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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
VVA.VAVAGENESIS CORP0.48 Feb 10, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.17 (54.84%)3,700Chart, Profile, More
LLG.VMASON GRAPHITE INC0.53 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.13 (32.50%)335,816Chart, Profile, More
HWY.VHIGHWAY 50 GOLD CORP0.15 Feb 10, 11:10AM ESTUp 0.03 (25.00%)228,000Chart, Profile, More
NEE.VNORTHERN VERTEX MINING CORP0.30 Feb 10, 3:29PM ESTUp 0.06 (25.00%)251,500Chart, Profile, More
FUR.VFURA EMERALDS INC0.18 Feb 10, 1:58PM ESTUp 0.04 (25.00%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
Q-A.VQUESTFIRE ENERGY CORP CL A0.74 Feb 10, 2:33PM ESTUp 0.14 (23.33%)2,017Chart, More
FEN.VFORENT ENERGY LTD.0.24 Feb 10, 9:38AM ESTUp 0.05 (23.08%)5,000Chart, Profile, More
ILA.VILOOKABOUT CORP.0.22 Feb 10, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.04 (22.22%)124,500Chart, Profile, More
UGD.VUNIGOLD INC.0.21 Feb 10, 11:42AM ESTUp 0.04 (20.00%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
IBT.VIBEX TECHNOLOGIES INC.0.13 Feb 10, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.02 (19.05%)82,800Chart, Profile, More
SOI.VSirios Resources Inc.0.13 Feb 10, 3:54PM ESTUp 0.02 (19.05%)346,500Chart, Profile, More
AHI.VAGILITY HEALTH INC0.20 Feb 10, 12:16PM ESTUp 0.03 (17.65%)100,100Chart, Profile, More
EXS.VEXPLOR RESOURCES INC.0.17 Feb 10, 3:55PM ESTUp 0.03 (17.24%)717,160Chart, Profile, More
EXO.VEXO U INC0.15 Feb 10, 2:34PM ESTUp 0.02 (15.38%)389,250Chart, Profile, More
CNX.VCALLINEX MINES INC0.32 Feb 10, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.04 (14.55%)120,800Chart, Profile, More
SVI.VSTORAGEVAULT CANADA INC.0.80 Feb 10, 2:15PM ESTUp 0.10 (14.29%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
ERG.VERGORESEARCH LTD0.25 Feb 10, 3:27PM ESTUp 0.03 (13.64%)5,500Chart, Profile, More
SI.VSTRATTON RESOURCES INC0.13 Feb 10, 1:54PM ESTUp 0.02 (13.64%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
ZC.VZIMTU CAPITAL CORP.0.18 Feb 10, 2:17PM ESTUp 0.02 (12.90%)31,030Chart, Profile, More
BRM.VBIOREM INC.0.31 Feb 10, 3:22PM ESTUp 0.04 (12.73%)39,000Chart, Profile, More
IWG.VIWG TECHNOLOGIES INC0.34 Feb 10, 3:34PM ESTUp 0.04 (11.67%)33,197Chart, Profile, More
PHM.VPATIENT HOME MONITORING CORP0.48 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.05 (11.63%)3,858,904Chart, Profile, More
EUO.VEUROCONTROL TECHNICS GROUP INC.0.16 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (10.71%)677,633Chart, Profile, More
TSM.VTASMAN METALS LTD.0.16 Feb 10, 3:07PM ESTUp 0.02 (10.71%)10,501Chart, Profile, More
DAN.VARIANNE PHOSPHATE INC0.84 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.08 (10.53%)32,600Chart, Profile, More
MXI.VMERREX GOLD INC.0.21 Feb 10, 3:38PM ESTUp 0.02 (10.53%)415,164Chart, Profile, More
AGB.VATLANTIC GOLD CORPORATION0.32 Feb 10, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.03 (10.34%)119,000Chart, Profile, More
YO.VYOHO RESOURCES INC0.22 Feb 10, 2:54PM ESTUp 0.02 (10.00%)27,000Chart, Profile, More
DE.VDECISIVE DIVIDEND CORPORATION3.55 Feb 10, 3:01PM ESTUp 0.30 (9.23%)100Chart, Profile, More
CNY.VCANCANA RESOURCES CORP0.18 Feb 10, 3:18PM ESTUp 0.02 (9.09%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
PYR.VPYROGENESIS CANADA INC0.19 Feb 10, 2:53PM ESTUp 0.02 (8.82%)8,650Chart, Profile, More
MNX.VMANITEX CAPITAL INC.0.38 Feb 10, 9:33AM ESTUp 0.03 (8.57%)2,600Chart, Profile, More
ODN.VODIN MINING AND EXPLORATION LTD0.38 Feb 10, 1:49PM ESTUp 0.03 (8.57%)72,000Chart, Profile, More
