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  • Amazon's new competition, A&P bankruptcy, and a $100m alien search

    Though technically the S&P 500 is trading at or near a new all-time high U.S. stocks (^GSPC, ^DJI, ^IXIC) are pretty flat into the middle of the session with earnings the only catalyst in sight.

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    Here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is keeping an eye on today.

    E-Commerce battle
    A new shopping site called opens to the public tomorrow. The site costs $50 a year to join and aims to reward those that pay up by undercutting Amazon (AMZN) on the price of tens of thousands of items. Despite the fact that the company has lost tons of cash already, the venture capital world is making some big bets on it, perhaps valuing it as high as $3 billion.

    A&P bankruptcy: Part 2
    Not too long ago the biggest retailer in the country was not Walmart (WMT), but The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company -- better known as the grocery store chain A&P. Now for the second time in five years the once great grocer is filing for

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  • Ben & Jerry, meet Alibaba

    Cherry Garcia in Mandarin?

    Unilever (UL), the maker of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as well as Dove soap and a myriad of other consumer products, is teaming with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) to increase its presence in China, especially in rural areas. The strategic partnership will allow Unilever to tap into Alibaba’s online marketing unit to improve its digital advertising strategy.

    Under a previous agreement, Unilever has been selling products on Alibaba’s Tmall online marketplace since 2011. Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang says his company is pleased to expand the relationship, although no specifics of the financial terms have been announced.

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    Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Task says Unilever certainly can use the help after sales slumped 20% there in the fourth quarter of last year.

    “Unilever’s numbers in China tanked in the last half of last year and this year in part because the Chinese economy was slowing,” he notes.


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  • Here are some of the stocks the Yahoo Finance team will be following for you today on another big day of earnings.

    Morgan Stanley (MS) The stock is popping following release of its second quarter numbers. The investment bank's profit and revenue both beat estimates. Morgan Stanley says it had solid performances across all its sectors. 

    Halliburton (HAL) Shares are also jumping in early trading. Excluding certain items, the oilfield services operator is reporting a big beat on its second quarter bottom line.  Revenue also topped forecasts.  Halliburton says charges for layoffs related to falling oil prices plus its proposed merger with Baker-Hughes impacted its results. 

    Hasbro (HAS) The toymaker is reporting second quarter earnings and revenue that topped analysts' forecasts. The company says sales of its boys' toys were slightly higher, thanks to Nerf products and movie tie-ins.  However, sales of girls' toys sunk 22%, dragged down by a drop in demand for Furbys and to a lesser

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  • Wall Street remains in rarefied air as the Nasdaq (^IXIC) looks to add to its two-consecutive record closes...and the S&P 500 (^GSPC) also nears an all-time high thanks to strong second quarter earnings reports.

    But as Yahoo Finance's Aaron Task points out, we've heard this song before.

    "Every time we get up to these levels we fall back down toward the bottom of the range and then bounce back up," he notes.  "Maybe this is the one that breaks us out of that range."

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    Morgan Stanley beats

    Here are some of the stocks the Yahoo Finance team will be following for you today on another big day of earnings.

    Morgan Stanley (MS) The stock is popping following release of its second quarter numbers. The investment bank's profit and revenue both beat estimates. Morgan Stanley says it had solid performances across all its sectors. 

    Halliburton (HAL) Shares are also jumping in early trading. Excluding certain items, the oilfield services

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  • Apple (AAPL) stock has seen a lot of volatility since hitting an all-time high immediately following its last earnings report. Gene Munster, managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray expects a similar pop on Tuesday when the world’s largest company posts Q3 results.

    “We’re optimistic about the stock following the report.”


    The reason behind Munster’s bullish call is Apple’s smartphone. The iPhone acconts for more than half of all of Apple's revenues and according to Munster, it is gaining market share against phones running Google's (GOOG, GOOGL) Android operating system. He thinks this theme is “comforting… and a reason to buy more shares,” for longer-term investors.

    Munster warns the “elephant in the room…is going to be about those tough comps.” But that won't be seen until the “December quarter, [when] you get the growth rates dropping dramatically from 30-40%, down to more like 5%,” he said.

