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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ASB-WTAssociated Banc-Corp Warrants5.91 1:31PM ESTUp 1.02 (20.86%)4,650Chart, More
NAKNorthern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd.1.89 3:09PM ESTUp 0.37 (24.35%)6,020,255Chart, Profile, More
AIRIAir Industries Group Common Sto3.18 2:48PM ESTUp 0.47 (17.34%)63,127Chart, Profile, More
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas, Inc. Comm3.15 3:09PM ESTUp 0.40 (14.55%)1,379,870Chart, Profile, More
VSRVersar, Inc. Common Stock1.40 2:38PM ESTUp 0.13 (10.24%)42,577Chart, Profile, More
AWXAvalon Holdings Corporation Com3.11 2:55PM ESTUp 0.25 (8.74%)39,224Chart, Profile, More
SIFSIFCO Industries, Inc. Common S9.40 12:23PM ESTUp 0.75 (8.67%)724Chart, Profile, More
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor39.90 2:42PM ESTUp 2.85 (7.69%)50,626Chart, Profile, More
LTSLadenburg Thalmann Financial Se2.69 3:05PM ESTUp 0.20 (8.03%)193,611Chart, Profile, More
STRPStraight Path Communications In24.96 3:04PM ESTUp 1.52 (6.48%)103,255Chart, Profile, More
SKYSkyline Corporation Common Stoc16.98 2:59PM ESTUp 1.00 (6.26%)107,914Chart, Profile, More
FRDFriedman Industries Inc. Common6.33 2:10PM ESTUp 0.35 (5.79%)23,239Chart, Profile, More
SPPSanchez Production Partners LP 12.80 3:05PM ESTUp 0.65 (5.35%)171,380Chart, Profile, More
WTTWireless Telecom Group, Inc. C1.67 2:27PM ESTUp 0.09 (5.70%)23,065Chart, Profile, More
TIKTel-Instrument Electronics Corp4.85 2:09PM ESTUp 0.25 (5.46%)72,198Chart, Profile, More
CVUCPI Aerostructures, Inc. Common8.00 3:07PM ESTUp 0.40 (5.26%)85,488Chart, Profile, More
RWCRELM Wireless Corporation Commo4.91 2:54PM ESTUp 0.06 (1.24%)4,666Chart, Profile, More
AXUAlexco Resource Corp Common Sha1.47 3:06PM ESTUp 0.07 (4.76%)391,162Chart, Profile, More
BRNBarnwell Industries, Inc. Commo1.69 3:08PM ESTUp 0.08 (4.97%)3,185Chart, Profile, More
BKJBancorp of New Jersey, Inc Comm12.75 2:10PM ESTUp 0.60 (4.94%)3,863Chart, Profile, More
GGOThe Gabelli Go Anywhere Trust C20.75 1:13PM ESTUp 0.97 (4.90%)153Chart, More
UUUUEnergy Fuels Inc Ordinary Share1.71 3:07PM ESTUp 0.07 (4.45%)388,472Chart, Profile, More
ISDRIssuer Direct Corporation Commo8.80 2:53PM ESTUp 0.40 (4.76%)73,958Chart, Profile, More
MXCMexco Energy Corporation Common4.52 3:02PM ESTUp 0.20 (4.57%)13,254Chart, Profile, More
MCFContango Oil & Gas Company Comm9.74 3:07PM ESTUp 0.40 (4.23%)59,222Chart, Profile, More
AAUAlmaden Minerals, Ltd. Common S1.16 3:00PM ESTUp 0.04 (3.57%)295,628Chart, Profile, More
BHBBar Harbor Bankshares, Inc. Com46.69 2:23PM ESTUp 1.94 (4.34%)15,215Chart, Profile, More
GVGoldfield Corporation (The) Com4.83 3:08PM ESTUp 0.18 (3.76%)463,655Chart, Profile, More
BGSFBG Staffing Inc Common Stock15.42 3:06PM ESTUp 0.67 (4.51%)64,445Chart, Profile, More
NSUNevsun Resources Ltd Ordinary S3.42 3:09PM ESTUp 0.12 (3.64%)950,011Chart, Profile, More
GST-PAGastar Exploration 8.625% Serie15.84 2:52PM ESTUp 0.64 (4.21%)10,142Chart, Profile, More
CAWCCA Industries, Inc. Common Sto2.50 3:04PM ESTUp 0.10 (4.17%)1,567Chart, Profile, More
