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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
PBYIPuma Biotechnology Inc Common S41.52 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 7.00 (20.28%)2,749,969Chart, Profile, More
SAMBoston Beer Company, Inc. (The)190.16 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 25.42 (15.43%)1,153,009Chart, Profile, More
SWFTSwift Transportation Company Cl19.09 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 2.29 (13.63%)7,734,312Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com14.47 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 1.26 (9.54%)36,629,071Chart, Profile, More
TSQTownsquare Media, Inc. Class A 9.01 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.78 (9.48%)36,625Chart, Profile, More
BORNChina New Borun Corporation Ame1.66 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.14 (9.20%)225,706Chart, Profile, More
TCPITCP International Holdings Ltd.2.01 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.16 (8.65%)285,206Chart, Profile, More
RENResolute Energy Corporation Com7.64 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.60 (8.52%)942,464Chart, Profile, More
CHKChesapeake Energy Corporation C5.39 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.42 (8.45%)65,448,401Chart, Profile, More
SWNCSouthwestern Energy Company Dep33.52 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 2.46 (7.92%)663,487Chart, Profile, More
HNIHNI Corporation Common Stock52.56 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 3.85 (7.90%)467,822Chart, Profile, More
OFGOFG Bancorp Common Stock10.27 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.73 (7.65%)552,627Chart, Profile, More
CLSCelestica, Inc. Common Stock10.85 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.77 (7.64%)1,102,739Chart, Profile, More
SXTSensient Technologies Corporati75.59 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 5.19 (7.37%)954,131Chart, Profile, More
VEDLVedanta Limited American Depos10.09 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.68 (7.23%)401,341Chart, Profile, More
TCB-WT1.30 Jul 22, 10:39AM EDTUp 0.09 (7.16%)1,100Chart, More
GIMOGigamon Inc. Common Stock42.32 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 2.64 (6.65%)1,207,066Chart, Profile, More
AXONAxovant Sciences Ltd. Common Sh14.15 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.85 (6.39%)352,352Chart, Profile, More
GLFGulfMark Offshore, Inc. New Com3.56 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.21 (6.27%)453,214Chart, Profile, More
EQSEquus Total Return, Inc. Common1.70 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.10 (6.25%)458Chart, More
HLS-WTHEALTHSOUTH CORPORATION WARRAN2.58 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.15 (6.17%)65,207Chart, More
CMGChipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Co442.48 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 24.41 (5.84%)4,167,945Chart, Profile, More
GGBGerdau S.A. Common Stock2.18 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.12 (5.83%)8,450,644Chart, Profile, More
BANCBanc of California, Inc. Common20.83 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.14 (5.79%)753,643Chart, Profile, More
CBBCincinnati Bell Inc. Common Sto4.94 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.27 (5.78%)1,122,664Chart, Profile, More
VMEMViolin Memory, Inc. Common Stoc2.76 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.15 (5.75%)279,372Chart, Profile, More
FBPFirst BanCorp. New Common Stock4.69 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.24 (5.39%)467,020Chart, Profile, More
YUMEYuMe, Inc. Common Stock3.60 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.18 (5.26%)52,098Chart, Profile, More
RYIRyerson Holding Corporation Com14.18 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.69 (5.11%)1,083,948Chart, Profile, More
PJSPreferredPlus Trust Ser FAR 1 T27.50 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.32 (5.04%)3,013Chart, More
DANDana Holding Corporation Common13.16 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.63 (5.03%)3,538,313Chart, Profile, More
KNXKnight Transportation, Inc. Com29.49 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 1.36 (4.83%)1,378,910Chart, Profile, More
SWKStanley Black & Decker, Inc. Co120.49 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 5.52 (4.80%)2,226,129Chart, Profile, More
TCBTCF Financial Corporation Commo13.65 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.62 (4.76%)2,026,348Chart, Profile, More
SBSCompanhia de saneamento Basico 9.59 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.43 (4.69%)4,923,204Chart, Profile, More
TRNTrinity Industries, Inc. Common21.96 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.98 (4.67%)5,649,300Chart, Profile, More
LHOLaSalle Hotel Properties Common27.89 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 1.23 (4.61%)3,288,187Chart, Profile, More
HRTGHeritage Insurance Holdings, In12.78 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.56 (4.58%)160,038Chart, Profile, More
TDOCTeladoc, Inc. Common Stock17.66 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.76 (4.50%)486,047Chart, Profile, More
MNIMcClatchy Company (The) Common 17.72 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.76 (4.48%)65,579Chart, Profile, More
CHK-PDChesapeake Energy Corporation C26.36 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.13 (4.48%)26,580Chart, More
FBRFibria Celulose S.A.6.40 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.27 (4.40%)2,054,207Chart, Profile, More
EVHEvolent Health, Inc Class A Com23.99 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.99 (4.30%)229,909Chart, Profile, More
CGICeladon Group, Inc. Common Stoc8.74 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.35 (4.17%)473,135Chart, Profile, More
BAKBraskem SA ADR11.85 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.47 (4.13%)567,301Chart, Profile, More
NVTAInvitae Corporation Common Stoc8.07 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.32 (4.13%)51,170Chart, Profile, More
CICigna Corporation Common Stock146.00 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 5.68 (4.05%)3,964,647Chart, Profile, More
GIEndoChoice Holdings, Inc. Commo5.15 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.20 (4.04%)52,457Chart, Profile, More
ZOESZoe's Kitchen, Inc. Common Stoc37.84 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.45 (3.98%)287,909Chart, Profile, More
ARESAres Management L.P. Common Uni15.55 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.59 (3.94%)13,170Chart, Profile, More
