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  • U.S. government shutdown: How to play the market; what to expect next

    Futures are up on the government shutdown. As odd as it may seem, premarket action is pointing green. Here at the Nasdaq, the composite index has been up about a-quarter percent. Of course yesterday was not so pleasant with the Dow suffering a triple digit drop ahead of the shutdown. As for that shutdown here's the latest: about 800,000 government workers will be furloughed today. More will be asked to work without pay. Many government activities like IRS audits and surveillance for flu outbreaks will be suspended. But essential functions like law enforcement and air-traffic control will continue. For more on the shutdown and thoughts on how the market might react watch the video above featuring show host Lauren Lyster and Yahoo Finance Columnist Rick Newman.

    Warren Buffett is set to make a major Goldman Sachs (GS) grab today. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) is expected to exchange warrants that will make him the company's sixth largest shareholder. He acquired the warrants five

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  • Wealthy women lack investing confidence, says study

    A new study of affluent women is out and the results will surprise you.

    41% of women -- with $455,000 in investable assets and $145,000 in household income -- say they are "not at all confident in their ability to invest." That's according to the Wells Fargo Affluent Women Retirement Survey just published this morning.

    Various studies have suggested that women are more risk averse than men, which of course might be a good thing when it comes to stock market investing. Wells Fargo director of retail retirement Karen Wimbish says one of the big takeaways from the study is that women are not pushing towards an ultimate investment return at the expense of everything else -- "peace of mind" is more important.

    Wimbish tells The Daily Ticker: "I would characterize [the study] as a little good news, bad news. 41% said they are not at all confident in their investing ability. Another 48% said 'I'm somewhat confident.' Only 8% said 'I'm really feeling good about my ability to invest.'" So that's

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  • Nice guys finish first: Counterintuitive career advice from Wharton's top-rated prof

    Nice guys finish last. It’s an idiom that has been engrained into U.S. culture since baseball manager Leo Durocher first uttered the words in 1939. To get ahead in business you have to be cunning and ruthless, or so you may be led to believe.

    Adam Grant, the youngest tenured professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and author of Give and Take, argues that nice guys (and ladies!) do often get ahead.

    “Givers add value to a much wider range of people and then build a lot of social capital and trust and goodwill through their helping and contributions,” he says.

    Grant applies this idea to his everyday life; he attempts to help his colleagues and even strangers, instead of using them to get ahead. As a result, he’s had an incredibly successful and productive career. According to the New York Times, “Grant, 31, is the youngest-tenured and highest-rated professor at Wharton. He is also one of the most prolific academics in his field. Grant took three years to get his Ph.D.,

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  • The Eurozone Is Not About to Unravel: Zachary Karabell

    What a difference a day makes.

    On Monday stocks around the globe took a dive following national elections in Italy which ended with no clear winner or pathway to a new coalition government.

    By Tuesday global stock markets had recovered, helped in part by Fed Chairman Bernanke’s testimony before Congress which reinforced the Fed’s continued commitment to low rates and asset purchases.

    The rebound continues but will it last especially if Italy’s political parties fail to form a new government or the anti-austerity vote there spreads to other European countries?

    Related: Why Italy's Election Has Caused Global Markets to Crater

    Here’s the political situation now in Italy, the Eurozone’s third largest economy:

    • The party of the current Prime Minister Mario Monti, hailed as a no-nonsense bureaucratic reformer, came in fourth in national elections held last weekend.
    • The left-leaning Democratic Party, led by Pier Luigi Bersani, won a narrow majority in the lower house but no single party won a
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  • Apple Suffers Biggest Drop in Four Years: A Buying Opportunity for Investors?

    Shares of Apple (AAPL) dropped more than 6.4% on Wednesday and the company lost $35 billion in market value. Apple opened down 3.2% on Thursday and had fallen below $530 in earlier trading.

    For technical traders, this news indicates that Apple has traversed the death cross meaning Apple's long-term moving average has broken above its short-term support level. The death cross typically indicates that a bear market is approaching.

    Explanations for the abrupt loss are plentiful and varied.

    One explanation is that Google's Android gadgets are continuing to gain ground, especially in China where the iPhone is struggling. International Data Corp estimated that Apple's tablet market share will decrease from 56.3% to 53.8% in 2012 while market share for Android products will increase to 42.7% from 39.8%

    Another reason for the selloff: Apple is not paying a special dividend before capital gains taxes are raised in 2013.

    "There are some people saying 'hey because they haven't done that they are

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  • How a 17-Year-Old Brit Is Revolutionizing Mobile News

    Nick D'Aloisio did not have a typical 17th birthday: instead of celebrating with friends and family, he was busy launching the second edition of his popular iPhone app, Summly. While most 17-year-olds are worried about SATs and prom, D'Aloisio has kept busy by creating a news summarization app with over $1 million in financial backing.

    Summly uses an algorithm to summarize news stories from the largest news organizations. The summaries are designed to fit a mobile screen perfectly.

    "We worked very hard to create the user interface," D'Aloisio tells The Daily Ticker, "but equally, the technology is very robust…we've hired the best people in the world to create this algorithm that can take any news article, determine whether or not it's summarizable, and then produce a coherent paragraph of text automatically with no human intervention that's very scalable."

    When D'Aloisio says he's hired the best people for the job, he isn't exaggerating. Summly works closely with SRI International to

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  • Bloomberg’s billionaires index: Biggest winners and losers

    Watch out Forbes: Bloomberg recently released the Bloomberg Billionaires Index which ranks the world's billionaires on a daily, instead of yearly, basis.

    The Daily Ticker sat down with Bloomberg Billionaires Editor Matt Miller to discuss who the big winners and losers were, new additions to the index, and what billionaires can teach us about our own finances.


    Money can't buy happiness goes the old adage, but if it could Amancio Ortega would be floating on cloud nine.

    Ortega is a relatively obscure 76-year-old retail magnate and founder of the Spanish company Inditex SA. Inditex owns and operates various clothing brands with over 5,402 stores around the globe; the crown jewel of Inditex is Zara, which has over 1,600 store locations.

    Between January and October of 2012, Ortega earned more than $18 billion -- that's around $66 million a day. During this short period he usurped Warren Buffett to become the third wealthiest person in the world with a net worth valued at

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