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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GTEGran Tierra Energy Inc. Common 2.75 12:55PM EDTUp 0.16 (6.18%)1,421,975Chart, Profile, More
VIIVicon Industries, Inc, Common S1.73 12:37PM EDTUp 0.07 (4.22%)4,632Chart, Profile, More
ERBERBA Diagnostics, Inc. Common S3.56 12:39PM EDTUp 0.13 (3.79%)11,689Chart, Profile, More
VISIVolt Information Sciences, Inc.11.01 12:55PM EDTUp 0.39 (3.67%)35,360Chart, Profile, More
PLXProtalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. 1.82 12:54PM EDTUp 0.07 (4.00%)113,208Chart, Profile, More
CUOContinental Materials Corporati18.03 11:07AM EDTUp 0.57 (3.26%)3,588Chart, Profile, More
ALNAmerican Lorain Corporation Com1.29 12:51PM EDTUp 0.05 (4.32%)71,746Chart, Profile, More
IDITiger Media, Inc. (DE)7.09 12:53PM EDTUp 0.25 (3.65%)71,483Chart, Profile, More
NNVCNanoViricides, Inc. NEW Common 2.28 12:48PM EDTUp 0.07 (2.94%)98,079Chart, Profile, More
TATTransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd Ord5.31 12:29PM EDTUp 0.16 (3.11%)17,302Chart, Profile, More
SLISL Industries, Inc. Common Stoc43.34 12:26PM EDTUp 1.30 (3.10%)2,206Chart, Profile, More
MSNEmerson Radio Corporation Commo1.35 12:26PM EDTUp 0.04 (3.05%)62,673Chart, Profile, More
ONVOOrganovo Holdings, Inc. Common 3.47 12:55PM EDTUp 0.10 (2.97%)683,736Chart, Profile, More
GST-PAGastar Exploration 8.625% Serie21.94 12:50PM EDTUp 0.54 (2.52%)5,193Chart, More
RLGT-PARadiant Logistics, Inc. 9.75% S27.94 10:36AM EDTUp 0.68 (2.49%)112Chart, More
BKJBancorp of New Jersey, Inc Comm11.69 12:51PM EDTUp 0.27 (2.36%)5,238Chart, Profile, More
APTAlpha Pro Tech, Ltd. Common Sto2.30 12:38PM EDTUp 0.05 (2.22%)26,618Chart, Profile, More
HLM-PHillman Group Capital Trust Pre27.10 12:26PM EDTUp 0.55 (2.07%)15,295Chart, More
MHR-PCMagnum Hunter Resources Corpora21.49 12:44PM EDTUp 0.39 (1.85%)9,078Chart, More
SCE-PCSouthern California Edison Comp23.33 12:29PM EDTUp 0.45 (1.97%)1,550Chart, More
PARRPar Petroleum Corporation. Com23.05 12:51PM EDTUp 0.35 (1.54%)30,305Chart, Profile, More
UQMUQM TECHNOLOGIES INC Common Sto1.10 12:40PM EDTUp 0.02 (1.85%)7,550Chart, Profile, More
MHHMastech Holdings, Inc Common St9.43 12:47PM EDTUp 0.12 (1.29%)48,278Chart, Profile, More
SVLCSilverCrest Mines, Inc. Ordinar1.12 12:07PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.90%)22,625Chart, Profile, More
HRTArrhythmia Research Technology 7.04 11:22AM EDTUp 0.12 (1.73%)1,401Chart, Profile, More
LBYLibbey, Inc. Common Stock39.90 12:49PM EDTUp 0.62 (1.58%)71,963Chart, Profile, More
FPIFarmland Partners Inc. Common S11.70 12:54PM EDTUp 0.22 (1.92%)56,680Chart, Profile, More
IDNIntellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. Com1.57 12:39PM EDTUp 0.03 (1.62%)15,727Chart, Profile, More
PLMPolymet Mining Corporation Ordi1.27 12:55PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.80%)52,680Chart, Profile, More
RCGRENN Fund, Inc Common Stock1.18 11:53AM EDTUp 0.02 (1.58%)300Chart, More
AEAdams Resources & Energy, Inc. 68.00 11:25AM EDTUp 1.02 (1.52%)895Chart, Profile, More
INUVInuvo, Inc New2.07 12:48PM EDTUp 0.03 (1.47%)388,159Chart, Profile, More
NSATNorsat International Inc. (NEW)5.56 12:38PM EDTUp 0.08 (1.46%)3,026Chart, Profile, More
