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OPWROpower, Inc. Common Stock25.23 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A321,687Chart, Profile, More
AGNAllergan, Inc. Common Stock163.65 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A32,434,274Chart, Profile, More
BIOA-WT1.96 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A13,241Chart, More
CNCCentene Corporation Common Stoc64.29 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A3,220,619Chart, Profile, More
SUNESunEdison, Inc. Common Stock20.06 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A33,424,233Chart, Profile, More
RUBIThe Rubicon Project, Inc. Commo22.24 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A172,946Chart, Profile, More
CIRCIRCOR International, Inc. Comm80.23 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A340,764Chart, Profile, More
PBYIPuma Biotechnology Inc Common S83.78 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A372,683Chart, Profile, More, Inc. Common Stock13.65 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A334,744Chart, Profile, More
MODModine Manufacturing Company Co15.78 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A420,437Chart, Profile, More
DQDAQQ New Energy Corp. American 42.72 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A38,027Chart, Profile, More
CALXCalix, Inc Common Stock8.89 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A512,780Chart, Profile, More
JKSJinkoSolar Holding Company Limi29.98 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A2,893,288Chart, Profile, More
YGEYingli Green Energy Holding Com4.51 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A5,804,121Chart, Profile, More
VJETvoxeljet AG American Depositary17.14 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A765,851Chart, Profile, More
TSLTrina Solar Limited Sponsored A12.99 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A8,034,798Chart, Profile, More
AHCA.H. Belo Corporation Common St11.88 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A94,048Chart, Profile, More
VRXValeant Pharmaceuticals Interna135.41 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A17,982,948Chart, Profile, More
SOLRenesola Ltd. Common Shares of 3.17 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A3,050,130Chart, Profile, More
XONIntrexon Corporation Common Sto21.10 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A1,413,743Chart, Profile, More
TCB-WT3.06 Apr 22, 12:27PM EDTN/A1,900Chart, More
EDNEmpresa Distribuidora Y Comerci8.89 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A162,056Chart, Profile, More
JNSJanus Capital Group, Inc. Cmn S12.33 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A9,424,480Chart, Profile, More
MTGMGIC Investment Corporation Com8.93 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A15,748,924Chart, Profile, More Inc. American Depositary46.77 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A2,071,791Chart, Profile, More
BITABitauto Holdings Limited Americ37.86 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A1,408,161Chart, Profile, More
NTPNAM TAI PROPERTY INC.7.50 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A238,583Chart, More
RIOMRio Alto Mining Limited Common 1.99 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A373,344Chart, Profile, More
RKUSRuckus Wireless, Inc. Common St11.06 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A2,631,077Chart, Profile, More
TRMRTremor Video, Inc. Common Stock4.67 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A366,244Chart, Profile, More
LCILannett Co Inc Common Stock35.85 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A565,400Chart, Profile, More
KODK-WT15.23 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A8,419Chart, More
HOGHarley-Davidson, Inc. Common St71.87 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A5,835,902Chart, Profile, More
MOHMolina Healthcare Inc Common St35.69 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A966,760Chart, Profile, More
DDD3D Systems Corporation Common S52.10 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A4,678,141Chart, Profile, More
EXKEndeavour Silver Corporation Or4.30 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A1,051,656Chart, Profile, More Incorporated Common20.04 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A267,189Chart, Profile, More
MANUManchester United Ltd. Class A 18.78 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A83,398Chart, Profile, More
HIVEAerohive Networks, Inc. Common 11.17 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A299,659Chart, Profile, More
HDYHyperDynamics Corporation Commo1.60 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A183,177Chart, Profile, More
EJE-House (China) Holdings Limite10.81 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A2,159,546Chart, Profile, More
LVSLas Vegas Sands Corp. Common St80.06 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A7,720,994Chart, Profile, More
BFRBBVA Banco Frances S.A. Common 9.32 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A244,986Chart, Profile, More
ATHMAutohome Inc. American Deposita37.18 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A390,028Chart, Profile, More
NNANavios Maritime Acquisition Cor3.68 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A415,405Chart, Profile, More
FRFFortegra Financial Corporation 7.24 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A153,274Chart, Profile, More
BHEBenchmark Electronics, Inc. Com24.21 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A746,812Chart, Profile, More
DATATableau Software, Inc. Class A 67.00 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A2,190,796Chart, Profile, More
DDSDillard's, Inc. Common Stock95.89 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A2,234,485Chart, Profile, More
CPCanadian Pacific Railway Limite156.76 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A1,551,304Chart, Profile, More
