07%)198,738Chart, Profile, More
APWCAsia Pacific Wire & Cable Corpo2.58 11:04AM ESTUp 0.10 (4.03%)5,415Chart, Profile, More
IILGInterval Leisure Group, Inc.27.00 11:56AM ESTUp 1.06 (4.07%)182,851Chart, Profile, More
FCELFuelCell Energy, Inc.1.30 11:58AM ESTUp 0.05 (3.88%)989,716Chart, Profile, More
XENEXenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.19.84 11:48AM ESTUp 0.79 (4.15%)8,567Chart, Profile, More
CNETChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc.1.53 11:58AM ESTUp 0.01 (0.66%)38,816Chart, Profile, More
AEHRAehr Test Systems2.65 11:40AM ESTUp 0.10 (3.92%)15,864Chart, Profile, More
DHRMDehaier Medical Systems Limited2.77 11:46AM ESTUp 0.08 (2.91%)12,165Chart, Profile, More
SNDKSanDisk Corporation80.95 11:58AM ESTUp 2.90 (3.71%)2,324,569Chart, Profile, More
EPAXAmbassadors Group, Inc.2.41 11:02AM ESTUp 0.09 (3.88%)3,758Chart, Profile, More
TINYHarris & Harris Group, Inc.3.55 11:53AM ESTUp 0.15 (4.53%)86,809Chart, Profile, More
AQXPAquinox Pharmaceuticals, Inc.10.15 11:03AM ESTUp 0.37 (3.78%)1,030Chart, Profile, More
RMGNRMG Networks Holding Corporatio1.14 10:47AM ESTUp 0.04 (3.78%)300Chart, Profile, More
VLCCFKnightsbridge Shipping Limited5.04 11:56AM ESTUp 0.21 (4.35%)422,274Chart, Profile, More
OCLROclaro, Inc.1.70 11:57AM ESTUp 0.06 (3.66%)280,571Chart, Profile, More
CMLSCumulus Media Inc.3.96 11:58AM ESTUp 0.11 (2.86%)589,704Chart, Profile, More
HSNIHSN, Inc.67.19 11:56AM ESTUp 2.25 (3.46%)272,368Chart, Profile, More
PSIXPower Solutions International, 56.15 11:57AM ESTUp 1.33 (2.43%)140,552Chart, Profile, More
SODASodaStream International Ltd.17.84 11:58AM ESTUp 0.58 (3.36%)678,660Chart, Profile, More
CWCOConsolidated Water Co. Ltd.11.01 11:58AM ESTUp 0.42 (3.97%)32,388Chart, Profile, More
CRESYCresud S.A.C.I.F. y A.12.74 11:47AM ESTUp 0.44 (3.58%)45,442Chart, Profile, More
COOLMajesco Entertainment Company1.17 11:44AM ESTUp 0.05 (4.46%)4,466Chart, Profile, More
EPRSEPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.10.38 11:47AM ESTUp 0.28 (2.77%)108,913Chart, Profile, More
TWOU2U, Inc.18.44 11:56AM ESTUp 0.57 (3.19%)335,086Chart, Profile, More
ROVIRovi Corporation23.82 11:58AM ESTUp 0.88 (3.81%)5,242,421Chart, Profile, More