Design tips from a tiny Swedish apartment

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Karin KarlssonThis one-room apartment listed for sale in Umea, Sweden, measures a tidy 35 square meters, or about 375 square feet. We wish we could claim to have dug it up ourselves, but actually, loyal Desire to Inspire reader Karin Karlsson sent it along to that blog, which is where we spotted it. (Short digression: Desire to Inspire is a terrific interior design blog, especially if you're interested in Australian design. Plus, who can resist a blog that has a category for wunderkammer?)

The apartment may be small, but it holds quite a few design tips for those of us who have to make do with limited square footage -- for starters, a tiny bed alcove with closet space; a bathroom with an ingenious shower enclosure; and an unexpectedly luxe touch in an entry/mudroom.

[Update from Jennifer Karmon, Sept. 21, 2012: I'm delighted to report that Karin Karlsson contacted me and provided many insights -- so much good stuff, in fact, that as I tried to update the post I realized I'd have to rewrite the whole thing. So instead, check out my new post with the story behind Karin's fabulous Swedish apartment, plus some of her great advice. And if you have a space you'd like to share with us, please submit images to Yahoo! Homes' Flickr group with details in the caption.]

Logically enough, let's start with the entryway. Click to go to the next page.


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