    Apple Music, iPod

    After many year without revamping, Apple

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  • Ford CEO: 2015 a 'breakthrough year' for the company

    Ford (F) CEO Mark Fields has been on the job for almost exactly a year now—the career Ford man became CEO on July 1, 2014—and it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride so far. First, he had a tough act to follow in Alan Mulally, the highly charismatic CEO who guided Ford through the Great Recession that decimated the auto industry. And second, Fields has been overseeing what amounts to a massive gamble for Ford, transitioning the world’s best-selling vehicle, the F-150 pickup truck, from a steel to an aluminum body. There’ve been some hiccups along the way in that changeover—production dropped as lines were retooled— sales took a hit and the markets reacted. Ford’s stock is down 17.5% over the past 12 months while the S&P 500 has gained 7.5%. And yet investors are likely to give Fields, 54, more time to get his footing and to get the F-150 back on track.
    In fact, during a recent interview with me in Ford’s Dearborn, Mich., F-150 assembly plant, just a few feet from the moving assembly line where

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  • U.S. Consumers poised for liftoff

    For U.S. consumers, everything is coming up roses. You wouldn't know it from this week's retail sales numbers but a number of indicators suggest U.S. consumers are primed to give the economy a major boost, should they choose to go on a spending spree.

    U.S. consumers have "completely recovered from the financial crisis [and] recession," says David Blitzer, managing director and chairman of Standard and Poor's Index committee. "The consumer, financially, is in pretty good shape."

    Some data points supporting that view:

    • The S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices on defaults on both first mortgages and auto loans are below the lows of the prior cycle peak in 2004-05, with less than 1% of outstanding car-loan balances going into default in May.
    • U.S. foreclosure activity hit a 10-year low in the first half of 2015 and is down 13% from the second half of 2014, according to data released Thursday by RealtyTrac.
    • Bank credit card charge-offs have fallen to just over 4% of balances in the
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  • The 5 jobs with the worst gender wage gap

    Nothing was sweeter than watching the U.S. National Women’s soccer team bring home their first world championship in 16 years earlier this month. But their victory also put a spotlight on the shocking pay gap that divides female and male athletes today.

    Women soccer players can earn as little as $6,000 per year. Male players earn a minimum of $60,000. This is one of the most dramatic examples of wage disparity today, but what about women working off the soccer field — in hospitals, courtrooms and offices around the country?

    In the video above, we take a look at the 5 jobs with the widest gender pay gaps in America, according to the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank:

    5. Housekeeping supervisors

    4. Money managers

    3. Stockbrokers

    2. Physicians and surgeons

    1. Financial advisors

    On average, women in America earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. And although the wage gap has gotten much narrower over the last 30 years, that progress is beginning to plateau.

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  • How Snapchat found religion

    Snapchat isn’t just for sexting, selfies and funny pictures anymore. This month, the fast-growing messaging service became a way for the public to gain a glimpse into one of the world’s oldest religious traditions and to see the holiest place in Islam — one that's typically off-limits to non-Muslims.

    In the past 10 days, people around the world have sent more than 1.5 million tweets using the #mecca_live hashtag, many of them urging Snapchat to feature Muslims' pilgrimage to Mecca during Ramadan as one of its Live stories.

    A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

    The plea worked. On Laylat al-Qadr, the holiest day of Ramadan, Snapchat opened Mecca to the world, curating its users' photos and videos into a piece of content that's attracted a lot of applause from around the Internet.

    And Saudi Arabia, a country known for tightly controlling domestic media content and for

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  • If you’re the CEO of one of the biggest consumer-facing companies on the planet, you better be paying attention to customers. It’s a point not lost on Ford (F) CEO Mark Fields. In a recent interview with Fields, in Ford’s Dearborn, Mich., F-150 assembly plant, the CEO spoke to a couple of issues that reflect both concerns and changes in buying behavior in the marketplace.
    As Ford and other carmakers incorporate ever-more technology in their vehicles, they find themselves working hand in glove with technology behemoths like Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOGL), both of which are expert at collecting and utilizing consumers’ data. That information would include information like when and where consumers drive to, driver safety, phone calls they make while driving and more. At this point it’s unclear exactly what could be done with this data and how valuable it is, but it’s still coveted. The tricky part for automakers like Ford is to first try to collect data themselves for their own use, and

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  • Time for your daily dose of trending tickers, the stocks you're following based on your Yahoo Finance ticker searches.


