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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
TCPITCP International Holdings Ltd.4.03 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.58 (16.81%)1,516,140Chart, Profile, More
CECelanese Corporation Celanese C67.18 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 9.04 (15.55%)6,751,345Chart, Profile, More
GSHGuangshen Railway Company Limit32.18 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 2.68 (9.08%)197,796Chart, Profile, More
SUMSummit Materials, Inc. Class A 23.59 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 1.50 (6.79%)1,609,148Chart, Profile, More
SQNSSequans Communications S.A. Ame1.87 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.10 (5.65%)49,566Chart, Profile, More
SDTSandRidge Mississippian Trust I4.58 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.22 (5.05%)381,589Chart, Profile, More
CHK-PDChesapeake Energy Corporation C86.98 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 3.98 (4.80%)39,644Chart, More
STI-WTB4.97 Apr 17, 10:03AM EDTUp 0.22 (4.63%)100Chart, More
SMSM Energy Company Common Stock58.22 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 2.46 (4.41%)2,281,044Chart, Profile, More
OCIROCI Resources LP Common Units r23.79 Apr 17, 4:05PM EDTUp 0.99 (4.34%)37,186Chart, Profile, More Inc. American Depositary70.50 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 2.93 (4.34%)8,791,258Chart, Profile, More
PRTYPARTY CITY HOLDCO INC.21.57 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.87 (4.20%)2,661,129Chart, Profile, More
BALTBaltic Trading Limited Common S1.49 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.06 (4.20%)1,053,189Chart, Profile, More
CASCastle (A.M.) & Co. Common Stoc4.14 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.16 (4.02%)344,960Chart, Profile, More
KMI-WT4.95 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.19 (3.99%)2,531,648Chart, More
ICDIndependence Contract Drilling,7.92 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.28 (3.66%)87,289Chart, Profile, More
AGIAlamos Gold Inc Ordinary Shares6.64 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.22 (3.43%)1,038,751Chart, Profile, More
SGUStar Gas Partners, L.P. Common 7.45 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.23 (3.19%)89,667Chart, Profile, More
CCZComcast Holdings ZONES47.98 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 1.48 (3.18%)430Chart, Profile, More
MYChina Ming Yang Wind Power Grou3.03 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.09 (3.06%)1,526,384Chart, Profile, More
RENResolute Energy Corporation Com1.36 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.04 (3.03%)2,013,460Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com27.16 Apr 17, 4:09PM EDTUp 0.76 (2.88%)12,192,847Chart, Profile, More
CEQPCrestwood Equity Partners LP6.66 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.18 (2.78%)223,706Chart, Profile, More
CSXCSX Corporation Common Stock33.30 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.88 (2.71%)15,362,118Chart, Profile, More
SB-PBSafe Bulkers, Inc 8.00% Series 25.16 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.66 (2.69%)1,000Chart, More
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb Company Co65.35 Apr 17, 4:07PM EDTUp 1.67 (2.62%)14,385,979Chart, Profile, More
DDEDover Downs Gaming & Entertainm1.18 Apr 17, 3:59PM EDTUp 0.03 (2.61%)20,576Chart, Profile, More
TCITranscontinental Realty Investo10.98 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.27 (2.52%)1,687Chart, Profile, More
ZPINZhaopin Limited American Deposi16.90 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.41 (2.49%)84,279Chart, Profile, More
SWNCSouthwestern Energy Company Dep57.91 Apr 17, 4:09PM EDTUp 1.38 (2.44%)3,715,012Chart, Profile, More
ATLSAtlas Energy, L.P. Common Units7.59 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.18 (2.43%)245,621Chart, Profile, More
LITBLightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd.4.97 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.11 (2.26%)57,580Chart, Profile, More
