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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
BX.TOBIOX CORPORATION0.75 Feb 12, 12:50PM ESTUp 0.20 (36.36%)3,600Chart, Profile, More
MRI-U.TOMERCER INTERNATIONAL INC8.07 Feb 12, 2:09PM ESTUp 1.95 (31.86%)1,400Chart, More
TCK-B.TOTeck Resources Limited6.44 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 1.29 (25.05%)8,138,187Chart, Profile, More
XSR.TOSIRIUS XM CANADA HOLDINGS INC4.26 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.58 (15.76%)778,961Chart, Profile, More
EQI.TOEQUITY FINANCIAL HOLDINGS INC.7.90 Feb 12, 2:32PM ESTUp 1.00 (14.49%)12,638Chart, Profile, More
WFS.TOWORLD FINANCIAL SPLIT CORP1.35 Feb 12, 1:24PM ESTUp 0.17 (14.41%)7,641Chart, More
FM.TOFIRST QUANTUM MINERALS LTD3.29 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.35 (11.90%)6,958,537Chart, Profile, More
NAL.TONEWALTA CORPORATION2.22 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.23 (11.56%)234,890Chart, Profile, More
LCS.TOBROMPTON LIFECO SPLIT CORP, CLA3.10 Feb 12, 3:09PM ESTUp 0.32 (11.51%)16,700Chart, Profile, More
LUN.TOLUNDIN MINING CORP.3.45 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.35 (11.29%)2,685,769Chart, Profile, More
MET.TOMETALORE RES1.40 Feb 12, 9:37AM ESTUp 0.14 (11.11%)1,390Chart, Profile, More
IVN.TOIVANHOE MINES LTD0.62 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.06 (10.71%)1,080,102Chart, Profile, More
PWT.TOPENN WEST PETROLEUM LTD.1.14 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.11 (10.68%)2,085,241Chart, Profile, More
PGF.TOPENGROWTH ENERGY CORPORATION1.04 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.10 (10.64%)1,621,930Chart, Profile, More
HBM.TOHUDBAY MINERALS INC.2.72 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.26 (10.57%)1,678,788Chart, Profile, More
PIH.TOPACIFIC INSIGHT ELECTRONICS COR7.85 Feb 12, 3:18PM ESTUp 0.75 (10.56%)40,645Chart, Profile, More
OSP.TOBROMPTON OIL SPLIT CORP5.67 Feb 12, 3:32PM ESTUp 0.52 (10.10%)6,096Chart, More
TCK-A.TOTECK RESOURCES LIMITED CL A8.52 Feb 12, 3:28PM ESTUp 0.78 (10.08%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
SVM.TOSILVERCORP METALS INC.1.03 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.09 (9.57%)524,121Chart, Profile, More
SLR.TOSOLITARIO EXPLORATION & ROYALTY0.69 Feb 12, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.06 (9.52%)2,300Chart, Profile, More
IFP.TOINTERFOR CORPORATION10.17 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.87 (9.35%)737,765Chart, Profile, More
CFW.TOCALFRAC WELL SERVICES LTD.1.18 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.10 (9.26%)406,489Chart, Profile, More
DRM.TODREAM UNLIMITED CORP6.99 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.58 (9.05%)106,850Chart, Profile, More
MPC.TOMADISON PAC CL B2.78 Feb 12, 11:45AM ESTUp 0.23 (9.02%)652Chart, Profile, More
DFN.TODIVIDEND 15 SPLIT CORP8.91 Feb 12, 3:54PM ESTUp 0.73 (8.92%)53,719Chart, More
TCW.TOTRICAN WELL1.48 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.12 (8.82%)959,083Chart, Profile, More
EFR.TOENERGY FUELS INC.3.09 Feb 12, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.25 (8.80%)51,039Chart, Profile, More
DGS.TODIVIDEND GROWTH SPLIT CORP. CLA5.01 Feb 12, 3:47PM ESTUp 0.40 (8.68%)27,822Chart, More
AXR.TOALEXCO RESOURCE CORP.0.91 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.07 (8.33%)277,883Chart, Profile, More
CXR.TOCONCORDIA HEALTHCARE CORP36.45 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 2.77 (8.22%)448,993Chart, Profile, More
PXX.TOBLACKPEARL RESOURCES INC.0.55 Feb 12, 3:56PM ESTUp 0.04 (7.84%)81,015Chart, Profile, More
TGZ.TOTERANGA GOLD CORPORATION0.55 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.04 (7.84%)1,634,404Chart, Profile, More
BK.TOCANADIAN BANC CORP7.93 Feb 12, 12:34PM ESTUp 0.57 (7.74%)620Chart, More
