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The Business Savvy Artist: Vanita Lee-Tatum is Empowering Women of Color to Create Financial Growth Via Entrepreneurship

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Meet Vanita Lee-Tatum, a rising name in the world of business consulting who assists companies in reaching their full potential. Her dedication and passion for empowering women of colour and assisting entrepreneurs in achieving financial success have garnered her a lot of respect and admiration.

Business professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world are making strides on an international scale. However, some have reached a plateau and lack the necessary expertise, insights and resources to overcome the obstacle and continue to grow. Enter business consultants. They're going to revolutionize the game. The goal of business consultants is to help entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses succeed. Applying successful business development strategies, techniques, and methods to help a company achieve organic success and expansion. We came across one such high-performing and driven business consultant, Vanita Lee-Tatum.

Vanita is a former banking VP visual artist, entrepreneur, and small business developer. Through her ten years as a VP of Banking, Vanita honed her skills and expertise to encourage organizations with their financial growth and forward-thinking innovations. Allowing her to work alongside some of the top financial institutions, multinational entrepreneurs, and performing arts organizations to maximize a sustainable upward trajectory. Vanita is a powerful name today in the competitive business world. As a sought-after business consultant, she works towards creating success for her clients and helps them achieve their business goals and visions. Her passion and determination have positioned Vanita at the forefront of the industry with her business 'Vanita Lee-Tatum Consulting'.

Today, she is a positive force of nature, who for over a decade has advanced banking initiatives for small businesses in the Bay Area. Through her one-of-a-kind consulting, Vanita’s prowess for small business strategy helped clients develop their talents to produce organic financial growth, form and execute creative strategies and build business communities. With her guidance, Vanita has educated people through business development and optimized business growth. Combining unique logical and creative insights, she assists people to develop rewarding partnerships and, in addition, has featured in Fast Company Magazine. Her consulting business provides a wide range of services, including small business growth, financial planning and education for small businesses, social media marketing, branding, and more.

As a visual artist, she describes Art as the gateway for healing. With innate creative flair, Vanita has astounded people with her designs and deeply connected with art admirers. Vanita loves empowering women of colour and helps to grow entrepreneurs of all types. All the while, managing her home as a loving wife and mother to two beautiful daughters.