NGLNGL ENERGY PARTNERS LP Common U27.11 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.60 (2.26%)348,419Chart, Profile, More
TEVATeva Pharmaceutical Industries 64.91 Apr 17, 4:06PM EDTUp 1.42 (2.24%)15,765,696Chart, Profile, More
AXTAAxalta Coating Systems Ltd. Com31.36 Apr 17, 4:05PM EDTUp 0.67 (2.18%)1,331,490Chart, Profile, More
EMCEMC Corporation Common Stock26.61 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.56 (2.15%)28,703,379Chart, Profile, More
ECREclipse Resources Corporation C6.43 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.13 (2.06%)1,169,545Chart, Profile, More
PNKPinnacle Entertainment, Inc. Co35.82 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.72 (2.05%)1,381,016Chart, Profile, More
AUQAuRico Gold Inc. Ordinary Share3.49 Apr 17, 4:08PM EDTUp 0.07 (2.05%)3,723,277Chart, Profile, More
NRFNorthStar Realty Finance Corp. 18.50 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.37 (2.04%)11,471,264Chart, Profile, More
IGTInternational Game Technology C19.57 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.39 (2.03%)4,687,170Chart, Profile, More
AAVAdvantage Oil & Gas Ltd Ordina6.04 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.12 (2.03%)168,814Chart, Profile, More
GJHSynthetic Fixed-Income Securiti9.97 Apr 17, 12:52PM EDTUp 0.20 (1.99%)470Chart, More
SSLTSesa Sterlite Limited American13.44 Apr 17, 4:06PM EDTUp 0.25 (1.90%)201,141Chart, Profile, More
NCTNewcastle Investment Corporatio5.42 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.10 (1.88%)481,676Chart, Profile, More
VOCVOC Energy Trust Units of Benef5.42 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.10 (1.88%)62,567Chart, Profile, More
HGTHugoton Royalty Trust Common St5.97 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.11 (1.88%)151,310Chart, Profile, More
BZTBeazer Homes USA, Inc. Tangible26.80 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.49 (1.85%)10,896Chart, Profile, More
ADPTAdeptus Health Inc. Common Stoc51.24 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.93 (1.85%)119,655Chart, Profile, More
HZOMarineMax, Inc. (FL) Common St25.61 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.45 (1.79%)584,298Chart, Profile, More
HSTHost Hotels & Resorts, Inc. Com20.60 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.36 (1.78%)18,798,543Chart, Profile, More
GFAGafisa SA Gafisa S.A. American 1.72 Apr 17, 4:05PM EDTUp 0.03 (1.78%)1,269,989Chart, Profile, More
TAHOTahoe Resources, Inc. Ordinary 11.48 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.20 (1.77%)546,789Chart, Profile, More
ITCITC Holdings Corp. Common Stock36.37 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.63 (1.76%)2,260,508Chart, Profile, More
NBGNatl Bk Greece American Deposit1.19 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.02 (1.71%)17,978,757Chart, Profile, More
BXThe Blackstone Group L.P. Commo41.85 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.70 (1.70%)6,303,975Chart, Profile, More
GJOSynthetic Fixed-Income Securiti20.34 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.34 (1.70%)1,507Chart, More
MIXTMiX Telematics Limited American6.73 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.11 (1.66%)23,360Chart, Profile, More
DACDanaos Corporation Common Stock6.14 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.10 (1.66%)10,990Chart, Profile, More
TNKTeekay Tankers Ltd.6.19 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.10 (1.64%)1,406,361Chart, Profile, More
SKMSK Telecom Co., Ltd. Common Sto27.87 Apr 17, 4:08PM EDTUp 0.45 (1.64%)937,803Chart, Profile, More
MTUMitsubishi UFJ Financial Group,6.87 Apr 17, 4:08PM EDTUp 0.11 (1.63%)1,541,877Chart, Profile, More
STAYExtended Stay America, Inc. Com19.66 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.31 (1.60%)333,696Chart, Profile, More
DQDAQO New Energy Corp. American 31.09 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.49 (1.60%)159,608Chart, Profile, More
GELGenesis Energy, L.P. Common Uni48.32 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.76 (1.60%)650,669Chart, Profile, More
