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This ‘robot’ will flirt for you on Tinder

Looking for love but find Tinder exhausting? Casanova will take care of the heavy lifting. 

And no, I don’t mean the charming, Italian adventurer. Casanova is a bot created by Alex Kessler and Paul Terentev, two friends who met at the University of Southern Florida. Sick of spending hours screening girls on popular dating app Tinder, they built a middle man to take care of the hard stuff like swiping, chatting and setting up dates. 

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The bot works as a Tinder add-on and will automatically swipe yes to all users to increase your odds of matching. It will also start the conversation within seconds by analyzing each girl’s profile to send a customized greeting.   

“What we figured out is that if you send a girl a message that’s very personal and catered to her personally, the chance of getting a response is far higher,” Kessler told The Daily Dot.

photo: Casanova

Once the first message has been sent, the bot will then go to work on getting phone numbers so you have a wealth of options when it comes to setting up a date. It will also help you broadcast a message to all of your connections at once, set up out-of-town dates and analyze your success – so you can update your tactics or profile accordingly. It’s basically your ultimate wing-man, with the added bonus of artificial intelligence. 

While Casanova is definitely targeted at male Tinder users, women can also use the add-on. According to the website, it’s all about having a good profile – both picture and description.

“You don’t have to put up a shirtless picture if you don’t have the muscles to show off but try to put up something athletic at least. Women are unknowingly deciding whether or not you will look good in bed, tickle their subconscious fancy but showing that you are physically capable,” states the website. 

“If you’re fat then take a picture with a fancy car or a nice house. Expect to pay more for your dates.”

Along with a body shot, Casanova suggests including a picture of your face and you doing something fun – so she knows you know how to have “a good time.” For the description, try and be unique. 

“Most of Tinder is filled with basic bitches but they don’t give a shit about your basic bullshit story. You’re passionate about food and music? Great. So is 99% of the population.”