    Google (GOOGL) shares hit record highs after a huge quarter. Q2 earnings far exceeded Wall Street's expectations. Profit beat estimates by $0.29 at $6.99 a share. Revenue rose by 11%. The solid growth comes as the world's largest internet search provider faces falling advertising prices.


    Honeywell (HON) was also up after beating Wall Street estimates. The company posted quarterly profit of $1.51 a share, $0.02 better than expectations. Revenue was also slightly better than expected. The manufacturing giant raised the lower part of its year-end earnings guidance by $0.05.


    Hertz (HTZ) drove higher after finally releasing its restatements. Shares gained double digits after Hertz said it misstated pre-tax income for more than two years by $207 million. At the same time, the car-rental company increased its annual cost savings target to $300

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  • Google soars (and crashes), Uber at odds with NYC mayor

    Shares of Google (GOOGL) are surging today after blockbuster results hitting an all-time high following its quarterly report. Google saw solid gains in mobile and its You Tube video service. But Yahoo Finance's Aaron Task says the positive reaction on Wall Street has a lot to do with new CFO Ruth Porat. "They have 'adult supervision' on the spending," he says. "I think that's a big reason why you are seeing the reaction."

    But on the same day the blockbuster earnings report came out, the company said one of its self-driving cars was involved in an accident with injuries for the first time. But the Yahoo Finance panel doesn't think that will derail the company's push for driverless cars. Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer says, "this accident actually proves the point that they are safe. After six years, you have one accident where a couple of people get whiplash."

    Uber takes on NYC Mayor de Blasio

    In other driving news, Uber, the new economy ride service, is making waves on both

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  • Wearable technologies like FitBit (FIT) have been taking the consumer market by storm. Now two entrepreneurs are hoping their wearable product will get young girls to learn coding – and they’ve gotten backing from some serious players in tech manufacturing.

    Though the share of women studying medicine and law is approaching 50%, women are losing ground when it comes to the rapidly-growing computer science field. In the mid-1980s, one out of every three computer science students was a woman. Today, it’s just one out of every five, according to data from the National Science Foundation.

    A startup called Jewelbots is trying to change that ratio by getting girls interested in coding using a new twist on a popular children’s accessory – they are making programmable friendship bracelet.

    Founders Sara Chipps and Brooke Moreland came up with the idea after talking to about 150 girls between the ages of 9 and 14 and asking them what would be an appealing way to get them to learn to write code.

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  • Goldman's Blankfein joins the 3-comma club

    The 3-comma club.

    That’s the phrase used to describe a billionaire by off-the-wall tech investor Russ Hanneman on the HBO (TWX) comedy, Silicon Valley. In the show, Hanneman spends much of his time obsessing about keeping his membership card.

    Well now, Goldman Sachs’ (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein is part of Hanneman’s group.

    The Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index finds Blankfein’s net worth is at $1.1 billion, thanks to a surge in the company’s stock price, which is up about 9% so far this year. Bloomberg notes Blankfein is the largest individual owner of Goldman shares, with a value of half a billion dollars. The rest of his wealth comes from real estate and an investment portfolio boosted by cash bonuses and payouts from the firm’s private-equity funds.

    Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Task says although he has critics, Blankfein came by his money honestly.

    “Lloyd Blankfein has gotten a lot of criticism in the last couple of years for doing ‘God’s work,’ and Goldman is the ‘vampire squid’ and all that

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  • Spam hits a 12-year low as hackers move to new schemes

    Some rare good news on the hacking front arrived Friday, courtesy of Internet security firm Symantec (SYMC).

    The firm tracks all different kinds of threats circulating online and issues monthly reports. And in June, less than half of all email -- 49.7% was spam. That's the lowest level of spam in 12 years.

    The dip likely reflects the fact that email just isn't as central as it used to be -- and hackers have realized that there aren't as many suckers out there checking their inboxes and falling for the plea from a Nigerian prince whose millions of dollars are trapped unless they immediately wire him $10,000.

    And for the bad news: While spam is declining, other dangerous forms of software are expanding and spreading, as hackers, the ultimate Darwinian warriors, grow more sophisticated and adopt new hacking methods.

    Just this week, Adobe patched three security holes in Flash that could allow hackers to take control of people's computers surreptitiously.

    Malware programs like those that

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