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Stacy Curtin is a producer for Yahoo! Finance's The Daily Ticker, covering the most important stories from Wall Street to Main Street to the Beltway and beyond. She previously was a news producer for CNN's prime-time lineup.

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  • Google’s on a Tear: Is It Worth $1000?

    Google's (GOOG) stock is on a tear, hitting new highs and breaking through $800 per share this week. The stock is up roughly 30% year-over-year and more than 10% year-to-date. During mid-day trading, shares were selling for $8.00.57.

    Now at least two analysts on the street think the stock could hit $1,000. CLSA raised its price target to $1000 as cost-per-clicks improve and a Bernstein Research analyst called YouTube "an underappreciated asset" and mobile "a large value creation opportunity."

    At the same time, Deutsche increased its target to $935 from $800, also because of the potential in mobile.

    Long-time Google bull Howard Lindzon, co-founder and CEO of, joined The Daily Ticker's Aaron Task to discuss Google's upward momentum. "It makes sense for analysts to do this," he says. "There is a lot of momentum around this brand."

    The recent, renewed interest in Google is due in large part to a number of major announcements made by the company, including:

    • Google Glass: The
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  • Jessica Simpson Suspends Weight Watchers Program While Pregnant

    On Christmas Day, pop singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson confirmed rumors that she is pregnant with her second child. Simpson, who recently lost more than 50 pounds on Weight Watchers (WTW), reportedly signed a $4 million contract with the weight management company earlier this year. According to a Weight Watchers spokesperson, Simpson "will not be following the program during the pregnancy while her weight and well-being is monitored by her obstetrician, as is recommended for any woman during pregnancy. After she gives birth, Simpson and her doctor will decide when she should resume following the Weight Watchers program."

    Simpson's surprise pregnancy raised questions about her contract with Weight Watchers especially since new commercials featuring Simpson's svelte body began airing this week.

    “It’s wonderful news and we couldn’t be happier for Jessica, Eric and big sister-to-be Maxwell,” said Cheryl Callan, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Weight Watchers in a press

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  • Facebook Effect: How The Social Network Changed the World

    In case you have not heard, Facebook (FB) goes public today and its initial public offering makes it the most valuable company at the time of its offering to ever go public. At $38 a share the company is valued at $104 billion.

    While demand to own a stake in the tech giant has been much greater than any would have expected, a new AP-CNBC poll shows that 50 percent of Facebook users believe the social media network may be just a passing fad.

    "I don't think it is structured as a fad," says David Kirkpatrick, a technology journalist and author of the preeminent book on Facebook, The Facebook Effect. "I think it is structured as a piece of infrastructure [and] there is nothing that could faddishly come along and replace it any time soon that I can identify."

    Facebook currently has 901 million active users worldwide. In March, the site experienced an average of 526 million daily active users. There are 488 million monthly active users who use Facebook on mobile devices.

    In the accompany

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  • Facebook’s got a reputation problem: Harris poll

    Nearly 850 million people use Facebook each month and roughly 480 million people use it every day. With a user rate like that and an upcoming $75 to $100 billion initial public offering, one might think Facebook is not only a highly visible company, but also one of Corporate America's most reputable.

    But that's not really the case, according to the findings discovered by Harris Interactive. The company recently conducted its 13th annual Reputation Quotient Study, which measures companies' reputation with consumers.

                Think before you “like” on Facebook
                Facebook COO’s surprising advice to women
                —Facebook users ask, “Where’s our cut?”

    In performing the survey, Harris first asked 17,000 people to chose the companies that are most visible to them on a daily basis. The respondents were then asked to rate the top 60 most visible companies on wide rage of attributes, including emotional appeal, products and services, social Read More »from Facebook’s got a reputation problem: Harris poll