Drifting one of America’s most beautiful roads in a 830-hp Scion

Drifting doesn't draw the kind of motorsports crowds of stock car or drag racing, but much of the popularity that it has comes from its natural photogenic state. Made for the GoPro era, a good drift competition has more in common with ballet than sprinting, and with no overbearing corporate body looking to tax every last graven image, videographers have free rein to turn tire smoke into magic.

A great example: Ryan Tuerck, a Formula Drift driver who takes his Scion FR-S — boosted via a meteor-sized Garrett turbo up to 830 hp — for a drive along a private road in Oregon that's one of the secret bucket-list drives in the United States. It's not as complicated or showy as one of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos, but it demonstrates that good drifting doesn't need much to capture your attention.