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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
OHRPOhr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.10.22 3:37PM ESTUp 2.53 (32.90%)3,585,151Chart, Profile, More
TCON17.79 3:37PM ESTUp 4.36 (32.43%)813,470Chart, Profile, More
DRAMDataram Corporation3.09 3:35PM ESTUp 0.71 (29.64%)1,046,020Chart, Profile, More
DQDAQO New Energy Corp. American 27.81 3:37PM ESTUp 5.44 (24.32%)478,272Chart, Profile, More
OMEROmeros Corporation25.06 3:38PM ESTUp 4.19 (20.08%)2,497,734Chart, Profile, More
GTIGrafTech International Ltd (Hol4.68 3:38PM ESTUp 0.78 (20.00%)2,385,000Chart, Profile, More
NXPINXP Semiconductors N.V.99.07 3:38PM ESTUp 14.18 (16.70%)22,071,713Chart, Profile, More
MVNRMavenir Systems, Inc. Common St16.90 3:38PM ESTUp 2.33 (15.99%)5,590,932Chart, Profile, More
LGNDLigand Pharmaceuticals Incorpor63.40 3:37PM ESTUp 8.33 (15.13%)1,032,433Chart, Profile, More
ICLDWInterCloud Systems, Inc1.75 2:55PM ESTUp 0.23 (14.75%)300Chart, More
BIOCBiocept, Inc.3.63 3:37PM ESTUp 0.47 (14.77%)11,647,016Chart, Profile, More
APRIApricus Biosciences, Inc2.50 3:37PM ESTUp 0.30 (13.64%)578,289Chart, Profile, More
ATHXAthersys, Inc.2.95 3:38PM ESTUp 0.36 (13.94%)7,079,263Chart, Profile, More
KOSSKoss Corporation2.48 3:15PM ESTUp 0.33 (15.24%)81,245Chart, Profile, More
VICRVicor Corporation14.95 3:38PM ESTUp 1.77 (13.43%)132,653Chart, Profile, More
ANYSphere 3D Corp5.09 3:37PM ESTUp 0.58 (12.96%)332,818Chart, Profile, More
STRZBStarz34.29 12:20PM ESTUp 3.92 (12.90%)167Chart, Profile, More
CRMD-WT1.93 3:20PM ESTUp 0.21 (12.14%)71,200Chart, More
SPPROSupertel Hospitality, Inc.16.73 2:04PM ESTUp 1.73 (11.53%)250Chart, More
FSLFreescale Semiconductor, Ltd Co40.26 3:38PM ESTUp 4.15 (11.49%)19,931,590Chart, Profile, More
CYCCCyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.67 3:37PM ESTUp 0.17 (11.44%)12,144,424Chart, Profile, More
PRTSU.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc.3.04 3:36PM ESTUp 0.26 (9.28%)140,050Chart, Profile, More
BORNChina New Borun Corporation Ame1.40 3:37PM ESTUp 0.14 (11.06%)498,342Chart, Profile, More
APTOAptose Biosciences, Inc.5.51 3:31PM ESTUp 0.54 (10.87%)67,147Chart, Profile, More
APDNWApplied DNA Sciences Inc1.66 2:51PM ESTUp 0.16 (10.67%)23,051Chart, More
CCCLChina Ceramics Co., Ltd.1.13 3:37PM ESTUp 0.09 (8.65%)138,425Chart, Profile, More
HARTHarvard Apparatus Regenerative 4.04 3:38PM ESTUp 0.37 (10.08%)363,827Chart, Profile, More
NRXNephroGenex, Inc.8.02 3:37PM ESTUp 0.72 (9.88%)180,643Chart, Profile, More
XINXinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd Amer3.36 3:38PM ESTUp 0.30 (9.81%)957,546Chart, Profile, More
CUICUI Global, Inc.6.25 3:36PM ESTUp 0.55 (9.65%)116,678Chart, Profile, More
CNETChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc.1.72 3:37PM ESTUp 0.15 (9.55%)416,535Chart, Profile, More
EGRXEagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.37.24 3:37PM ESTUp 3.24 (9.53%)323,914Chart, Profile, More
SGYPSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.3.30 3:37PM ESTUp 0.28 (9.24%)2,481,853Chart, Profile, More
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor193.00 3:32PM ESTUp 15.95 (9.01%)7,405Chart, Profile, More
AROAeropostale Inc Common Stock4.38 3:38PM ESTUp 0.35 (8.68%)2,642,987Chart, Profile, More
LPCNLipocine Inc.7.92 3:38PM ESTUp 0.68 (9.43%)269,397Chart, Profile, More
MEILMethes Energies International L1.39 3:32PM ESTUp 0.11 (8.59%)77,823Chart, Profile, More
IMKTAIngles Markets, Incorporated46.92 3:37PM ESTUp 3.68 (8.52%)382,720Chart, Profile, More
SMMFSummit Financial Group, Inc.12.48 3:14PM ESTUp 0.98 (8.51%)25,972Chart, Profile, More
MNDOMIND C.T.I. Ltd.3.97 3:37PM ESTUp 0.32 (8.77%)744,094Chart, Profile, More Limited American Deposi10.01 3:38PM ESTUp 0.78 (8.45%)7,114,414Chart, Profile, More
IKGHIao Kun Group Holding Company L1.54 3:31PM ESTUp 0.12 (8.45%)60,535Chart, Profile, More
JTPYJetPay Corporation2.71 2:51PM ESTUp 0.21 (8.40%)4,646Chart, Profile, More
CRNTCeragon Networks Ltd.1.30 3:37PM ESTUp 0.10 (8.33%)846,500Chart, Profile, More
APPS3.91 3:36PM ESTUp 0.30 (8.31%)309,528Chart, Profile, More
DHRMDehaier Medical Systems Limited3.07 3:37PM ESTUp 0.23 (8.14%)75,281Chart, Profile, More
XENTIntersect ENT, Inc.28.54 3:38PM ESTUp 2.13 (8.07%)192,193Chart, Profile, More
PZGParamount Gold and Silver Corp.1.20 3:36PM ESTUp 0.08 (7.14%)709,266Chart, Profile, More
OLEDUniversal Display Corporation36.92 3:38PM ESTUp 2.53 (7.36%)927,076Chart, Profile, More
WMKWeis Markets, Inc. Common Stock50.59 3:34PM ESTUp 3.42 (7.25%)67,248Chart, Profile, More
PTLAPortola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.41.01 3:38PM ESTUp 2.93 (7.69%)540,394Chart, Profile, More
NKANiska Gas Storage Partners LLC 1.82 3:34PM ESTUp 0.12 (7.06%)611,309Chart, Profile, More
HBPHuttig Building Products, Inc.3.29 3:23PM ESTUp 0.23 (7.52%)10,943Chart, Profile, More
CALLmagicJack VocalTec Ltd8.32 3:37PM ESTUp 0.60 (7.77%)316,083Chart, Profile, More
BEATBioTelemetry, Inc.10.35 3:37PM ESTUp 0.70 (7.25%)267,523Chart, Profile, More
HCHCHC2 Holdings, Inc. Common Stock8.20 3:31PM ESTUp 0.56 (7.33%)70,206Chart, Profile, More
RAREUltragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.58.22 3:37PM ESTUp 3.95 (7.28%)231,591Chart, Profile, More
EBIOEleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.11.33 3:32PM ESTUp 0.76 (7.19%)27,216Chart, Profile, More
AMBAAmbarella, Inc.61.48 3:38PM ESTUp 4.09 (7.13%)2,453,089Chart, Profile, More
PGTIPGT, Inc.10.95 3:37PM ESTUp 0.78 (7.67%)691,252Chart, Profile, More
PDIIPDI, Inc.1.92 3:02PM ESTUp 0.13 (7.06%)21,843Chart, Profile, More
TNAVTelenav, Inc.9.10 3:36PM ESTUp 0.58 (6.81%)1,182,945Chart, Profile, More
CALIChina Auto Logistics Inc.1.25 2:17PM ESTUp 0.08 (7.02%)14,188Chart, Profile, More
EMANeMagin Corporation Common Stock3.53 3:19PM ESTUp 0.23 (6.97%)67,146Chart, Profile, More
KONAKona Grill, Inc.26.26 3:37PM ESTUp 1.80 (7.36%)132,830Chart, Profile, More
