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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
MGO.TOMIGAO CORPORATION0.77 Jun 29, 3:44PM EDTUp 0.14 (22.22%)63,400Chart, Profile, More
BX.TOBIOX CORPORATION0.88 Jun 29, 4:22PM EDTUp 0.09 (11.39%)25,594Chart, Profile, More
TML.TOTREASURY METALS INC.0.60 Jun 29, 3:36PM EDTUp 0.05 (9.09%)268,162Chart, Profile, More
NCQ.TONOVACOPPER INC0.68 Jun 29, 3:45PM EDTUp 0.05 (7.94%)18,550Chart, Profile, More
IMV.TOIMMUNOVACCINE INC0.93 Jun 29, 4:15PM EDTUp 0.06 (6.90%)477,277Chart, Profile, More
MHY-UN.TOMARRET HIGH YIELD STRATEGIES FU0.63 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.04 (6.78%)2,725,157Chart, More
OPM.TOOPTA MINERALS INC.0.95 Jun 29, 3:37PM EDTUp 0.06 (6.74%)17,800Chart, Profile, More
IDG.TOINDIGO BOOKS & MUSIC INC.10.82 Jun 29, 3:02PM EDTUp 0.62 (6.08%)1,295Chart, Profile, More
LVN.TOLEVON RESOURCES LTD0.55 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.03 (5.77%)504,442Chart, Profile, More
TSL.TOTREE ISLAND STEEL LTD3.15 Jun 29, 4:33PM EDTUp 0.15 (5.00%)45,788Chart, Profile, More
TKO.TOTASEKO MINES LTD.0.68 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.03 (4.62%)82,543Chart, Profile, More
BAM-PC.TOBROOKFIELD ASSET MGMT INC., PR.14.35 Jun 29, 3:57PM EDTUp 0.63 (4.59%)3,882Chart, More
EDT.TOSPECTRAL MEDICAL INC0.83 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.03 (3.75%)31,389Chart, Profile, More
CTU-A.TOLE CHATEAU INC., CL A., SV0.57 Jun 29, 11:21AM EDTUp 0.02 (3.64%)3,602Chart, Profile, More
GDS.TOGENDIS INC3.60 Jun 29, 10:38AM EDTUp 0.12 (3.45%)1,049Chart, Profile, More
PIF.TOPOLARIS INFRASTRUCTURE INC15.50 Jun 29, 9:36AM EDTUp 0.50 (3.33%)310Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PT.TOBCE INC. FIRST PREFERRED, SERIE17.05 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.55 (3.33%)300Chart, More
BAM-PK.TOBROOKFIELD ASSET MGMT INC., PR.14.36 Jun 29, 3:29PM EDTUp 0.46 (3.31%)2,100Chart, More
NXJ.TONEXJ SYSTEMS INC1.61 Jun 29, 3:40PM EDTUp 0.05 (3.21%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
FRX.TOFENNEC PHARMACEUTICALS INC3.14 Jun 29, 3:58PM EDTUp 0.09 (2.95%)5,773Chart, Profile, More
CCL-A.TOCCL INC. CL A155.00 Jun 29, 9:37AM EDTUp 4.41 (2.93%)103Chart, Profile, More
TCM.TOTHOMPSON CREEK METALS COMPANY I1.06 Jun 29, 3:57PM EDTUp 0.03 (2.91%)91,386Chart, Profile, More
CTC.TOCANADIAN TIRE CORPORATION, LIMI232.50 Jun 29, 9:37AM EDTUp 6.39 (2.83%)161Chart, Profile, More
RIC.TORICHMONT MINES4.04 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.11 (2.80%)68,319Chart, Profile, More
VCM.TOVECIMA NETWORKS INC.10.92 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.27 (2.54%)36,092Chart, Profile, More
PPY.TOPAINTED PONY PETROLEUM LTD7.59 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.18 (2.43%)459,895Chart, Profile, More
I.TOINTELLIPHARMACEUTICS INTERNATIO3.39 Jun 29, 3:49PM EDTUp 0.07 (2.11%)4,273Chart, Profile, More
BAM-PB.TOBROOKFIELD ASSET MGMT INC., PR14.69 Jun 29, 3:52PM EDTUp 0.29 (2.01%)5,209Chart, More
W-PH.TOWESTCOAST 7 PR24.91 Jun 29, 3:49PM EDTUp 0.45 (1.86%)700Chart, Profile, More
WIR-U.TOWPT INDUSTRIAL REIT USD12.50 Jun 29, 3:53PM EDTUp 0.22 (1.79%)10,826Chart, More
PWF-PT.TOPOWER FINANCIAL CORP 4.20 PCT P25.04 Jun 29, 3:39PM EDTUp 0.44 (1.79%)1,800Chart, More
EFN.TOELEMENT FINANCIAL CORP19.19 Jun 29, 4:15PM EDTUp 0.32 (1.70%)6,121,652Chart, Profile, More
GDI.TOGDI INTEGRATED FACILITY SERVICE19.62 Jun 29, 3:50PM EDTUp 0.32 (1.66%)19,555Chart, Profile, More
VLN.TOVELAN INC., SV20.34 Jun 29, 3:36PM EDTUp 0.32 (1.60%)1,983Chart, Profile, More