PKT.VPARKIT ENTERPRISE INC0.38 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.03 (8.57%)345,000Chart, Profile, More
CSX.VCLEAN SEED CAPITAL GROUP LTD0.51 Feb 10, 3:09PM ESTUp 0.04 (8.51%)17,000Chart, Profile, More
ISD.VISIGN MEDIA SOLUTIONS INC0.13 Feb 10, 1:29PM ESTUp 0.01 (8.33%)60,000Chart, Profile, More
AMZ.VALMADEX MINERALS LIMITED0.20 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (8.33%)49,670Chart, Profile, More
TIL.VTILL CAPITAL LTD4.19 Feb 10, 10:41AM ESTUp 0.30 (7.71%)137Chart, Profile, More
IGX.VINTELGENX TECHNOLOGIES CORP.0.72 Feb 10, 10:07AM ESTUp 0.05 (7.46%)14,500Chart, Profile, More
SYN.VSYNCORDIA TECH AND HEALTHCARE S0.29 Feb 10, 2:25PM ESTUp 0.02 (7.41%)11,000Chart, Profile, More
CDB.VCORDOBA MINERALS CORP0.15 Feb 10, 3:25PM ESTUp 0.01 (7.14%)25,800Chart, Profile, More
FCF.VFCF CAPITAL INC0.15 Feb 10, 3:55PM ESTUp 0.01 (7.14%)12,500Chart, Profile, More
BAY.VASTON BAY HOLDINGS LTD0.23 Feb 10, 11:32AM ESTUp 0.02 (6.98%)8,500Chart, Profile, More
PEA.VPETROLIA INC.0.24 Feb 10, 3:52PM ESTUp 0.02 (6.82%)46,715Chart, Profile, More
TXR.VTERRAX MINERALS INC.0.32 Feb 10, 11:09AM ESTUp 0.02 (6.67%)12,800Chart, Profile, More
DAP-U.VXPEL TECHNOLOGIES CORP0.81 Feb 10, 3:20PM ESTUp 0.05 (6.58%)12,315Chart, More
MIN.VEXCELSIOR MINING CORP0.25 Feb 10, 3:46PM ESTUp 0.02 (6.52%)79,700Chart, Profile, More
NZN.VNEVADA ZINC CORPORATION0.27 Feb 10, 2:49PM ESTUp 0.02 (6.00%)3,000Chart, Profile, More
VYC.VVANITY CAPITAL INC0.27 Feb 10, 3:30PM ESTUp 0.02 (6.00%)10,000Chart, More
REX.VOREX MINERALS INC0.36 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (5.88%)193,300Chart, Profile, More
RRI.VRIVERSIDE RESOURCES INC.0.18 Feb 10, 12:51PM ESTUp 0.01 (5.88%)4,000Chart, Profile, More
NCA.VNEWCASTLE GOLD LTD0.28 Feb 10, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.02 (5.77%)360,500Chart, Profile, More
ENW.VENWAVE CORP0.74 Feb 10, 3:08PM ESTUp 0.04 (5.71%)48,000Chart, Profile, More
JAG.VJAGUAR MINING INC0.19 Feb 10, 12:12PM ESTUp 0.01 (5.56%)520,376Chart, Profile, More
B.VBCM RESOURCES CORPORATION0.20 Feb 10, 3:46PM ESTUp 0.01 (5.26%)95,150Chart, Profile, More
BLM.VBLUMETRIC ENVIRONMENTAL INC0.20 Feb 10, 11:19AM ESTUp 0.01 (5.26%)30,000Chart, Profile, More
BGM.VBARKERVILLE GOLD MINES LTD0.31 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (5.17%)122,000Chart, Profile, More
GGG.VGRAPHENE 3D LAB INC0.21 Feb 10, 3:34PM ESTUp 0.01 (5.00%)162,197Chart, Profile, More
LPC.VLORNE PARK CAPITAL PARTNERS INC0.42 Feb 10, 10:33AM ESTUp 0.02 (5.00%)30,000Chart, Profile, More
UFC.VURBANFUND CORP.0.21 Feb 10, 11:09AM ESTUp 0.01 (5.00%)1,200Chart, Profile, More
IFX.VIMAFLEX INC0.32 Feb 10, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.02 (5.00%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
MAI.VMINERA ALAMOS INC0.11 Feb 10, 1:23PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.76%)10,300Chart, Profile, More
NCI.VNTG Clarity Networks Inc.0.22 Feb 10, 3:24PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.76%)1,700Chart, Profile, More
IEI.VImperial Equities Inc.4.60 Feb 10, 3:19PM ESTUp 0.20 (4.55%)250Chart, Profile, More
CXV.VCONVALO HEALTH INTERNATIONAL CO0.24 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.44%)740,700Chart, Profile, More
MEI.VMANITOK ENERGY INC.0.12 Feb 10, 2:46PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.35%)14,615Chart, Profile, More
SNS.VSELECT SANDS CORP0.24 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.35%)139,200Chart, Profile, More
YFI.VEDGEWATER WIRELESS SYSTEMS INC0.24 Feb 10, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.35%)147,000Chart, Profile, More
