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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
BAKBraskem SA ADR15.39 11:23AM EDTUp 1.17 (8.23%)266,516Chart, Profile, More
CLDCloud Peak Energy Inc Common St4.63 11:23AM EDTUp 0.33 (7.67%)498,009Chart, Profile, More
PQPetroquest Energy Inc Common St3.13 11:24AM EDTUp 0.19 (6.46%)106,764Chart, Profile, More
DDSDillard's, Inc. Common Stock61.98 11:24AM EDTUp 3.84 (6.60%)524,979Chart, Profile, More
CVEOCiveo Corporation (Canada) Comm1.07 11:23AM EDTUp 0.06 (5.94%)594,011Chart, Profile, More
RYIRyerson Holding Corporation Com11.34 11:23AM EDTUp 0.60 (5.59%)87,919Chart, Profile, More
CELPCypress Energy Partners, L.P. C9.22 11:17AM EDTUp 0.41 (4.70%)132,003Chart, Profile, More
FELPForesight Energy LP Common Unit4.05 10:57AM EDTUp 0.18 (4.65%)16,800Chart, Profile, More
TRMRTremor Video, Inc. Common Stock1.64 11:21AM EDTUp 0.07 (4.64%)83,231Chart, Profile, More
VEDLVedanta Limited American Depos10.37 11:20AM EDTUp 0.45 (4.54%)111,147Chart, Profile, More
ELFe.l.f. Beauty, Inc. Common Stoc25.76 11:24AM EDTUp 1.16 (4.72%)376,972Chart, More
OASOasis Petroleum Inc. Common Sto9.57 11:24AM EDTUp 0.40 (4.30%)6,548,639Chart, Profile, More
MDRMcDermott International, Inc. C4.61 11:24AM EDTUp 0.19 (4.19%)1,380,659Chart, Profile, More
IIntelsat S.A. Common Shares2.79 11:20AM EDTUp 0.11 (4.26%)116,482Chart, Profile, More
HZNHorizon Global Corporation Comm20.09 11:23AM EDTUp 0.77 (3.99%)133,369Chart, Profile, More
CEQPCrestwood Equity Partners LP20.93 11:18AM EDTUp 0.64 (3.15%)89,302Chart, Profile, More
ATWAtwood Oceanics, Inc. Common St7.46 11:24AM EDTUp 0.26 (3.61%)2,390,738Chart, Profile, More
WORWorthington Industries, Inc. Co45.76 11:23AM EDTUp 1.49 (3.37%)387,404Chart, Profile, More
FMSAFairmount Santrol Holdings Inc.7.14 11:23AM EDTUp 0.24 (3.41%)357,811Chart, Profile, More
TOOTeekay Offshore Partners L.P. C5.83 11:23AM EDTUp 0.18 (3.19%)278,397Chart, Profile, More
JW-AJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc. Common 51.48 11:22AM EDTUp 1.59 (3.19%)100,054Chart, Profile, More
ATUActuant Corporation Common Stoc22.81 11:24AM EDTUp 0.69 (3.12%)584,374Chart, Profile, More
SIDCompanhia Siderurgica Nacional 2.74 11:22AM EDTUp 0.08 (3.01%)822,083Chart, Profile, More
AIV-PAApartment Investment and Manage27.79 10:47AM EDTUp 0.78 (2.89%)2,744Chart, Profile, More
DQDAQO New Energy Corp. American 22.38 11:20AM EDTUp 0.59 (2.73%)34,979Chart, Profile, More
CFCF Industries Holdings, Inc. Co23.53 11:24AM EDTUp 0.64 (2.80%)2,049,642Chart, Profile, More
CVOCenveo Inc Common Stock7.49 11:19AM EDTUp 0.20 (2.74%)2,770Chart, Profile, More
HCLPHi-Crush Partners LP Common Uni14.84 11:23AM EDTUp 0.38 (2.63%)210,744Chart, Profile, More
GLOG-PAGasLog LP. 8.75% Series A Cumul25.99 11:16AM EDTUp 0.67 (2.63%)6,230Chart, Profile, More
PIRPier 1 Imports, Inc. Common Sto4.29 11:24AM EDTUp 0.11 (2.61%)1,732,455Chart, Profile, More
DLRDigital Realty Trust, Inc. Comm99.34 11:23AM EDTUp 2.50 (2.58%)1,061,907Chart, Profile, More
CNXCONSOL Energy Inc. Common Stock18.75 11:24AM EDTUp 0.47 (2.57%)1,613,040Chart, Profile, More
