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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
YUMA-PAYuma Energy, Inc. 9.25% Series 3.99 1:10PM ESTUp 2.68 (204.43%)69,115Chart, More
SDPISuperior Drilling Products, Inc1.74 1:16PM ESTUp 0.29 (20.00%)99,590Chart, Profile, More
UWTIVelocityShares 3X Long Crude ET1.53 1:16PM ESTUp 0.21 (15.79%)231,765,596Chart, Profile, More
CRMDCorMedix Inc Common Stock1.83 1:13PM ESTUp 0.21 (12.65%)142,630Chart, Profile, More
UJBProShares Ultra High Yield ETF51.31 9:30AM ESTUp 6.22 (13.78%)400Chart, Profile, More
IECIEC Electronics Corp. Common St3.80 12:23PM ESTUp 0.37 (10.79%)71,443Chart, Profile, More
CKXCKX Lands, Inc. Common Stock10.00 9:30AM ESTUp 0.95 (10.50%)100Chart, Profile, More
UUUUEnergy Fuels Inc Ordinary Share2.24 1:12PM ESTUp 0.21 (10.10%)161,062Chart, Profile, More
FASDirexion Financial Bull 3X Shar17.96 1:16PM ESTUp 1.38 (8.33%)4,041,075Chart, Profile, More
UCOProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude7.07 1:16PM ESTUp 0.57 (8.83%)23,418,541Chart, Profile, More
BDDDB Base Metals Double Long Exch4.15 10:30AM ESTUp 0.33 (8.55%)848Chart, Profile, More
KRUProShares Ultra S&P Regional Ba63.87 12:19PM ESTUp 4.94 (8.39%)1,588Chart, Profile, More
SMHDETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged 9.15 1:12PM ESTUp 0.60 (7.02%)52,000Chart, Profile, More
MLSSMilestone Scientific, Inc. Comm1.39 1:13PM ESTUp 0.12 (9.46%)56,344Chart, Profile, More
FINUProShares UltraPro Financial Se46.38 11:10AM ESTUp 3.37 (7.84%)1,069Chart, Profile, More
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas, Inc. Comm2.98 1:15PM ESTUp 0.19 (6.81%)466,012Chart, Profile, More
UOPProShares Ultra Oil & Gas Explo13.79 12:04PM ESTUp 0.96 (7.48%)3,800Chart, Profile, More
ERXDirexion Energy Bull 3X Shares16.67 1:16PM ESTUp 0.99 (6.31%)5,108,443Chart, Profile, More
PICKiShaes MSCI Global Select Metal7.45 1:11PM ESTUp 0.40 (5.66%)106,721Chart, Profile, More
GASLDirexion Daily Natural Gas Rela2.16 1:15PM ESTUp 0.13 (6.26%)4,046,672Chart, Profile, More
NTIPNetwork-1 Technologies, Inc. Co2.03 10:27AM ESTUp 0.13 (6.84%)19,924Chart, Profile, More
NBYNovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. C1.97 1:08PM ESTUp 0.07 (3.68%)6,748Chart, Profile, More
DYYDB Commodity Double Long ETN du2.39 10:10AM ESTUp 0.14 (6.41%)737Chart, Profile, More
AMLPAlerian MLP ETF8.50 1:16PM ESTUp 0.53 (6.71%)5,760,121Chart, Profile, More
HOMLETRACS Monthly Reset 2xLeverage12.56 12:44PM ESTUp 0.75 (6.37%)2,470Chart, Profile, More
STRPStraight Path Communications In27.06 12:54PM ESTUp 1.60 (6.28%)119,611Chart, Profile, More
UHNUnited States Diesel Heating Oi11.58 12:09PM ESTUp 0.68 (6.24%)2,199Chart, Profile, More
GUSHDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Ex3.05 1:15PM ESTUp 0.16 (5.54%)2,211,902Chart, Profile, More
UYGProShares Ultra Financials52.04 1:15PM ESTUp 2.83 (5.75%)71,310Chart, Profile, More
SLXMarket Vectors Steel Index ETF 17.81 1:06PM ESTUp 0.96 (5.70%)27,670Chart, Profile, More
SPPSanchez Production Partners LP 13.86 12:45PM ESTUp 0.80 (6.17%)665Chart, Profile, More
RUSLDirexion Daily Russia Bull 3x S7.81 1:16PM ESTUp 0.43 (5.83%)1,993,847Chart, Profile, More
