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Rogers Internet back online after outage

It appears a number of Rogers customers in southern Ontario who had been shut out from the Internet for hours last night were back online early Thursday.

A company representative said “everything has been restored … everything is up and running” but did not comment on the nature of the problem, according to The Canadian Press.

Twitter was abuzz on Wednesday night with irritated Rogers customers who lost their wireless data and home Internet service in an outage that apparently lasted at least three hours.

Subscribers complaining on Twitter said the blackout extended from Ontario to New Brunswick, though there was no confirmation by Rogers of outages there.

"Internet is not working and #Rogers tech support lines aren't working ... nice ... how come their billing system never fails?" tweeted one frustrated customer.

Customers reported it took 45 minutes to an hour to speak to a tech representative Wednesday night.

Rogers also took to Twitter.

"Some Rogers customers may be experiencing issues with internet service. We are working to resolve asap and apologize for the inconvenience," the @RogersHelps account read.

Rogers Communications provides wireless voice and data communications services, as well as cable television, high speed internet and telephone services.