COTVCotiviti Holdings, Inc. Common 34.00 11:23AM EDTUp 0.84 (2.53%)155,113Chart, Profile, More
MFCBMFC Bancorp Ltd.2.03 10:53AM EDTUp 0.05 (2.53%)1,400Chart, Profile, More
DTKDeutsche Bk Contingent Cap Tr I23.73 11:23AM EDTUp 0.58 (2.51%)752,715Chart, More
JONEJones Energy, Inc. Class A Comm2.89 11:23AM EDTUp 0.07 (2.48%)188,046Chart, Profile, More
PHHPHH Corp Common Stock14.56 11:23AM EDTUp 0.35 (2.46%)612,492Chart, Profile, More
NUWNuveen AMT-Free Municipal Value19.36 11:22AM EDTUp 0.48 (2.56%)25,366Chart, More
NPTNNeoPhotonics Corporation Common17.35 11:24AM EDTUp 0.40 (2.36%)516,606Chart, Profile, More
TWITitan International, Inc. (DE) 9.05 11:23AM EDTUp 0.20 (2.20%)61,986Chart, Profile, More
DCAVirtus Total Return Fund4.67 11:24AM EDTUp 0.10 (2.19%)185,744Chart, More
CNACNA Financial Corporation Commo33.78 11:22AM EDTUp 0.72 (2.18%)94,369Chart, Profile, More
HSCHarsco Corporation Common Stock9.39 11:23AM EDTUp 0.20 (2.18%)76,337Chart, Profile, More
TXTernium S.A. Ternium S.A. Ameri19.29 11:22AM EDTUp 0.40 (2.12%)94,512Chart, Profile, More
TMHTeam Health Holdings, Inc. Team32.48 11:23AM EDTUp 0.68 (2.14%)231,237Chart, Profile, More
CRSCarpenter Technology Corporatio41.18 11:22AM EDTUp 0.89 (2.21%)91,822Chart, Profile, More
LUBLuby's, Inc. Common Stock4.24 11:09AM EDTUp 0.07 (1.68%)63,578Chart, Profile, More
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. C3.32 11:23AM EDTUp 0.07 (2.16%)384,865Chart, Profile, More
NAVNavistar International Corporat21.84 11:24AM EDTUp 0.47 (2.20%)297,933Chart, Profile, More
GOLGol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes 19.98 11:21AM EDTUp 0.41 (2.10%)33,089Chart, Profile, More
ESVEnsco plc Class A Ordinary Shar7.42 11:24AM EDTUp 0.16 (2.20%)3,483,566Chart, Profile, More
FCXFreeport-McMoRan, Inc. Common S10.43 11:24AM EDTUp 0.22 (2.11%)10,221,742Chart, Profile, More
CALXCalix, Inc Common Stock7.46 11:20AM EDTUp 0.15 (2.05%)28,838Chart, Profile, More
SXCSunCoke Energy, Inc. Common Sto7.48 11:22AM EDTUp 0.15 (2.05%)128,027Chart, Profile, More
BIOABioAmber Inc. Common Stock3.75 10:56AM EDTUp 0.07 (2.01%)6,813Chart, Profile, More
BPTBP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Co17.76 11:21AM EDTUp 0.35 (2.01%)91,918Chart, Profile, More
LXULSB Industries, Inc. Common Sto8.22 11:22AM EDTUp 0.16 (1.99%)135,380Chart, Profile, More
TKTeekay Corporation Common Stock7.28 11:23AM EDTUp 0.14 (1.96%)766,642Chart, Profile, More
ATIAllegheny Technologies Incorpor17.72 11:23AM EDTUp 0.34 (1.96%)834,518Chart, Profile, More
EBSEmergent Biosolutions, Inc. Com29.05 11:23AM EDTUp 0.55 (1.93%)179,924Chart, Profile, More
HOMEAt Home Group Inc. Common Stock14.81 11:22AM EDTUp 0.28 (1.93%)150,279Chart, Profile, More
DDD3D Systems Corporation Common S17.46 11:24AM EDTUp 0.32 (1.87%)1,320,610Chart, Profile, More
KDMNKadmon Holdings, Inc. Common St7.44 11:23AM EDTUp 0.14 (1.92%)15,279Chart, Profile, More
ECREclipse Resources Corporation C3.07 11:23AM EDTUp 0.06 (1.91%)334,871Chart, Profile, More
NMBLNimble Storage, Inc. Common Sto8.01 11:23AM EDTUp 0.14 (1.78%)667,480Chart, Profile, More
WGPWestern Gas Equity Partners, LP40.77 11:23AM EDTUp 0.73 (1.82%)31,542Chart, Profile, More