BXO.TOBOULDER ENERGY LTD1.67 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.12 (7.74%)119,430Chart, Profile, More
HCG.TOHOME CAPITAL GROUP INC.27.32 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.96 (7.73%)563,770Chart, Profile, More
APS.TOAPTOSE BIOSCIENCES INC3.67 Feb 12, 3:51PM ESTUp 0.26 (7.62%)5,916Chart, Profile, More
ODI-UN.TOOLEARY CANADIAN DIVERSIFIED INC9.49 Feb 12, 11:35AM ESTUp 0.65 (7.35%)134Chart, More
PUR.TOPURE TECHNOLOGIES LTD4.70 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.32 (7.31%)13,800Chart, Profile, More
TS-B.TOTORSTAR CORP., CL. B, NV2.09 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.14 (7.18%)69,224Chart, Profile, More
BBO.TOBIG BANK BIG OIL SPLIT CORP.3.75 Feb 12, 3:42PM ESTUp 0.25 (7.14%)12,158Chart, More
GPR.TOGREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED0.90 Feb 12, 4:33PM ESTUp 0.06 (7.14%)219,706Chart, Profile, More
BNP.TOBONAVISTA ENERGY CORPORATION1.81 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.12 (7.10%)1,220,616Chart, Profile, More
MDI.TOMAJOR DRILLING GRP6.09 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.40 (7.03%)50,302Chart, Profile, More
SBC.TOBROMPTON SPLIT BANC CORP., CL A10.05 Feb 12, 3:47PM ESTUp 0.65 (6.91%)1,538Chart, More
FR.TOFIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP. COM5.99 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.38 (6.77%)885,261Chart, Profile, More
DF.TODIVIDEND 15 SPLIT CORP. II3.95 Feb 12, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.25 (6.76%)35,170Chart, More
PD.TOPRECISION DRILLING CORPORATION3.96 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.25 (6.74%)1,411,668Chart, Profile, More
WTE.TOWESTSHORE TERMINALS INVESTMENT 13.76 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.86 (6.67%)208,601Chart, Profile, More
CWX.TOCANWEL BUILDING MATERIALS GROUP4.17 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.26 (6.65%)94,650Chart, Profile, More
TXG.TOTOREX GOLD RESOURCES INC1.61 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.10 (6.62%)1,842,096Chart, Profile, More
BNE.TOBONTERRA ENERGY CORP16.08 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.99 (6.56%)173,728Chart, Profile, More
TSL.TOTREE ISLAND STEEL LTD3.09 Feb 12, 3:56PM ESTUp 0.19 (6.55%)13,840Chart, Profile, More
BBD-PB.TOBOMBARDIER 2 PR5.59 Feb 12, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.34 (6.48%)7,000Chart, Profile, More
ERF.TOENERPLUS CORPORATION3.99 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.24 (6.40%)1,063,781Chart, Profile, More
NBZ.TONORTHERN BLIZZARD RESOURCES INC3.51 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.21 (6.36%)377,652Chart, Profile, More
AYA.TOAMAYA INC18.30 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 1.09 (6.33%)723,047Chart, Profile, More
RFP.TORESOLUTE FOREST PRODUCTS INC6.06 Feb 12, 2:08PM ESTUp 0.36 (6.32%)2,775Chart, Profile, More
TVE.TOTAMARACK VALLEY ENERGY LTD3.30 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.19 (6.11%)99,974Chart, Profile, More
TOG.TOTORC OIL AND GAS LTD5.25 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.30 (6.06%)1,065,212Chart, Profile, More
SBN.TOS SPLIT CORP., CL.A4.07 Feb 12, 2:29PM ESTUp 0.23 (5.99%)2,930Chart, More
WPT.TOWESTPORT INNOVATIONS INC.2.54 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.14 (5.83%)32,216Chart, Profile, More
TNP.TOTRANSATLANTIC PETROLEUM LTD.1.09 Feb 12, 2:36PM ESTUp 0.06 (5.83%)3,155Chart, Profile, More
CCO.TOCAMECO CORP15.85 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.86 (5.74%)1,198,994Chart, Profile, More
ZCL.TOZCL COMPOSITES7.04 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.38 (5.71%)4,050Chart, Profile, More
CSE-PA.TOCAPSTONE INFRASTRUCTURE CORP PR12.97 Feb 12, 9:30AM ESTUp 0.70 (5.70%)100Chart, More