FBS-PAFirst Preferred Cap Tr Iv First25.50 Apr 17, 3:37PM EDTUp 0.40 (1.59%)2,851Chart, More
CDECoeur Mining, Inc. Common Stock5.78 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.58%)2,794,715Chart, Profile, More
STRISTR Holdings, Inc Common Stock1.29 Apr 17, 4:06PM EDTUp 0.02 (1.57%)11,811Chart, Profile, More
GXP-PEGreat Plains Energy Incorporate95.48 Apr 17, 4:08PM EDTUp 1.48 (1.57%)10Chart, More
CAPLCrossAmerica Partners LP Common33.05 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.51 (1.57%)27,945Chart, Profile, More
SERVServiceMaster Global Holdings, 33.65 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.51 (1.54%)548,018Chart, Profile, More
GDDYGoDaddy Inc. Class A Common Sto25.16 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.38 (1.53%)493,387Chart, Profile, More
BCCBoise Cascade, L.L.C. Common St38.53 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.58 (1.53%)891,219Chart, Profile, More
ENZEnzo Biochem, Inc. Common Stock2.70 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.04 (1.50%)253,678Chart, Profile, More
RLHRed Lions Hotels Corporation Co6.76 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.10 (1.50%)17,356Chart, Profile, More
IBPInstalled Building Products, In23.45 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.34 (1.47%)87,030Chart, Profile, More
EPR-PFEPR Properties Pfd Ser F26.43 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.38 (1.46%)3,041Chart, More
CMS-PBCMS Energy Corporation Preferre101.91 Apr 17, 4:07PM EDTUp 1.46 (1.45%)410Chart, More
DNOWNOW Inc. Common Stock23.31 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.33 (1.44%)1,092,381Chart, Profile, More
SDRSandRidge Mississippian Trust I4.97 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.07 (1.43%)162,436Chart, Profile, More
OGEOGE Energy Corporation Common S32.67 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.46 (1.43%)1,486,879Chart, Profile, More
FMDFirst Marblehead Corporation (T6.43 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.42%)28,840Chart, Profile, More
TPLTexas Pacific Land Trust Common157.24 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 2.20 (1.42%)17,385Chart, Profile, More
KOPKoppers Holdings Inc. Koppers H22.97 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.32 (1.41%)540,993Chart, Profile, More
HBMHudbay Minerals Inc Ordinary Sh8.66 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.12 (1.41%)58,916Chart, Profile, More
GTIGrafTech International Ltd (Hol4.44 Apr 17, 4:03PM EDTUp 0.06 (1.37%)758,224Chart, Profile, More
DCMNTT DOCOMO, Inc American Deposi18.86 Apr 17, 4:06PM EDTUp 0.25 (1.34%)174,019Chart, Profile, More
YOKUYouku Tudou Inc. American Depos16.76 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.22 (1.33%)3,273,793Chart, Profile, More
BSXBoston Scientific Corporation C18.40 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.24 (1.32%)17,765,905Chart, Profile, More
PYSMerrill Lynch Depositor Inc PPl25.37 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.33 (1.32%)9,274Chart, More
TSQTownsquare Media, Inc. Class A 13.87 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.18 (1.31%)39,205Chart, Profile, More
GYCCorporate Asset Backed Corp CAB22.40 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.29 (1.31%)800Chart, More
IFTImperial Holdings, Inc. Common 6.99 Apr 17, 4:05PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.30%)7,385Chart, Profile, More
TYG-PBTortoise Energy Infrastructure 10.18 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.13 (1.29%)30,335Chart, More
VBFInvesco Bond Fund Common Stock18.95 Apr 17, 4:02PM EDTUp 0.24 (1.28%)26,105Chart, More
PBRPetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petro8.79 Apr 17, 4:01PM EDTUp 0.11 (1.27%)48,751,900Chart, Profile, More
KNOPKNOT Offshore Partners LP Commo25.00 Apr 17, 4:00PM EDTUp 0.30 (1.21%)31,789Chart, Profile, More
NGLSTarga Resources Partners LP Com45.58 Apr 17, 4:04PM EDTUp 0.54 (1.20%)2,046,161Chart, Profile, More
TUMITumi Holdings, Inc. Common Stoc25.29 Apr 17, 4:06PM EDTUp 0.29 (1.16%)1,030,344Chart, Profile, More