GNH.VGOLDEN HOPE MINES LTD0.25 Feb 10, 3:41PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.17%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
SYZ.VSYLOGIST LTD8.04 Feb 10, 3:38PM ESTUp 0.32 (4.15%)3,000Chart, Profile, More
BTI.VBIOASIS TECHNOLOGIES INC.1.02 Feb 10, 3:54PM ESTUp 0.04 (4.08%)29,600Chart, Profile, More
DJI.VDAJIN RESOURCES CORP.0.13 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.00%)308,975Chart, Profile, More
DYA.VDYNACERT INC0.13 Feb 10, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.01 (4.00%)414,900Chart, Profile, More
NXT.VNATCORE TECHNOLOGY INC.0.52 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (4.00%)47,950Chart, Profile, More
BEE.VBEE VECTORING TECHNOLOGIES INTL0.40 Feb 10, 3:26PM ESTUp 0.02 (3.90%)500Chart, Profile, More
GPV.VGREENPOWER MOTOR COMPANY INC0.27 Feb 10, 3:48PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.85%)14,000Chart, Profile, More
MVN.VMADALENA ENERGY INC0.27 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.85%)289,200Chart, Profile, More
ORO.VNEW OROPERU RESOURCES INC.0.14 Feb 10, 9:30AM ESTUp 0.01 (3.85%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
FDR.VFLINDERS RESOURCES LIMITED0.14 Feb 10, 10:58AM ESTUp 0.01 (3.57%)500Chart, Profile, More
MTE.VMITRA ENERGY INC0.14 Feb 10, 10:00AM ESTUp 0.01 (3.57%)8,000Chart, Profile, More
AUN.VAURCANA CORPORATION0.15 Feb 10, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.45%)51,949Chart, Profile, More
ELO.VELORO RESOURCES LTD.0.15 Feb 10, 1:37PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.45%)13,338Chart, Profile, More
IKM.VIKKUMA RESOURCES CORP0.60 Feb 10, 3:22PM ESTUp 0.02 (3.45%)4,300Chart, Profile, More
NNO.VNANO ONE MATERIALS CORP0.30 Feb 10, 2:15PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.45%)25,000Chart, Profile, More
CEB.VCEIBA ENERGY SERVICES INC0.16 Feb 10, 3:40PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.33%)20,000Chart, Profile, More
CRE.VCRITICAL ELEMENTS CORPORATION0.16 Feb 10, 2:56PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.33%)332,500Chart, Profile, More
OCN.VOCEANUS RESOURCES CORP0.16 Feb 10, 3:03PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.33%)17,250Chart, Profile, More
TGX.VTRUE NORTH GEMS INC.0.16 Feb 10, 1:49PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.23%)28,000Chart, Profile, More
KG.VKLONDIKE GOLD CORP0.17 Feb 10, 2:48PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.13%)38,000Chart, Profile, More
SKX.VSTRIKER EXPLORATION CORP0.99 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.03 (3.13%)139,400Chart, Profile, More
AQS.VAEQUUS PHARMACEUTICALS INC0.50 Feb 10, 2:59PM ESTUp 0.02 (3.09%)28,500Chart, Profile, More
ERA.VELCORA RESOURCES CORP0.34 Feb 10, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.03%)73,440Chart, Profile, More
MQL.VMARQUEE ENERGY LTD0.34 Feb 10, 3:01PM ESTUp 0.01 (3.03%)1,670Chart, Profile, More
NYX.VNYX GAMING GROUP LIMITED2.73 Feb 10, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.08 (3.02%)117,921Chart, Profile, More
PTK.VPOET TECHNOLOGIES INC1.04 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.03 (2.97%)221,115Chart, Profile, More
BOE.VAMERICAS PETROGAS INC.0.18 Feb 10, 2:59PM ESTUp 0.01 (2.86%)56,000Chart, Profile, More
BKM.VPacific Booker Minerals Inc.1.80 Feb 10, 1:19PM ESTUp 0.05 (2.86%)1,764Chart, Profile, More
ICG.VINTEGRA GOLD CORP.0.37 Feb 10, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.01 (2.82%)275,900Chart, Profile, More
CST.VCO2 SOLUTIONS INC.0.19 Feb 10, 3:42PM ESTUp 0.01 (2.70%)239,800Chart, Profile, More
VIT.VVICTORIA GOLD CORP.0.19 Feb 10, 3:52PM ESTUp 0.01 (2.70%)234,262Chart, Profile, More