SLF-PD.TOSUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC. CL A PF22.47 Jun 29, 3:52PM EDTUp 0.35 (1.58%)17,428Chart, Profile, More
MET.TOMETALORE RES3.25 Jun 29, 10:03AM EDTUp 0.05 (1.56%)500Chart, Profile, More
IAG-PG.TOINDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE PREF SER G25.07 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.38 (1.54%)7,399Chart, More
LSG.TOLAKE SHORE GOLD CORP.1.33 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.02 (1.53%)1,162,348Chart, Profile, More
PVG.TOPRETIUM RESOURCES INC.6.70 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.10 (1.52%)155,156Chart, Profile, More
GTH.TOU.S. GEOTHERMAL INC.0.67 Jun 29, 3:36PM EDTUp 0.01 (1.52%)26,000Chart, Profile, More
CRJ.TOCLAUDE RES0.69 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.01 (1.47%)2,170,022Chart, Profile, More
TMA.TOTRIMAC TRANSPORTATION LTD.6.22 Jun 29, 3:52PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.47%)7,440Chart, Profile, More
EFN-N.TOELEMENT FINANCIAL CORP SUB RECE19.17 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.27 (1.43%)1,992,741Chart, More
ELD.TOELDORADO GOLD5.01 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.07 (1.42%)1,450,373Chart, Profile, More
EFL.TOELECTROVAYA INC.0.72 Jun 29, 3:34PM EDTUp 0.01 (1.41%)17,824Chart, Profile, More
CPF-UN.TOCDN 50 ADV PREF SH FD18.15 Jun 29, 2:34PM EDTUp 0.25 (1.40%)5,700Chart, More
SVY.TOSAVANNA ENERGY SERVICES CORP1.47 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.02 (1.38%)176,576Chart, Profile, More
KRN.TOKARNALYTE RESOURCES INC0.74 Jun 29, 2:33PM EDTUp 0.01 (1.37%)11,150Chart, Profile, More
BPO-PT.TOBROOKFIELD OFFICE PROPERTIES PR20.83 Jun 29, 3:29PM EDTUp 0.28 (1.36%)11,914Chart, More
BRF-PF.TOBROOKFIELD RENEWABLE POWER PREF20.86 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.28 (1.36%)17,546Chart, More
SLF-PB.TOSUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC. CL A PR23.68 Jun 29, 3:58PM EDTUp 0.31 (1.33%)9,602Chart, More
CHR-A.TOCHORUS AVIATION INC CL A6.73 Jun 29, 3:46PM EDTUp 0.08 (1.20%)17,353Chart, More
SLF-PE.TOSUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC. CL A PR22.72 Jun 29, 3:57PM EDTUp 0.27 (1.20%)16,414Chart, Profile, More
WEW.TOWEBTECH WIRELESS INC.2.55 Jun 29, 2:18PM EDTUp 0.03 (1.19%)14,775Chart, Profile, More
KBL.TOKBRO LINEN INC.52.97 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.60 (1.15%)4,865Chart, Profile, More
MTG.TOTIMBERCREEK SR MORTGAGE INVESTM8.36 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.09%)28,286Chart, More
TRP-PG.TOTRANSCANADA CORP PREF SERIES 1125.23 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.27 (1.08%)9,112Chart, More
EGI-UN.TOEXCEL INDIA GROWTH AND INCOME F11.27 Jun 29, 3:32PM EDTUp 0.12 (1.08%)22,290Chart, More
NVC.TONEOVASC INC8.55 Jun 29, 3:45PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.06%)1,800Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PJ.TOBCE INC PREFERRED SH SERIES AJ17.18 Jun 29, 3:29PM EDTUp 0.18 (1.06%)1,752Chart, More
GCG-A.TOGUARDIAN CAPITAL GROUP LTD., CL19.20 Jun 29, 3:23PM EDTUp 0.20 (1.05%)7,240Chart, Profile, More
TNT-UN.TOTRUE NORTH COMMERCIAL REIT5.90 Jun 29, 3:25PM EDTUp 0.06 (1.03%)31,049Chart, More
LUG.TOLUNDIN GOLD INC3.94 Jun 29, 11:31AM EDTUp 0.04 (1.03%)2,200Chart, Profile, More
LNF.TOLEONS FURNITURE15.95 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.16 (1.01%)4,945Chart, Profile, More
HPS-A.TOHAMMOND POWER SOLUTIONS INC., C7.05 Jun 29, 3:29PM EDTUp 0.07 (1.00%)2,230Chart, Profile, More
CYB.TOCYMBRIA CORPORATION CL A34.60 Jun 29, 3:52PM EDTUp 0.34 (0.99%)4,193Chart, Profile, More
WJA-A.TOWESTJET AIRLINES LTD., RV26.56 Jun 29, 3:05PM EDTUp 0.26 (0.99%)4,412Chart, Profile, More