VLRSControladora Vuela Compania de 19.47 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.73 (3.90%)315,402Chart, Profile, More
VGVonage Holdings Corp. Common St5.87 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.22 (3.89%)1,627,673Chart, Profile, More
EXTNExterran Corporation Common Sto13.71 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.51 (3.86%)130,541Chart, Profile, More
DATATableau Software, Inc. Class A 57.06 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 2.11 (3.84%)849,834Chart, Profile, More
AKO-BEmbotelladora Andina S.A. Commo23.81 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.86 (3.75%)10,094Chart, Profile, More
USMUnited States Cellular Corporat41.05 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.48 (3.74%)60,027Chart, Profile, More
KCGKCG Holdings, Inc. Class A Comm14.71 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.53 (3.74%)1,118,413Chart, Profile, More
TKCTurkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS8.73 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.31 (3.68%)989,151Chart, Profile, More
CWEIClayton Williams Energy, Inc. C31.10 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.10 (3.67%)454,514Chart, Profile, More
BSBRBanco Santander Brasil SA Ameri6.06 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.21 (3.59%)1,093,869Chart, Profile, More
MEPMidcoast Energy Partners, L.P. 8.99 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.31 (3.57%)105,491Chart, Profile, More
HLXHelix Energy Solutions Group, I7.93 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.27 (3.52%)2,833,882Chart, Profile, More
ASBAssociated Banc-Corp Common Sto18.51 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.63 (3.52%)1,260,919Chart, Profile, More
DLRDigital Realty Trust, Inc. Comm105.65 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 3.59 (3.52%)2,431,568Chart, Profile, More
RLJRLJ Lodging Trust Common Shares24.35 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.82 (3.48%)1,220,815Chart, Profile, More
NNetsuite Inc Common Stock84.72 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 2.82 (3.44%)2,588,114Chart, Profile, More
DHXDHI Group, Inc. Common Stock7.06 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.23 (3.37%)320,364Chart, Profile, More
OFG-PBOFG Bancorp 7.0% Non Cumulative22.17 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.72 (3.36%)10,101Chart, More
COTVCotiviti Holdings, Inc. Common 23.97 Jul 22, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.77 (3.32%)226,336Chart, Profile, More
HCLPHi-Crush Partners LP Common Uni11.90 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.38 (3.30%)608,334Chart, Profile, More
ANWAegean Marine Petroleum Network6.60 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.21 (3.29%)213,972Chart, Profile, More
SJWSJW Corporation Common Stock40.91 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.30 (3.28%)130,120Chart, Profile, More
CNCCentene Corporation Common Stoc75.39 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 2.39 (3.27%)1,747,267Chart, Profile, More
PAYCPaycom Software, Inc. Common St46.81 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.48 (3.26%)437,382Chart, Profile, More
SXESouthcross Energy Partners, L.P1.95 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.06 (3.17%)39,231Chart, Profile, More
FCBFCB Financial Holdings, Inc. Cl36.22 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.11 (3.16%)166,952Chart, Profile, More
XCOEXCO Resources, Inc. Exco Resou1.31 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.04 (3.15%)2,367,510Chart, Profile, More
XUnited States Steel Corporation21.16 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.64 (3.12%)9,149,506Chart, Profile, More
BBXBBX Capital Corporation Common 15.91 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.48 (3.11%)1,936Chart, Profile, More
DSXNDiana Shipping Inc. 8.50% Senio23.30 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.70 (3.10%)877Chart, More
NLNL Industries, Inc. Common Stoc3.02 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.09 (3.07%)8,265Chart, Profile, More
MTArcelor Mittal NY Registry Shar5.71 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.17 (3.07%)10,742,197Chart, Profile, More
LDOSLeidos Holdings, Inc. Common St50.40 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.49 (3.05%)3,367,670Chart, Profile, More
AKO-AEmbotelladora Andina S.A. Commo21.11 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.62 (3.03%)1,100Chart, Profile, More
TNHTerra Nitrogen Company, L.P. Co109.81 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 3.21 (3.01%)46,811Chart, Profile, More
HIGHartford Financial Services Gro44.77 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 1.30 (2.99%)3,297,793Chart, Profile, More
FIGFortress Investment Group LLC C4.86 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.14 (2.97%)723,828Chart, Profile, More
VOCVOC Energy Trust Units of Benef3.49 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.10 (2.95%)89,444Chart, Profile, More
FORForestar Group Inc Common Stock12.22 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.35 (2.95%)145,552Chart, Profile, More
ANFIAmira Nature Foods Ltd Ordinary7.70 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.22 (2.94%)128,154Chart, Profile, More
ALR-PBAlere Inc. Inverness Medical In350.00 Jul 22, 4:06PM EDTUp 9.98 (2.93%)1,306Chart, More
GYCCorporate Asset Backed Corp CAB23.92 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.68 (2.93%)17,691Chart, More
OFG-PAOFG Bancorp Preferred Stock22.50 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.64 (2.93%)4,482Chart, More
BKDBrookdale Senior Living Inc. Co18.06 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.51 (2.91%)3,065,095Chart, Profile, More
ERJEmbraer S.A. Common Stock21.30 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.60 (2.90%)603,634Chart, Profile, More
TCSContainer Store (The) Common St6.05 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.17 (2.89%)192,376Chart, Profile, More
LNDBrasilagro Brazilian Agric Real3.95 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.11 (2.86%)20,765Chart, Profile, More
SQSquare, Inc. Class A Common Sto9.73 Jul 22, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.27 (2.85%)1,741,883Chart, Profile, More
DPZDomino's Pizza Inc Common Stock148.78 Jul 22, 4:02PM EDTUp 4.12 (2.85%)1,213,639Chart, Profile, More
ANTMAnthem, Inc. Common Stock142.94 Jul 22, 4:00PM EDTUp 3.94 (2.83%)2,631,711Chart, Profile, More