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Samsung takes on BlackBerry enterprise space with KNOX

Jennifer Kwan
Fin - Dashboard - CA

Just when things started to look up for BlackBerry, a key rival appears to be ramping up competition in the enterprise smartphone market with Samsung unveiling a new offering called KNOX, according to media reports.

Samsung announced the initiative, which is essentially a piece of software designed to let IT departments manage Samsung phones securely, the Globe and Mail reported on Monday. KNOX is part of Samsung’s bid to dominate in the area by convincing corporate buyers that phones running on Google’s Android operating system can be as secure as BlackBerrys.

BlackBerry executives declined an interview request, but in a statement told the Globe that more than 3,500 enterprises and government agencies are already evaluating BlackBerry 10, which made its Canadian debut in January.

“Whatever any of our competitors announce, one thing won’t change. The most secure mobile computing solution is a BlackBerry device running on a BlackBerry platform,” said David Smith, the company's executive vice-president of mobile computing, told the newspaper.

The move is the latest in a series by the Korean electronics giant to make the company’s Android devices more attractive to security-conscious IT professionals by keeping up with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, the Financial Post reported.