EARSAuris Medical Holding AG6.00 3:15PM ESTUp 0.50 (9.09%)18,863Chart, Profile, More
HMSTHomeStreet, Inc.18.39 3:34PM ESTUp 1.09 (6.30%)381,596Chart, Profile, More
THTITHT Heat Transfer Technology, I1.08 3:35PM ESTUp 0.07 (6.93%)9,877Chart, Profile, More
SPROSmartPros Ltd.1.39 11:40AM ESTUp 0.09 (6.92%)4,113Chart, Profile, More
ZAGGZAGG Inc8.26 3:38PM ESTUp 0.56 (7.27%)796,822Chart, Profile, More
DVAXDynavax Technologies Corporatio18.81 3:38PM ESTUp 1.21 (6.85%)968,331Chart, Profile, More
IPHIInphi Corporation Common Stock 19.91 3:37PM ESTUp 1.27 (6.81%)582,683Chart, Profile, More
QUIKQuickLogic Corporation2.04 3:38PM ESTUp 0.13 (6.81%)391,285Chart, Profile, More
WKWorkiva Inc. Class A Common Sto13.67 3:37PM ESTUp 0.87 (6.80%)133,919Chart, Profile, More
OGXIOncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc.2.45 3:37PM ESTUp 0.16 (6.75%)286,807Chart, Profile, More
VRTAVestin Realty Mortgage I, Inc.4.30 3:33PM ESTUp 0.27 (6.70%)4,250Chart, Profile, More
TRIVTriVascular Technologies, Inc.10.94 3:29PM ESTUp 0.68 (6.63%)8,516Chart, Profile, More
EGLENGILITY HOLDINGS, INC38.49 3:38PM ESTUp 2.39 (6.62%)243,415Chart, Profile, More
AAOIApplied Optoelectronics, Inc.13.30 3:37PM ESTUp 0.82 (6.57%)582,587Chart, Profile, More
CFRXWContraFect Corporation1.65 10:45AM ESTUp 0.10 (6.45%)5,300Chart, More
ASTAsterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. 4.24 3:38PM ESTUp 0.26 (6.43%)63,928Chart, Profile, More
ECTEEcho Therapeutics, Inc.2.48 3:37PM ESTUp 0.14 (5.98%)52,260Chart, Profile, More
EDNEmpresa Distribuidora Y Comerci14.17 3:35PM ESTUp 0.85 (6.38%)92,225Chart, Profile, More
ISLEIsle of Capri Casinos, Inc.13.27 3:38PM ESTUp 0.80 (6.42%)708,990Chart, Profile, More
ADNCAudience, Inc.5.19 3:37PM ESTUp 0.31 (6.35%)257,849Chart, Profile, More
HIBBHibbett Sports, Inc.51.99 3:37PM ESTUp 3.08 (6.31%)471,656Chart, Profile, More
ARDXArdelyx, Inc.16.73 3:38PM ESTUp 0.99 (6.26%)90,112Chart, Profile, More
YGEYingli Green Energy Holding Com2.22 3:37PM ESTUp 0.13 (6.22%)964,909Chart, Profile, More
CDNACareDx, Inc.6.49 3:32PM ESTUp 0.38 (6.22%)18,964Chart, Profile, More
LIOXLionbridge Technologies, Inc.5.98 3:37PM ESTUp 0.35 (6.22%)552,100Chart, Profile, More
CTRECareTrust REIT, Inc.13.50 3:36PM ESTUp 0.79 (6.25%)182,736Chart, Profile, More
ABTLAutobytel Inc.13.66 3:36PM ESTUp 0.77 (6.00%)298,154Chart, Profile, More
ACPWActive Power, Inc.2.13 3:36PM ESTUp 0.18 (9.23%)125,631Chart, Profile, More
CLDXCelldex Therapeutics, Inc.27.08 3:37PM ESTUp 1.54 (6.03%)2,648,712Chart, Profile, More
NSTGNanoString Technologies, Inc.11.14 3:35PM ESTUp 0.63 (5.99%)62,981Chart, Profile, More
SONCSonic Corp.33.72 3:38PM ESTUp 1.93 (6.09%)1,736,239Chart, Profile, More
RENTRentrak Corporation58.08 3:38PM ESTUp 3.33 (6.08%)386,788Chart, Profile, More
MOMOMomo Inc.12.00 3:37PM ESTUp 0.68 (6.06%)674,174Chart, Profile, More
ISDRIssuer Direct Corporation Commo11.99 3:32PM ESTUp 0.84 (7.53%)38,673Chart, Profile, More
ATMLAtmel Corporation8.84 3:38PM ESTUp 0.50 (6.00%)7,257,147Chart, Profile, More