EPMEvolution Petroleum Corporation5.98 12:53PM EDTUp 0.09 (1.53%)76,605Chart, Profile, More
CVSLCVSL Inc. Common Stock2.33 12:40PM EDTUp 0.03 (1.43%)94,009Chart, Profile, More
ELLOEllomay Capital Ltd Ordinary Sh8.50 12:41PM EDTUp 0.07 (0.80%)2,000Chart, Profile, More
CCAMFS California Municipal Fund C11.66 12:44PM EDTUp 0.15 (1.30%)3,318Chart, More
BZCBreeze-Eastern Corporation Comm10.29 12:23PM EDTUp 0.13 (1.28%)326Chart, Profile, More
ESTEEarthstone Energy, Inc. Common 24.56 12:40PM EDTUp 0.31 (1.28%)21,585Chart, Profile, More
AMPEAmpio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7.47 12:52PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.54%)319,379Chart, Profile, More
SGBSouthwest Georgia Financial Cor13.60 11:39AM EDTUp 0.16 (1.19%)705Chart, Profile, More
BONEBacterin International Holdings4.27 12:50PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.23%)32,228Chart, Profile, More
DLADelta Apparel, Inc. Common Stoc12.55 11:54AM EDTUp 0.12 (0.97%)2,375Chart, Profile, More
ADK-PAAdcare Health Systems Inc 10.8728.85 11:02AM EDTUp 0.32 (1.12%)9,846Chart, More
UUUUEnergy Fuels Inc Ordinary Share4.47 12:55PM EDTDown 0.02 (0.45%)3,736Chart, More
CMTCore Molding Technologies Inc C16.80 12:40PM EDTUp 0.18 (1.08%)16,448Chart, Profile, More
GIGGigOptix, Inc. Common Stock1.15 12:44PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.88%)211,626Chart, Profile, More
BLJBlackrock New Jersey Municipal 16.07 11:49AM EDTUp 0.16 (1.01%)4,066Chart, More
BHVBlackRock Virginia Municipal Bo17.84 10:52AM EDTUp 0.16 (0.92%)547Chart, More
TPLMTriangle Petroleum Corporation 5.03 12:53PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.70%)271,245Chart, Profile, More
NTIPNetwork-1 Technologies, Inc. Co2.25 12:19PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.90%)23,264Chart, Profile, More
VKIInvesco Advantage Municipal Inc11.72 12:35PM EDTUp 0.10 (0.82%)67,511Chart, More
PCG-PAPacific Gas & Electric Co. 6% P29.02 12:55PM EDTDown 0.08 (0.27%)848Chart, More
CEVEaton Vance California Municipa13.48 12:42PM EDTUp 0.12 (0.90%)3,640Chart, More
EVBNEvans Bancorp, Inc. Common Stoc24.50 11:00AM EDTUp 0.20 (0.82%)3,139Chart, Profile, More
GST-PBGastar Exploration Inc. Pfd Ser24.60 12:52PM EDTUp 0.20 (0.82%)4,785Chart, More
LGLLGL Group, Inc. (The) Common St4.09 10:56AM EDTUp 0.03 (0.78%)100Chart, Profile, More
IPBMerrill Lynch & Co., Inc. 6.05127.21 10:06AM EDTUp 0.21 (0.76%)750Chart, More
FSIFlexible Solutions Internationa1.29 12:41PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.77%)13,350Chart, Profile, More
INSIntelligent Systems Corporation2.75 9:55AM EDTUp 0.02 (0.73%)1,123Chart, Profile, More
DHYCredit Suisse High Yield Bond F2.78 12:55PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.72%)125,624Chart, More
AKGAsanko Gold Inc.1.41 12:44PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.36%)81,199Chart, Profile, More
EVIEnviroStar, Inc. Common Stock2.92 12:55PM EDTUp 0.04 (1.34%)2,300Chart, Profile, More
ENRJEnerJex Resources, Inc. (NEW) C1.48 12:23PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.68%)3,111Chart, Profile, More
KIQKelso Technologies Inc Ordinary4.52 12:38PM EDTUp 0.03 (0.67%)1,200Chart, Profile, More
GGN-PBGAMCO Global Gold, Natural Reou22.59 11:00AM EDTUp 0.14 (0.64%)1,400Chart, More