NOAHNoah Holdings Limited14.77 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A242,195Chart, Profile, More
SASeabridge Gold, Inc. Ordinary S7.92 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A375,223Chart, Profile, More
NQNQ Mobile Inc. American Deposit13.83 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A1,820,752Chart, Profile, More
TNKTeekay Tankers Ltd.3.87 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A609,448Chart, Profile, More
ILIntraLinks Holdings, Inc. Commo9.84 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A148,978Chart, Profile, More
VEEVVeeva Systems Inc. Class A Comm23.16 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A1,251,338Chart, Profile, More
TRLATrulia, Inc. Common Stock35.91 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A2,107,694Chart, Profile, More
ECOMChannelAdvisor Corporation Comm32.11 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A464,821Chart, Profile, More
TCThompson Creek Metals Company I2.98 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A3,148,447Chart, Profile, More
BIOABioAmber Inc. Common Stock10.46 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A79,277Chart, Profile, More
IBPInstalled Building Products, In14.43 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A28,481Chart, Profile, More
KFSKingsway Financial Services, In5.64 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A30,432Chart, Profile, More
LUBLuby's, Inc. Common Stock5.93 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A33,290Chart, Profile, More
TC-PTThompson Creek Metals Company I16.71 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A13,189Chart, More
SFUNSouFun Holdings Limited America14.58 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A4,686,148Chart, Profile, More
WHGWestwood Holdings Group Inc Com62.93 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A19,178Chart, Profile, More
DWREDEMANDWARE, INC. Common Stock56.85 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A321,861Chart, Profile, More
GNWGenworth Financial Inc Common S17.69 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A9,251,524Chart, Profile, More
UALUnited Continental Holdings45.81 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A4,664,219Chart, Profile, More
WAIRWesco Aircraft Holdings, Inc. C22.47 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A657,509Chart, Profile, More
CSLCarlisle Companies Incorporated82.77 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A652,577Chart, Profile, More
MGMMGM Resorts International Commo24.97 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A9,741,905Chart, Profile, More
GBXGreenbrier Companies, Inc. (The48.85 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A1,052,764Chart, Profile, More
HNTHealth Net Inc. Common Stock32.77 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A1,105,551Chart, Profile, More
LEJULEJU HOLDINGS LTD12.32 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A1,538,966Chart, Profile, More
ODPOffice Depot, Inc. Common Stock4.20 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A6,591,669Chart, Profile, More
AUQAuRico Gold Inc. Ordinary Share4.22 Apr 22, 4:02PM EDTN/A2,928,252Chart, Profile, More
WDAYWorkday, Inc. Common Stock81.37 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A2,498,427Chart, Profile, More
PRGOPerrigo Company plc Ordinary Sh151.55 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A2,188,183Chart, Profile, More
SAMBoston Beer Company, Inc. (The)244.54 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A89,751Chart, Profile, More
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. Co4.30 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A52,806,992Chart, Profile, More
NFGNational Fuel Gas Company Commo72.94 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A1,454,301Chart, Profile, More
DANGE-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. 13.02 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A3,711,002Chart, Profile, More
BIO-BBio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Clas124.45 Apr 22, 12:42PM EDTN/A952Chart, Profile, More
IVCInvacare Corporation Common Sto17.87 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A133,679Chart, Profile, More
EVGNEvogene Ltd Ordinary shares (Is17.51 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A21,078Chart, Profile, More
MUXMcEwen Mining Inc. Common Stock2.47 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A3,745,465Chart, Profile, More
WCNWaste Connections, Inc. Common 44.48 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A1,971,301Chart, Profile, More
MEIMethode Electronics, Inc. Commo30.23 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A389,152Chart, Profile, More
TPHTri Pointe Homes, Inc. Common S16.38 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A338,871Chart, Profile, More
TI-ATelecom Italia S.P.A. New9.44 Apr 22, 4:00PM EDTN/A136,251Chart, Profile, More
SBGLSibanye Gold Limited American D10.13 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A1,504,991Chart, Profile, More
PANWPalo Alto Networks, Inc. Common71.19 Apr 22, 4:04PM EDTN/A1,822,225Chart, Profile, More
GSKGlaxoSmithKline PLC Common Stoc55.30 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A5,324,102Chart, Profile, More
RSTRosetta Stone Rosetta Stone, In12.27 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A252,573Chart, Profile, More
SAHSonic Automotive, Inc. Common S24.08 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A571,965Chart, Profile, More
MCPMolycorp, Inc Common Stock $0.04.94 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A8,145,808Chart, Profile, More
FSMFortuna Silver Mines Inc Ordina3.91 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A247,785Chart, Profile, More
PAYVerifone Systems, Inc. Common S33.99 Apr 22, 4:03PM EDTN/A1,306,984Chart, Profile, More
NOWServiceNow, Inc. Common Stock55.23 Apr 22, 4:01PM EDTN/A2,329,370Chart, Profile, More