FFN.TONORTH AMERICAN FINANCIAL 15 SPL4.84 Feb 12, 3:55PM ESTUp 0.26 (5.68%)43,349Chart, More
RNW.TOTRANSALTA RENEWABLES INC10.45 Feb 12, 4:15PM ESTUp 0.56 (5.66%)675,350Chart, Profile, More
PSI.TOPASON SYSTEMS INC.16.14 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.86 (5.63%)142,155Chart, Profile, More
LBS.TOLIFE & BANC SPLIT CORP.5.70 Feb 12, 4:24PM ESTUp 0.30 (5.56%)181,410Chart, More
WEF.TOWESTERN FOREST PRODUCTS INC.1.92 Feb 12, 4:15PM ESTUp 0.10 (5.49%)1,881,705Chart, Profile, More
VRX.TOVALEANT PHARMACEUTICALS INTL IN122.69 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 6.33 (5.44%)577,386Chart, Profile, More
TGO.TOTERAGO INC.4.69 Feb 12, 10:23AM ESTUp 0.24 (5.39%)1,300Chart, Profile, More
GO.TOMOGO FINANCE TECHNOLOGY INC2.75 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.14 (5.36%)81,959Chart, Profile, More
TMD.TOTITAN MEDICAL INC0.79 Feb 12, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.04 (5.33%)746,042Chart, Profile, More
PEG.TOPATTERN ENERGY GROUP INC22.54 Feb 12, 3:41PM ESTUp 1.14 (5.33%)100Chart, Profile, More
CTH.TOCYNAPSUS THERAPEUTICS INC18.80 Feb 12, 3:52PM ESTUp 0.95 (5.32%)5,703Chart, Profile, More
CMH.TOCARMANAH TECHNOLOGIES CORP.4.79 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.24 (5.27%)6,310Chart, Profile, More
KLS.TOKELSO TECHNOLOGIES INC1.20 Feb 12, 2:52PM ESTUp 0.06 (5.26%)11,210Chart, Profile, More
SWY.TOSTORNOWAY DIAMOND CORP.0.80 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.04 (5.26%)209,188Chart, Profile, More
BGI-UN.TOBROOKFIELD GLBL INFRAS SEC INC 4.81 Feb 12, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.24 (5.25%)106,285Chart, More
WRG.TOWESTERN ENERGY SERVICES CORP2.81 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.14 (5.24%)56,572Chart, Profile, More
POU.TOPARAMOUNT RESOURCES LTD.4.46 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.22 (5.19%)1,000,878Chart, Profile, More
LFE.TOCANADIAN LIFE COMPANIES SPLIT C2.64 Feb 12, 3:58PM ESTUp 0.13 (5.18%)7,700Chart, Profile, More
BBD-PD.TOBOMBARDIER INC. PREFERRED (SER5.16 Feb 12, 3:53PM ESTUp 0.25 (5.09%)1,300Chart, More
PIC-A.TOPREMIUM INCOME A4.13 Feb 12, 3:18PM ESTUp 0.20 (5.09%)5,300Chart, More
TOT.TOTOTAL ENERGY SERVICES INC.13.67 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.66 (5.07%)23,969Chart, Profile, More
COS.TOCANADIAN OIL SANDS LIMITED8.70 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.42 (5.07%)2,531,360Chart, Profile, More
ESI.TOENSIGN ENERGY SERVICES INC.5.39 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.26 (5.07%)287,937Chart, Profile, More
ASR.TOALACER GOLD CORP2.70 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.13 (5.06%)1,336,706Chart, Profile, More
FTN.TOFINANCIAL 15 SPLIT CORP5.65 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.27 (5.02%)134,587Chart, More
IMG.TOIAMGOLD CORP3.35 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.16 (5.02%)3,376,384Chart, Profile, More
BIG-D.TOBIG 8 SPLIT INC CLASS D9.24 Feb 12, 11:21AM ESTUp 0.44 (5.00%)400Chart, More
CFP.TOCANFOR CORP13.27 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.63 (4.98%)187,487Chart, Profile, More
RIC.TORICHMONT MINES6.57 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 0.31 (4.95%)219,971Chart, Profile, More
QSP-UN.TORESTAURANT BRANDS INTL LTD PART44.60 Feb 12, 4:10PM ESTUp 2.10 (4.94%)202Chart, More
IBG.TOIBI GROUP INC.2.55 Feb 12, 3:57PM ESTUp 0.12 (4.94%)86,325Chart, Profile, More
AGF-B.TOAGF MANAGEMENT LTD., CL.B, NV4.53 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 0.21 (4.86%)200,708Chart, Profile, More
AD.TOALARIS ROYALTY CORP.23.54 Feb 12, 3:59PM ESTUp 1.08 (4.81%)138,745Chart, Profile, More
BAM-PX.TOBROOKFIELD AM PREF SER 2811.79 Feb 12, 3:54PM ESTUp 0.54 (4.80%)149,544Chart, More
CIX.TOCI FINANCIAL CORP.27.79 Feb 12, 4:00PM ESTUp 1.27 (4.79%)919,718Chart, Profile, More