EMJEaton Vance New Jersey Municipa13.20 12:46PM EDTUp 0.08 (0.61%)3,469Chart, More
NMZNuveen Municipal High Income Op13.88 12:51PM EDTUp 0.11 (0.80%)58,042Chart, More
NBONeuberger Berman New York Inter13.99 12:04PM EDTUp 0.08 (0.58%)1,108Chart, More
ONPOrient Paper, Inc. NEW Common S1.79 11:49AM EDTUp 0.01 (0.56%)22,156Chart, Profile, More
ACUAcme United Corporation. Common18.27 9:43AM EDTUp 0.10 (0.55%)548Chart, Profile, More
CHAberdeen Chile Fund, Inc. (The)7.51 12:37PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.54%)22,545Chart, More
VFLDelaware Investments National M13.15 12:28PM EDTUp 0.07 (0.54%)8,598Chart, More
ESPEspey Mfg. & Electronics Corp. 28.75 11:36AM EDTUp 0.15 (0.52%)4,307Chart, Profile, More
GTUCentral Gold Trust Ordinary Sha40.40 12:32PM EDTUp 0.19 (0.48%)5,480Chart, Profile, More
REIRing Energy, Inc. Common Stock10.49 12:38PM EDTUp 0.05 (0.48%)9,611Chart, Profile, More
CIXCompX International Inc. Common11.40 10:58AM EDTUp 0.05 (0.46%)801Chart, Profile, More
STRPStraight Path Communications In19.84 12:54PM EDTUp 0.09 (0.46%)18,052Chart, Profile, More
EVYEaton Vance New York Municipal 13.78 12:37PM EDTUp 0.06 (0.44%)3,244Chart, More
CTFNuveen Long/Short Commodity Tot16.66 12:53PM EDTUp 0.05 (0.29%)20,749Chart, More
NYVNuveen New York Municipal Value14.86 12:55PM EDTUp 0.04 (0.27%)14,931Chart, More
AIRIAir Industries Group Common Sto10.01 11:09AM EDTUp 0.04 (0.40%)8,490Chart, Profile, More
BLEBlackRock Municipal Income Trus15.10 12:45PM EDTUp 0.07 (0.43%)15,008Chart, More
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas, Inc. Comm7.78 12:55PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.26%)549,429Chart, Profile, More
NBWNeuberger Berman California Int15.97 12:29PM EDTUp 0.06 (0.38%)2,551Chart, More
NZFNuveen Dividend Advantage Munic14.07 12:43PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.14%)16,122Chart, More
EVOEaton Vance Ohio Municipal Inco13.89 12:35PM EDTUp 0.05 (0.34%)2,500Chart, More
CEFCentral Fund of Canada Limited 11.89 12:55PM EDTUp 0.03 (0.25%)263,810Chart, More
SDPISuperior Drilling Products, Inc3.01 12:37PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.33%)15,609Chart, Profile, More
MCFContango Oil & Gas Company Comm21.97 12:53PM EDTUp 0.08 (0.37%)46,187Chart, Profile, More
FWVFirst West Virginia Bancorp, In22.72 12:29PM EDTUp 0.16 (0.71%)18,895Chart, Profile, More
APTSPreferred Apartment Communities10.84 12:54PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.18%)40,436Chart, Profile, More
LTSLadenburg Thalmann Financial Se3.84 12:51PM EDTUp 0.01 (0.26%)142,296Chart, Profile, More
SIMGrupo Simec, S.A.B. de C.V. Ame8.13 12:40PM EDTUp 0.02 (0.25%)1,153Chart, Profile, More
NVXNuveen California Dividend Adva14.42 12:52PM EDTUp 0.06 (0.42%)10,371Chart, More
CLMCornerstone Strategic Value Fun21.35 12:53PM EDTUp 0.05 (0.23%)26,802Chart, More
EIVEaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund12.82 12:53PM EDTUp 0.03 (0.23%)16,362Chart, More
NZHNuveen California Dividend Adva13.60 12:52PM EDT 0.00 (0.00%)16,026Chart, More
PRKPark National Corporation Commo85.64 12:43PM EDTUp 0.31 (0.36%)23,339Chart, Profile, More
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor187.44 12:38PM EDTUp 0.39 (0.21%)1,049Chart, Profile, More