MLPIUBS AG ETN18.89 1:14PM ESTUp 1.16 (6.51%)307,746Chart, Profile, More
MLPYMorgan Stanley Cushing MLP High4.84 12:51PM ESTUp 0.27 (5.91%)2,804Chart, More
IMLPiPath S&P MLP ETN13.53 11:53AM ESTUp 0.75 (5.85%)20,353Chart, Profile, More
IOILIQ Global Oil Small Cap ETF8.27 11:50AM ESTUp 0.46 (5.83%)250Chart, Profile, More
DGAZVelocityShares 3X Inverse Natur17.85 1:16PM ESTUp 0.92 (5.43%)2,834,313Chart, Profile, More
UGAUnited States Gasoline Fund LP23.20 1:15PM ESTUp 1.24 (5.63%)110,499Chart, Profile, More
OLODB Crude Oil Long Exchange Trad5.54 11:34AM ESTUp 0.30 (5.72%)6,486Chart, Profile, More
AMZAInfraCap MLP ETF6.85 12:47PM ESTUp 0.37 (5.71%)22,153Chart, Profile, More
AMJJPMorgan Chase Capital XVI JP M22.09 1:16PM ESTUp 1.21 (5.77%)2,880,665Chart, Profile, More
LBJDirexion Daily Latin America 3x8.87 12:08PM ESTUp 0.47 (5.60%)10,921Chart, Profile, More
SOXLDirexion Daily Semiconductor Bu16.08 1:16PM ESTUp 0.66 (4.28%)558,728Chart, Profile, More
BNOUnited States Brent Oil Fund, L10.46 1:15PM ESTUp 0.56 (5.66%)523,996Chart, Profile, More
ATMPBarclays ETN Plus Select MLP14.58 1:00PM ESTUp 0.77 (5.55%)31,516Chart, Profile, More
YMLPYorkville High Income MLP Excha3.32 1:11PM ESTUp 0.19 (6.07%)64,797Chart, Profile, More
COPXGlobal X Copper Miners ETF10.31 1:00PM ESTUp 0.53 (5.42%)33,491Chart, Profile, More
ZMLPDirexion Zacks MLP High Income 12.81 12:50PM ESTUp 0.65 (5.39%)16,590Chart, Profile, More
CQPCheniere Energy Partners, LP Ch20.82 1:16PM ESTUp 0.92 (4.62%)134,192Chart, Profile, More
BRZUDirexion Daily Brazil Bull 3X S8.41 1:15PM ESTUp 0.34 (4.21%)144,672Chart, Profile, More
MLPAGlobal X MLP ETF7.70 1:15PM ESTUp 0.46 (6.35%)82,547Chart, Profile, More
AMUETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN13.88 1:11PM ESTUp 0.73 (5.55%)44,217Chart, Profile, More
MDGNMedgenics, Inc. Common Stock3.42 12:59PM ESTUp 0.17 (5.23%)27,578Chart, Profile, More
MLPWUBS AG Exchange Traded Access S15.90 11:42AM ESTUp 0.78 (5.19%)6,302Chart, Profile, More
VIIVicon Industries, Inc, Common S1.22 11:35AM ESTUp 0.06 (5.17%)6,342Chart, Profile, More
ATNMActinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1.83 1:05PM ESTUp 0.09 (5.17%)133,997Chart, Profile, More
EVIEnviroStar, Inc. Common Stock3.35 9:58AM ESTUp 0.16 (5.11%)5,704Chart, Profile, More
HCHCHC2 Holdings, Inc. Common Stock3.70 1:16PM ESTUp 0.17 (4.67%)52,014Chart, Profile, More
MCFContango Oil & Gas Company Comm5.85 1:00PM ESTUp 0.28 (5.03%)27,298Chart, Profile, More
UMXProShares Ultra MSCI Mexico Cap18.78 9:31AM ESTUp 0.88 (4.92%)200Chart, Profile, More
BDCL2xLeveraged Long Exchange Trade11.62 1:14PM ESTUp 0.45 (4.03%)104,414Chart, Profile, More
KBWBPowerShares KBW Bank Portfolio 30.39 1:16PM ESTUp 1.30 (4.47%)2,935,046Chart, Profile, More
UYMProShares Ultra Basic Materials29.53 12:19PM ESTUp 1.37 (4.86%)9,014Chart, Profile, More
NSUNevsun Resources Ltd Ordinary S3.00 1:16PM ESTUp 0.12 (4.17%)295,608Chart, Profile, More
UBNE-TRACS USB Bloomberg Commodity5.19 12:23PM ESTUp 0.24 (4.86%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
LABUDirexion Daily S&P Biotech Bull5.41 1:16PM ESTUp 0.21 (3.96%)8,250,947Chart, Profile, More