PZGParamount Gold Nevada Corp. Com1.88 2:56PM ESTUp 0.07 (3.87%)22,241Chart, Profile, More
NHCNational HealthCare Corporation72.84 3:03PM ESTUp 2.74 (3.91%)50,529Chart, Profile, More
BTXBioTime, Inc. Common Stock3.36 3:08PM ESTUp 0.15 (4.67%)403,788Chart, Profile, More
RICRichmont Mines, Inc. Common Sto6.97 3:08PM ESTUp 0.27 (4.04%)303,893Chart, Profile, More
GIGGigPeak, Inc. Common Stock2.69 3:07PM ESTUp 0.10 (3.67%)294,721Chart, Profile, More
REIRing Energy, Inc. Common Stock11.70 3:07PM ESTUp 0.37 (3.22%)472,913Chart, Profile, More
UWNNevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. Com1.82 3:04PM ESTUp 0.06 (3.13%)9,426Chart, Profile, More
TISOrchids Paper Products Company 26.37 3:04PM ESTUp 0.87 (3.39%)82,948Chart, Profile, More
INSIntelligent Systems Corporation4.16 2:13PM ESTUp 0.13 (3.23%)1,732Chart, Profile, More
CTOConsolidated-Tomoka Land Co. Co54.84 3:08PM ESTUp 1.80 (3.39%)23,194Chart, Profile, More
GSBGlobalSCAPE, Inc. Common Stock4.04 3:04PM ESTUp 0.11 (2.70%)21,854Chart, Profile, More
CRHMCRH Medical Corporation Common 5.53 3:01PM ESTUp 0.13 (2.31%)88,463Chart, Profile, More
RLGT-PARadiant Logistics, Inc. 9.75% S25.66 11:20AM ESTUp 0.65 (2.60%)2,726Chart, Profile, More
GBRNew Concept Energy, Inc Common 2.10 3:08PM EST 0.00 (0.00%)45,653Chart, Profile, More
ERNErin Energy Corp.2.15 3:00PM ESTUp 0.05 (2.38%)17,862Chart, Profile, More
CCFChase Corporation Common Stock86.55 3:08PM ESTUp 2.90 (3.47%)21,227Chart, Profile, More
TATTransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd Ord1.10 2:56PM ESTUp 0.03 (2.34%)43,230Chart, Profile, More
ARNC-PArconic Inc. $3.75 Preferred St88.00 9:35AM ESTUp 2.00 (2.33%)225Chart, Profile, More
HLTHNobilis Health Corp. Common Sto2.35 3:08PM ESTUp 0.05 (2.17%)288,583Chart, Profile, More
MHHMastech Digital, Inc Common Sto6.92 2:43PM ESTUp 0.07 (1.02%)4,729Chart, Profile, More
RLGTRadiant Logistics, Inc. Common 3.84 3:08PM ESTUp 0.07 (1.86%)80,410Chart, Profile, More
BTNBallantyne Strong, Inc. Common 7.33 3:08PM ESTUp 0.13 (1.74%)42,332Chart, Profile, More
GOROGold Resource Corporation Commo4.68 3:08PM ESTUp 0.05 (1.12%)479,154Chart, Profile, More
PCG-PHPacific Gas & Electric Co. 4.5024.25 12:50PM ESTUp 0.42 (1.76%)1,128Chart, Profile, More
GST-PBGastar Exploration Inc. Pfd Ser17.02 12:52PM ESTUp 0.27 (1.61%)1,721Chart, Profile, More
CMTCore Molding Technologies Inc C17.06 2:42PM ESTUp 0.27 (1.61%)22,664Chart, Profile, More
PIPPharmAthene, Inc Common Stock3.24 3:06PM ESTUp 0.04 (1.25%)975,325Chart, Profile, More
TRTTrio-Tech International Common 3.31 2:13PM ESTUp 0.05 (1.53%)2,312Chart, Profile, More
BRGBluerock Residential Growth REI13.25 3:06PM ESTUp 0.20 (1.53%)110,146Chart, Profile, More
FSIFlexible Solutions Internationa1.33 2:59PM ESTUp 0.01 (0.76%)22,467Chart, Profile, More
SEBSeaboard Corporation Common Sto4,451.19 3:03PM ESTUp 87.19 (2.00%)442Chart, Profile, More
IOTIncome Opportunity Realty Inves7.42 11:43AM ESTUp 0.10 (1.43%)2,251Chart, Profile, More
APTAlpha Pro Tech, Ltd. Common Sto3.55 2:45PM ESTUp 0.05 (1.43%)25,279Chart, Profile, More
EIOEaton Vance Ohio Municipal Bond13.60 2:52PM ESTUp 0.19 (1.42%)7,449Chart, Profile, More