NII.TONORSAT INTERNATIONAL INC6.21 Jun 29, 3:07PM EDTUp 0.06 (0.98%)1,400Chart, Profile, More
NA-PQ.TONATIONAL BANK PREF SERIES 2825.40 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.24 (0.95%)6,850Chart, More
SLF-PC.TOSUNLIFE FINANCIAL INC. CL A PRF22.41 Jun 29, 3:51PM EDTUp 0.21 (0.95%)6,067Chart, Profile, More
SBT-UN.TOSILVER BULLION TRUST UNITS10.73 Jun 29, 3:56PM EDTUp 0.10 (0.94%)17,366Chart, More
FNM-UN.TOFIRST NATIONAL MORTGAGE INVESTM8.59 Jun 29, 3:20PM EDTUp 0.08 (0.94%)4,000Chart, More
ERM.TOECLIPSE RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE IN8.70 Jun 29, 2:48PM EDTUp 0.08 (0.93%)7,000Chart, More
PWB.TOPACIFIC AND WESTERN BANK OF CAN5.45 Jun 29, 3:47PM EDTUp 0.05 (0.93%)13,888Chart, Profile, More
RFP.TORESOLUTE FOREST PRODUCTS INC14.47 Jun 29, 3:43PM EDTUp 0.13 (0.91%)1,495Chart, Profile, More
CHR-B.TOCHORUS AVIATION INC CL B6.69 Jun 29, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.06 (0.90%)536,321Chart, More
REI-PA.TORIOCAN REAL ESTATE INV TRUST PR20.08 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.18 (0.90%)6,420Chart, More
E.TOENTERPRISE GROUP INC0.56 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.90%)3,000Chart, Profile, More
DRX.TOADF GROUP INC., SV2.28 Jun 29, 3:47PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.88%)1,700Chart, Profile, More
PPL-PC.TOPEMBINA PIPELINE CORP PREF SER 20.87 Jun 29, 3:56PM EDTUp 0.18 (0.87%)6,400Chart, More
GVC.TOGLACIER MEDIA INC1.20 Jun 29, 3:49PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.84%)6,335Chart, Profile, More
BCE-PI.TOBCE 1ST PREF SHARES SERIES AI17.06 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.14 (0.83%)10,900Chart, More
ZMU.TOBMO MID TERM US IG CORP BD HGD 14.69 Jun 29, 2:46PM EDTUp 0.12 (0.82%)5,310Chart, Profile, More
PSD.TOPULSE SEISMIC INC.2.49 Jun 29, 3:36PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.81%)13,611Chart, Profile, More
SSL.TOSANDSTORM GOLD LTD3.76 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.03 (0.80%)201,328Chart, Profile, More
PVS-PA.TOPARTNERS VALUE SPLIT CORP PREF 25.43 Jun 29, 3:50PM EDTUp 0.20 (0.79%)1,500Chart, More
VNR-PA.TOVALENER INC PREF SERIES A24.19 Jun 29, 3:42PM EDTUp 0.19 (0.79%)2,125Chart, More
RMX.TORUBICON MINERALS CORP.1.28 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.79%)365,543Chart, Profile, More
MNT.TOROYAL CANADIAN MINT CDN GOLD RE15.58 Jun 29, 3:24PM EDTUp 0.12 (0.78%)352,811Chart, More
GTU-UN.TOCENTRAL GOLDTRUST51.14 Jun 29, 3:20PM EDTUp 0.39 (0.77%)1,405Chart, More
GUY.TOGUYANA GOLDFIELDS INC3.97 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.03 (0.76%)362,744Chart, Profile, More
CUP-U.TOCARIBBEAN UTIL US10.70 Jun 29, 9:29AM EDTUp 0.08 (0.75%)500Chart, More
CVG.TOCLAIRVEST GROUP29.48 Jun 29, 9:29AM EDTUp 0.22 (0.75%)405Chart, Profile, More
RY-PH.TOROYAL BANK OF CANADA PRF SERIES22.95 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.17 (0.75%)10,388Chart, More
BCE-PO.TOBCE INC PREFERRED SHARES SERIES24.30 Jun 29, 3:51PM EDTUp 0.18 (0.75%)5,210Chart, More
RY-PM.TOROYAL BANK PREF SERIES BF24.70 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.18 (0.73%)19,739Chart, More
SLF-PA.TOSUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC PR. SERI23.37 Jun 29, 3:42PM EDTUp 0.17 (0.73%)57,158Chart, More
CNE.TOCANACOL ENERGY LTD2.75 Jun 29, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.73%)208,104Chart, Profile, More
MFC-PC.TOMANULIFE FINANCIAL CORP., CL A 22.30 Jun 29, 3:42PM EDTUp 0.16 (0.72%)7,837Chart, Profile, More
AUI-UN.TOAUSTRALIAN BANC INCOME FUND11.29 Jun 29, 3:51PM EDTUp 0.08 (0.71%)1,200Chart, More