DIGProShares Ultra Oil & Gas24.64 1:15PM ESTUp 0.99 (4.18%)485,410Chart, Profile, More
NMLNeuberger Berman MLP Income Fun5.78 1:15PM ESTUp 0.35 (6.44%)201,561Chart, More
KOLDProShares UltraShort Bloomberg 185.16 12:54PM ESTUp 8.33 (4.71%)6,195Chart, Profile, More
MLPNCredit Suisse X-Links Cushings 13.40 1:16PM ESTUp 0.66 (5.14%)64,541Chart, Profile, More
RICRichmont Mines, Inc. Common Sto4.69 1:16PM ESTUp 0.20 (4.45%)218,575Chart, Profile, More
MIDUDirexion Mid Cap Bull 3X Shares14.91 12:55PM ESTUp 0.66 (4.63%)18,378Chart, Profile, More
TMVDirexion Daily 20-Year Treasury21.04 1:15PM ESTUp 0.93 (4.62%)605,927Chart, Profile, More
JJEiPath Bloomberg Energy Total Re4.39 12:00PM ESTUp 0.19 (4.52%)334Chart, Profile, More
MLPXGlobal X MLP & Energy Infrastru9.07 1:16PM ESTUp 0.41 (4.68%)48,891Chart, Profile, More
MLPJGlobal X Junior MLP ETF6.15 12:54PM ESTUp 0.26 (4.50%)8,124Chart, Profile, More
UDOWProShares UltraPro Dow3048.30 1:16PM ESTUp 1.76 (3.78%)644,073Chart, Profile, More
LNGCheniere Energy, Inc. Common St25.78 1:15PM ESTUp 1.03 (4.16%)1,339,083Chart, Profile, More
MORLETRACS Monthly Pay 2XLeveraged 10.03 1:16PM ESTUp 0.44 (4.59%)254,169Chart, Profile, More
SPXLDirexion Daily S&P 500 Bull 3X 60.86 1:16PM ESTUp 2.14 (3.64%)1,755,560Chart, Profile, More
YMLIYorkville High Income Infrastru8.78 12:40PM ESTUp 0.37 (4.40%)1,584Chart, Profile, More
JJNiPath Bloomberg Nickel Subindex9.33 12:07PM ESTUp 0.39 (4.36%)1,146Chart, Profile, More
FENFirst Trust Energy Income and G18.50 12:58PM ESTUp 0.77 (4.34%)64,303Chart, More
TNADirexion Small Cap Bull 3X Shar38.21 1:16PM ESTUp 1.34 (3.63%)7,096,126Chart, Profile, More
OLEMiPath Pure Beta Crude Oil ETN12.45 12:09PM ESTUp 0.51 (4.31%)8,140Chart, Profile, More
UPROProShares UltraPro S&P 50046.06 1:16PM ESTUp 1.63 (3.67%)2,631,128Chart, Profile, More
YGRORoyal Bank of Canada Exchange T7.75 12:00PM ESTUp 0.32 (4.25%)1,900Chart, Profile, More
RXDProShares UltraShort Health Car61.26 1:05PM ESTUp 2.32 (3.94%)1,491Chart, Profile, More
REMXMarket Vectors Rare Earth Strat11.94 1:04PM ESTUp 0.43 (3.77%)5,514Chart, Profile, More
URTYProShares UltraPro Russell200044.71 1:07PM ESTUp 1.66 (3.86%)95,086Chart, Profile, More
MLPCC-Tracks ETNs based on Performa11.68 1:15PM ESTUp 0.46 (4.10%)2,264Chart, Profile, More
NSATNorsat International Inc. (NEW)4.16 10:48AM ESTUp 0.16 (4.00%)63,400Chart, Profile, More
FEEUBarclays ETN FI Enhanced Europe71.83 1:00PM ESTUp 2.76 (4.00%)2,969Chart, Profile, More
KBWIPowerShares KBW Insurance Portf61.59 12:30PM ESTUp 2.36 (3.99%)105Chart, Profile, More
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor15.57 1:15PM ESTUp 0.52 (3.46%)4,524Chart, Profile, More
RWWOppenheimer Financials Sector R40.86 11:47AM ESTUp 1.56 (3.97%)1,176Chart, Profile, More
GTEGran Tierra Energy Inc. Common 2.12 1:16PM ESTUp 0.08 (3.92%)970,371Chart, Profile, More
NNVCNanoViricides, Inc. NEW Common 1.72 1:16PM ESTUp 0.08 (4.88%)149,228Chart, Profile, More
ENYGuggenheim Canadian Energy Inco6.25 12:55PM ESTUp 0.22 (3.65%)8,690Chart, Profile, More
SEBSeaboard Corporation Common Sto2,692.95 1:00PM ESTUp 92.95 (3.57%)84Chart, Profile, More