CFXColfax Corporation Common Stock29.64 11:24AM EDTUp 0.55 (1.89%)158,946Chart, Profile, More
GLOGGasLog Ltd. Common Shares13.50 11:22AM EDTUp 0.25 (1.89%)120,319Chart, Profile, More
DKTDeutsch Bk Contingent Cap Tr V 24.24 11:23AM EDTUp 0.44 (1.87%)433,614Chart, More
FTKFlotek Industries, Inc. Common 13.12 11:24AM EDTUp 0.24 (1.86%)236,407Chart, Profile, More
GNRTGener8 Maritime, Inc. Common Sh4.96 11:24AM EDTUp 0.09 (1.85%)176,706Chart, Profile, More
TWLOTwilio Inc. Class A Common Stoc69.47 11:24AM EDTUp 1.25 (1.83%)3,382,670Chart, Profile, More
PEB-PDPebblebrook Hotel Trust 6.375% 27.70 11:10AM EDTUp 0.50 (1.83%)7,849Chart, Profile, More
PNRPentair plc. Ordinary Share62.57 11:24AM EDTUp 1.11 (1.81%)654,692Chart, Profile, More
CATCaterpillar, Inc. Common Stock84.38 11:24AM EDTUp 1.50 (1.81%)2,713,846Chart, Profile, More
IRETInvestors Real Estate Trust Sha6.26 11:22AM EDTUp 0.11 (1.79%)203,741Chart, Profile, More
CTBCooper Tire & Rubber Company Co37.38 11:23AM EDTUp 0.65 (1.78%)178,298Chart, Profile, More
EVHEvolent Health, Inc Class A Com22.92 11:24AM EDTUp 0.39 (1.73%)176,968Chart, Profile, More
KRCKilroy Realty Corporation Commo69.30 11:23AM EDTUp 1.21 (1.77%)129,117Chart, Profile, More
RIORio Tinto Plc Common Stock32.81 11:24AM EDTUp 0.58 (1.80%)3,575,390Chart, Profile, More
DDCDominion Diamond Corporation Co9.27 11:23AM EDTUp 0.16 (1.76%)63,683Chart, Profile, More
QUOTQuotient Technology Inc. Common13.49 11:22AM EDTUp 0.24 (1.81%)437,675Chart, Profile, More
LNNLindsay Corporation Common Stoc73.22 11:18AM EDTUp 1.08 (1.50%)103,086Chart, Profile, More
AHTAshford Hospitality Trust Inc C5.92 11:24AM EDTUp 0.10 (1.72%)84,132Chart, Profile, More
DNRDenbury Resources Inc. Common S2.68 11:24AM EDTUp 0.05 (1.71%)3,155,080Chart, Profile, More
GGBGerdau S.A. Common Stock2.71 11:23AM EDTUp 0.05 (1.69%)1,411,153Chart, Profile, More
SSPE.W. Scripps Company (The) Comm15.66 11:22AM EDTUp 0.26 (1.69%)80,085Chart, Profile, More
PIYPreferred Plus Trust (Ser CZN) 27.55 11:23AM EDTUp 0.46 (1.69%)1,226Chart, More
ZFCZAIS Financial Corp. Common Sto14.49 11:14AM EDTUp 0.25 (1.75%)67,737Chart, Profile, More
CYHCommunity Health Systems, Inc. 10.62 11:24AM EDTUp 0.18 (1.68%)1,720,339Chart, Profile, More
VLY-PAValley National Bancorp 6.25% F29.38 11:18AM EDTUp 0.48 (1.66%)3,237Chart, Profile, More
PRE-PGPartnerRe Ltd. 6.50% Series G C29.40 11:14AM EDTUp 0.48 (1.66%)3,022Chart, Profile, More
PDSPrecision Drilling Corporation 3.69 11:22AM EDTUp 0.06 (1.65%)673,132Chart, Profile, More
TPLTexas Pacific Land Trust Common230.75 11:22AM EDTUp 3.75 (1.65%)8,114Chart, Profile, More
SXCPSunCoke Energy Partners, L.P. C15.09 11:23AM EDTUp 0.24 (1.62%)46,716Chart, Profile, More
MJNMead Johnson Nutrition Company 78.01 11:24AM EDTUp 1.23 (1.60%)458,789Chart, Profile, More
FCFSFirst Cash, Inc. Common Stock47.00 11:23AM EDTUp 0.74 (1.60%)36,409Chart, Profile, More
MGMistras Group Inc Common Stock23.58 11:23AM EDTUp 0.37 (1.59%)54,341Chart, Profile, More
DLPHDelphi Automotive plc Ordinary 69.48 11:24AM EDTUp 1.08 (1.58%)559,747Chart, Profile, More
AKSAK Steel Holding Corporation Co4.93 11:24AM EDTUp 0.08 (1.65%)5,756,668Chart, Profile, More