AEAdams Resources & Energy, Inc. 42.88 2:27PM ESTUp 0.57 (1.35%)2,276Chart, Profile, More
PRKPark National Corporation Commo117.69 3:08PM ESTUp 1.67 (1.44%)45,897Chart, Profile, More
IFMIInstitutional Financial Markets1.21 1:20PM ESTUp 0.04 (3.85%)11,774Chart, Profile, More
INTTinTest Corporation Common Stock4.25 2:47PM ESTUp 0.05 (1.19%)88,778Chart, Profile, More
ORMOwens Realty Mortgage, Inc. Com18.01 3:05PM ESTUp 0.23 (1.29%)13,873Chart, Profile, More
IECIEC Electronics Corp. Common St3.67 3:07PM ESTUp 0.12 (3.38%)43,301Chart, Profile, More
BGIBirks Group Inc. Common Stock1.08 3:03PM ESTUp 0.02 (1.71%)28,304Chart, Profile, More
CQPCheniere Energy Partners, LP Ch29.80 3:09PM ESTUp 0.38 (1.29%)63,333Chart, Profile, More
UFABUnique Fabricating, Inc. Common14.60 2:52PM ESTUp 0.16 (1.11%)7,297Chart, Profile, More
CQHCheniere Energy Partners LP Hol22.22 3:02PM ESTUp 0.33 (1.51%)26,568Chart, Profile, More
INUVInuvo, Inc New1.41 2:56PM ESTUp 0.02 (1.08%)54,406Chart, Profile, More
LNGCheniere Energy, Inc. Common St42.40 3:09PM ESTUp 0.45 (1.07%)1,507,221Chart, Profile, More
BWL-ABowl America, Inc. Class A Comm14.65 11:05AM ESTUp 0.15 (1.03%)153Chart, More
OIHVanEck Vectors Oil Services ETF34.33 3:08PM ESTUp 0.27 (0.81%)2,837,755Chart, Profile, More
DXRDaxor Corporation Common Stock8.79 12:20PM ESTUp 0.09 (1.02%)450Chart, Profile, More
SANDSandstorm Gold Ltd. Ordinary Sh4.01 3:08PM ESTUp 0.03 (0.63%)717,867Chart, Profile, More
LBYLibbey, Inc. Common Stock19.49 3:08PM ESTUp 0.27 (1.38%)96,261Chart, Profile, More
TMPTompkins Financial Corporation 92.04 3:03PM ESTUp 1.08 (1.19%)49,425Chart, Profile, More
BZMBlackRock Maryland Municipal Bo14.45 2:45PM ESTUp 0.13 (0.91%)3,940Chart, Profile, More
RVPRetractable Technologies, Inc. 1.10 3:02PM ESTDown 0.01 (0.90%)234,744Chart, Profile, More
AFCOAmerican Farmland Company Commo7.84 3:08PM ESTUp 0.01 (0.13%)45,389Chart, Profile, More
CETCentral Securities Corporation 21.75 2:22PM ESTUp 0.19 (0.88%)29,502Chart, Profile, More
LOVSpark Networks, Inc. Common Sto1.15 2:48PM ESTUp 0.01 (0.88%)77,513Chart, Profile, More
NSATNorsat International Inc. (NEW)7.95 2:58PM ESTUp 0.10 (1.27%)5,468Chart, Profile, More
VGZVista Gold Corp Common Stock1.05 3:06PM EST 0.00 (0.00%)438,996Chart, Profile, More
AIIIACRE Realty Investors, Inc. Com1.21 2:51PM ESTUp 0.01 (0.82%)300Chart, Profile, More
GSTGastar Exploration Inc Common S1.29 3:09PM ESTUp 0.01 (0.78%)849,541Chart, Profile, More
VHCVirnetX Holding Corp Common Sto3.30 3:07PM ESTUp 0.05 (1.54%)149,842Chart, Profile, More
STSSupreme Industries, Inc. Common15.38 3:08PM ESTUp 0.15 (0.98%)62,395Chart, Profile, More
NGNovagold Resources Inc.4.56 3:08PM ESTUp 0.02 (0.33%)591,325Chart, Profile, More
ASMAvino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. 1.38 3:05PM ESTUp 0.00 (0.29%)353,188Chart, Profile, More
GRFEagle Capital Growth Fund, Inc.7.77 2:48PM ESTUp 0.06 (0.71%)45,861Chart, Profile, More
ADK-PAAdcare Health Systems Inc 10.8722.75 2:52PM ESTUp 0.15 (0.66%)6,543Chart, Profile, More
SYRGSynergy Resources Corporation C9.76 3:09PM ESTUp 0.05 (0.46%)3,190,219Chart, Profile, More